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    Custom loop worse than AIO

    To experienced water cooling folks: I have a EKWB custom loop kit, EK-KIT X240, and also an Arctic Freezer 240 All-In-One liquid cooler. I compared them with the same CPU (i7 7700K, no-overclocking) using the same thermal compound. I was doing CPU only cooling. Testing with Prime 95, small...
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    Upgrading my 3930K to 4960X?

    Hello everyone! I have a 3930K Which of course is from the Sandy Bridge-E lineup, and I see them going on ebay for roughly 120 USD. While adding NVMe support to my BIOS, I also discovered that I could also add microcode for Ivy-Bridge E to the BIOS, enabling me to use any Ivy-Bridge E...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X vs Intel Core i7-7700K

    what would be the best for streaming ??
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    Best Laptop under $700

    Hello guys, so i want to buy a new laptop for under 700 bucks. and i can't go a single dollar above it. i prefer a laptop which is about $600. i would not be using it for gaming but i would be using it for making videos for it would be nice to have a graphic card. definitely want a Full Hd IPS...
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    You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU||| NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 550ti

    I was updating my driver via geforce experience and now it's appearing to me this error I reinstalled drivers and stuff still nto work
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    Screen turns black, music stops, Num lock unresponsive

    Couple of weeks ago, the problem started. The screen would just randomly turn black(not turn off) but the PC and monitor would still be on. Num lock light didnt change after pressing the button, sound stopped and i just pressed the reset button everytime this happened to fix it temporarily. I've...
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    Is it worth using a Gtx 660?

    What is its price at present.what games will it be able to run.Is it worth being used 2k17
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    WD Black Transfer Rate Very Low

    Hey everyone! My WD black drive transfer speed has dropped to an abysmally low point recently (see the HD tune test linked). I've run it through WD Lifeguard, and it didn't come back with any errors. I've updated all of my drivers, and made sure that it's running in AHCI in the BIOS, and I've...