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    Question Temperature issue with stock AMD Ryzen 5950X ?

    My question is why my stock CPU gets hot, only under low load. The temperature quickly changes. The GPU is idling. There's good ventilation. I no software installed, changing something like Dragon Center. Windows 10. Loads/Utilization (temperatures from CPU Package): Idle: 38 degrees C. 1-5%...
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    Question Help with Ryzen 5950 X ASUS ROG Dark Hero Voltage, Speed and Temps

    Hello, I recently got a 5950x build with an ASUS ROG Dark Hero motherboard. While I am in BIOS my BIOS shows that my CPU is running at 1.44v and 50c on idle.. I am not sure if this is normal. When I start windows and go into the task manager I can see that my CPU Speed is stuck at or slightly...
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    Question Asus Prime x570-Pro good enough for Ryzen 5950x?

    Will the Asus Prime x570-Pro motherboard be good enough to handle the Ryzen 5950x? I am planning to use up to the max boost clock of 4.9 Ghz most of the time and this motherboard has 12+2 VRM. Not sure what the VRMs mean exactly, but I heard the higher the number the better it can handle...
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    Question Stuck with PBO not working.

    Alright here is my issue and I am hoping some here have an answer. I have just got a 5950X installed into my TUF x570 wifi and PBO will not work and I mean at all. The clocks are getting stuck at 3959-3999Mhz on all cores. I have reset bios, updated bios, enabled Fmax and PBO, in all locations...
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    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 5950X Temperature

    Recently upgraded from a 6700K to a 5950X. Got a new Corsair H115i cooler for it as well (280mm radiator). This is my first AMD processor and I am still figuring out PBO etc (haven't changed things in the BIOS yet), but when I boot into windows (a fresh install) the processor temperature is...
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    Question PC restarts when starting/playing games

    Hey, I've been having this issue for a few weeks now. First it started with my not being able to launch or play Squad because that caused the PC to restart. A week or so ago I installed League of Legends to play with my BF, and it happened in that game too just when I was about to load into the...