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Page 9 - Forum discussion tagged with 4790k.
  1. T

    What is length, width and heigth on a GPU?

    I am looking for graphics cards, but always get confused when I get to dimensions in the specs. Can someone properly clear this up for me? Is length the distance from bracket to edge (towards front panel)? Is width the distance from PCI to side panel? Is heigth the distance from the "top" of the...
  2. B

    Help me build a pc

    Can someone build me a full gaming pc set up for around $1400 I appreciate the help given
  3. T

    Backup an HDD to an External HDD when the PC dosent run

    So, My PC does not turn on, I would like to backup all of the HDD to one of my external HDD's to save all of my files, Just in case. So when I reinstall windows I can take out my External HDD and just copy all the files back in. In short, I need a software I can use to backup an HDD on a...
  4. B

    wil my fx-8350 support 64 bit windows 10?

    hello, i am going to build a system with a fx-8350, but i want to know if i can use 64 bit windows 10, thanks, Bob
  5. D

    Computer programs freeze individually until eventually windows freezes and turns screen black and crashes.

    Computer programs freeze individually until eventually everything freezes then screen turns black. Weirdly I still can see my mouse though. I'll list my specs at the end of the post. But I have no idea what this could be, at first I thought it could be my SSD, then my motherboard, but I have no...
  6. A

    Problems with pc

    Hey all I have some problems with my pc and tha is it shuts down randomly, mostly when I play cod mw3, code and hots. But it works fine when I play swtor, wow, bf4 and other games. But my pc has also started to shut down when I'm on the Web. My specs are: Asus B150M-A motherboard Asus gtx960...