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  1. J

    Question Customizing the start menu

    I'm setting up a personal computer with Windows 10 , and I want to organize the start menu the same way it is organized on my Windows 10 work computer. How do I do that? I found instructions for changing the size of the tiles, moving them around, etc. It's all pretty obvious stuff, except that...
  2. Airjyx

    Question Transferring or Activating my windows serial from my old laptop to a new one?

    I have a laptop that I used since 2015, it just completed went black, I made an attempt to repair it but the places I took it to all had the same thing to say about the laptop. They all said the motherboard has gone bad. So now I am looking to get a new laptop (No OS installed) and then install...
  3. Muhammad Jahid

    Question Do paid antivirus work in pirated operating system?

    I installed windows and activated by kms activator few months ago which means I am running a pirated windows until now. If I install a paid antivirus on system then will it work properly? I guess, its not a stupid question because most of the home users in asia do that...So the question came...
  4. GoldenCrepe

    [SOLVED] Windows needs to activate after changing motherboard.

    Alright, a few weeks ago, my motherboard died on me, meaning I couldn't get onto the computer. I fixed it a few days ago (had to replace the motherboard), and It says "Activate Windows" at the bottom. I already paid for windows about half a year ago, and since my motherboard died, I couldn't...
  5. saifraja


    So i just bought an ssd ofr Rs 4100 to give a new life to my old pc .But only saw slight improvement as oppose to the reviews online. I did some googling to speed up my ssd and downloaded samsung magician software in which trim is activated but AHCI is shown deactivated. Did some googling again...
  6. T

    Question Please help with Windows 10 activation through COA licenses

    I currently have a PC with a copy of Windows 10 that has not been activated. I want to activate it, so I can sell the PC with a genuine Windows 10 license online. From my understanding, what computer refurbishers do on websites like eBay is that they activate windows through a Windows COA...
  7. DrDerpCannon25

    EQ wave measurement?

    How do I measure the full frequency spectrum, I'm trying to make a custom eq preset in realtek hd audio driver to make it easier for me to hear some of the sounds in rainbow six siege. I want something free if possible. I just need to see which frequencies to accentuate, and which ones to turn down.
  8. G

    Will the hp envy 13 get a kaby lake refresh?

    I'm thinking of getting the envy 13 for college, because its the cheapest good looking laptop with an intel core processor at the moment. While kaby lake is not exactly a big upgrade, i would still prefer to get the newest intel cpu, especially since it will be more power efficient (or as they...
  9. J

    Gpu upgrade on temperature

    I currently have a gtx 760 installed on a z97-a mobo. i recently installed a noctua nh-d15 on my intel i5-4690k and i am pretty happy with my cpu temperature so far (no more than 50°c on heavy load). My problem is that while running a gpu stressing game, my gpu temp rises to 80°c and 100%...
  10. G

    DIY Vacuum Tubes

    Is anyone here interested in or actually building DIY triodes for projects like audio preamps or simple radios? I don't mean just watching Paillard, Gasslinger or others on YouTube.
  11. D

    Question on I7 and video cards!

    Hello i have a question....i have an old i7-930 @ 2.8ghz cpu i didnt over clock it my board has the pci -express 3.0 so how high can i go on graphics cards without bottle necks? i would like to put a gtx 900 ish card in there or at least a card with 4gb but dont want to do so if it would bottle...
  12. S

    Problems with AM2+ CPU in AM2 motherboard

    So I got a hold of an old computer for free and and I wanted to turn it into a media centre PC for my living room so I'm upgrading it a bit. One of the things it badly needed was a CPU. It came with a single core AMD Sempron 3200+ (1.8Ghz) and even at idle the CPU meter is pegged at 100%. So I...
  13. O

    how do I clean boot a wundows phone running 8.1

    Working with start up configurations in an mobile operating system environment
  14. artur_sa_menezes

    Nvidia + Intel HD 4000 can work together.

    I can. First, I get the two simultaneously (preferable but, the colors of Intel are poor) -- After, I get a commutative option (not preferable). It is not easy, because you need set BIOS + fool the Intel video driver, that wants to nullify the Nvidia driver. In certain operations, connect and...
  15. P

    Compatible CPUs for Dell Optiplex 745

    Im working on fixing up a Dell Optiplex 745 (Mini Tower) for recently made new games, basic school work, and video watching and i believe it has an Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo processor in it and i was wondering if it could handle an AMD A-10 apu?
  16. M

    External SSD Question?

    I am going to buy and external SSD and I was wondering what else I will need minus the SSD itself and if I use it externally will the performance be any different than if I used it internally?
  17. K

    PC freezes completely

    Hello! I recently bought AMD FX 9590, and installed it to my computer, but now the computer freezes completely after seconds to minutes while the computer is running. I've reset the CMOS, updated the motherboard, double-checked the wires, but it is still freezing. The computer is running...