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  1. watrhous

    [SOLVED] How to configure ASUS P8P67 LE to boot from NVMe

    Is there a possible configuration for the P8P67 LE to boot windows 10 from this: XPG GAMMIX 512GB S11 Pro 3D NAND PCIe NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 SSD while plugged into this adapter: GLOTRENDS M.2 PCIe NVMe or PCIE AHCI SSD to PCIE 3.0 x4 Adapter Card for Key M 2230-2280 Size M.2 SSD (PA05)
  2. Z

    Question can i easily oc an 8700k at 5ghz?

    can i oc an 8700k and mobo asus z370prime p II with 240mm cooler? also the vcore i want to be around 1.33v for 5ghz ,i dont know if the mobo can handle it
  3. S

    Question Cant boot pc (ASUS Z390-H Gaming)

    This isnt my first computer, It is actually number five this year. Build: Case: h500i Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-H gaming Cpu: i7 8700 Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO RAM: Corsair vengeance 3200 2X8gb Gpu: EVGA 2070 PSU: EVGA 650W G3 Drives: Samsung 860 evo - WD Blue 1tb This build went really...
  4. B

    Question 1 fps R9 390

    Good day all, I have been scouring this site, but no no avail. See Benchmark below. Fundamentally GPU problem. This is a not a crazy system, but this is defo a low benchmark for it none the less. I have removed and manually reinstalled the GPU and its drivers twice. UserBenchmarks: Game 11%...
  5. N

    Question Optimized Overclock for my Build? Suggestions? Please?

    Attempting to get a performance boost past stock. So I am looking for someone to give me a their best guess on the highest OC Settings I can go without risking stability issues. I'm having issues at stock settings in games and don't believe my system specs (Although relatively old) should have...
  6. J

    Literally about to buy my first PC components, but I am terrified I am missing something.

    I'll try to be as detailed as possible: Budget? < or =$1200 Goal(s)? My ultimate goal is to be able to run most games at 1080p 60fps Previous Rig? AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz, 8192MB RAM Corsair Vengeance, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (has served me well.) Plan to do...
  7. D

    PC building advice

    Hey guys, I am thinking about building my first gaming computer. Basically, I am mainly playing BF4. However, I am playing a lot of other games (CSGO, payday. borderlands, titanfall, dayz, skyrim (with mods !), rising storm ...). My goal is to have a computer that will be able to run all my...
  8. K

    GPU help pls

    hi, can someone please suggest me a GPU that is 256 bit DDR5 (cheapest). that is compatible with my board P5KPL-AM EPU. TY!
  9. G

    I'm about to get a REFERENCE card. Are Reference cards good or should i get a NON.

    Hey guys, i'm going to buy the GTX 980 EVGA SC tomorrow and it has a reference design that blows hot air out of the case, which it also looks very sexy. Can you guys please help me, i am not too familiar with non reference and reference card. Should i get a reference GTX 980 or should i go for...
  10. L

    How much could i sell this laptop for?

    I have a laptop which has 8GB RAM 512 MB Video RAM 677GB Hard Drive Space AMD A8 Quad Core 4500m AMD Radeon HD 7640g And everything is pristine How much would it sell for?