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    Question I just did a full scan and got this!!

    I did a full deep scan with avg, at the end it said it only found one infected file/virus etc and it said: html evil cursor-b [trj] it was in quarantine and i have deleted it now, i checked the file location and it said it was from brave, which is a browser i used a long time ago, my...
  2. J

    AMD Ryzen RAM

    Hello, I am parting together an AMD Ryzen system and I was wondering about memory support. Is anything over a certain frequency finicky and anything under a frequency guaranteed to work with every single RAM kit on every single processor on every single AM4 motherboard?
  3. J

    mobile memory parallelism

    We every day hear about RAM, ROM of mobile devices (cell phones and tablets). Internal and external storage in these mobile devices. What I wanna know is distinguish their mobile meaning. What are these memories for cell phone and tablets? Of course, I know acronyms, but, the perfect meaning for...
  4. L

    Significantly slower download speeds on PC compared to phone

    For a while now I've had very slow downloads on my PC compared to my phone. Using speedtest.net my PC averages 15mbps down and 12mbps up whilst wired. My iPhone 8 however reaches 58mbps down and 21mbps up on WiFi. I've searched many forums trying to find a solution to this problem however...
  5. U

    PC on but won't display

    I just built a PC and it won't display. I've had this same problem before on my old PC but I can't even boot into the UEFI. It turns on, all the rgb turns on, along with the CPU fan, and GPU fan. I've tried 2 different displays. One monitor one tv, same thing. Both are not faulty. Suggestions...
  6. F

    Acer ES14 no media centre?

    i can put CDs in my Acer ES14 but nothing happens. media centre doesn't come on can't find it on laptop. can you please help?
  7. B

    m.2 drive question on a Gigabyte UD5H Z97. Does it support booting from a m.2 NVME drive with the latest bios?

    I am considering getting a m.2 drive. I have a 500 gb 850 Evo that is almost full. The UD5H has a m.2 slot but it is limited to pci e 2.0 x 2 speeds which is limited to 10gbs max bandwith. That is still faster than 6gb sata III but not as fast as pci e 3.0 x 4 of course. I understand and accept...
  8. B

    50mbps avarage upload speed

    i'm getting 50mbps Mediacom wifi speed soon, I want to know the average upload speed it'll give me, I want to start making youtube videos and be able to make a minecraft server to play with my friends
  9. delee_123

    $600 PC Build

    I'm thinking of building a PC of a budget of 600. I want to play the new high end games at medium-high settings at 1080p.
  10. L

    GTA 5 Gtx 970 freezing/stuttering

    Hi. Firstly I just wanna say this isn't a problem with my PC not being good enough or something... I got a gtx 970, i5 4590 and 8gb ram and i play with advanced graphics turned OFF and only 4xmsaa in 1080p and i should easily be able to play this game without lags... I actually get proper fps...
  11. H

    EVGA 430w 80Plus System wont boot

    I've been using this power supply in my current build: AMD FX8350 Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 PNY GTX650 One day the computer did not want to power on. I checked the motherboard, good condition, checked the EVGA 430w works in other computers so I thought it was my FX8350 I sent it out to AMD they sent...
  12. A

    Best CPU & Mobo with DDR3-1333 under $200?

    So needed to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard... I bought some brand new ram a few weeks ago because it had a good price. What's a good CPU and Mobo combo with this ddr3-1333 memory under a $200 budget? Current build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ck9nsY Thanks!
  13. L

    I haven't used my PC for a while. Should I worry about Changing the Thermal Paste..??

    If I haven't used my PC for a while, around weeks. Should I worry about Changing the Thermal Paste or would that be pointless?? Thanks in advanced.
  14. deeznutsforpresident2016

    Bridged Modem/Router to router at 2nd building at back of property

    So basically I have a bridged cisco modem/router that provides wifi to the main house. In the main house, there is a "open house" ethernet network panel that takes the ethernet connection and splits it to either floorboard ethernet ports, or in our case today, the 2nd building. At this second...
  15. Q

    Hello! rate my build

    Hi. I am a total pc noob and put together this: PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ckYKTW Price breakdown by merchant: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ckYKTW/by_merchant/ CPU: Intel Core i3-4170 3.7GHz Dual-Core Processor ($114.99 @ NCIX US) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus...
  16. J

    Is it possible to remove best answer

    Hi all, I accidentally selected best answer on one of the posts in this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2658455/laptop-800-gaming.html#15960304 Is it possible to remove it? Thanks in advance
  17. H

    Playing video speeds up copying

    Dear All. I have a WD Black Series WD5000BPKX 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA HDD working in my laptop (Acer Aspire 7738G with Core 2 Duo P7450 and Windows 7 Ultimate). Recently I had to copy large files on this HDD. It turned out that if I start to play a video while copying, it speeds up the...
  18. U

    Computer upgrade for gaming

    I am looking at upgrading my dell 630i, I mostly playing BF4, COD and CSGO. I am not fussed about ultra settings I am happy with Med-High detail as long as i have a consistent high FPS. Here is what I am looking to change. Budget: $900 CPU: G3258 Motherboard: ASRock Z97M Anniversary RAM: 8G...
  19. Z

    Last thread help with this build

    I have 2 gtx 980s gigabyte ge force g1 An i5 4690k 16gb of ram And not sure if i should get 850 or 700 psu And for the motherboard i might just get any decent mother board thats a z97 and runs sli, correct me if im wrong. And still not sure which case if i need a mid or a full tower And my...
  20. R

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Bottlenecking my GTX 750 TI?

    Should i upgrade my CPU or not? And if yes, what kind of? I have thinked about AMD FX-8350, AM3+, 4,0GHz, 8-core. Help me :c