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  1. B

    Is this PSU good for my build

    Hi there. I am building a 900NZD(roughly 615USD) budget gaming PC. Parts list as follows CPU - I3 6100 Graphics - used 7970 ghz edition Mobo - h110M-a Ram - vengeance 8gb ddr4 2133 (2x4) HDD - 500gb WD caviar Case - carbide spec 01 Is a Silverstone strider plus 600w modular PSU good? I can...
  2. D

    Computer Specs Help

    Would this be an ok low end gaming computer? Intel Haswell Core i5-4440 3,1 GHz -processor Intel H81 -piirisarjainen emolevy nVidia GeForce GTX750 TI 2Gt GDDR5-graphics card 8Gt 1600MHz DDR3 -main memory 120Gt SATAIII -SSD Fractal Core 1000 USB 3.0 -Case 500W -Powersupply
  3. R

    Can we turn on a laptop without the hard drive?

    So basically I was checking Facebook and suddenly there was some weird noise coming out from the CPU fan (It was getting blocked) so what I did is I opened bthe hinge where my CPU fan is located and then cleaned the dust. Here comes the important part I tried to turn on my laptop but it didn't...
  4. L

    sony vaio laptop acts weird out of no where for some reason help me please

    hello, my name is hannah. i have this laptop its a vaio and it has windows 7 on it. it had resently recovery setup. because is had a virus. that was a few months ago, now just a week ago it started acting weird. as in when you where watching a movie on netflix or the corel win dvd player. it...
  5. shmu26

    VMs -- on SSD with OS, or on separate drive (HDD)?

    host: windows 10 pro x64, on SSD i-5 6500 8 gb ram guests: windows xp x86 windows 7 x86 xubuntu x86 I use VMs mainly for light apps, with an occasional burst of CPU activity when I am using a search tool. Is it better to keep the VMs on my SSD in a separate partition, or should I put them on...
  6. S

    PSU's and Coil Whine. Is it safe? What does it mean?

    So I've recently upgraded my old 670 with a new R9 390. These things can be power hungry from what I heard. But I do have a 750W PSU (Corsair HX 750) I've had for a few years. Considering the 390 advertises a recommended 750W PSU I figured it would be good. So far it actually is good. The card...
  7. G

    Would you recommend this gaming PC build?

    Hi, just would like to know if this build is any good. I will be using this for some gaming and school. Let me know what you think. I am also pretty new to this, so if there is something that doesn't work together please let me know. I am trying to get it around 800, so if there is something...
  8. S

    i need to upgrade my gpu

    hello everyone so i currently have a MSI R7 260x 2gb and i think its kinda time to upgrade this baby but well im kinda a noob too what comes to buy new stuff to my pc so a graphics card around 200€-300€ thanks
  9. B

    Whole Computer Lags

    Recently I just upgraded my Mobo/Processor. It ran perfect I could League of Legends and Runescape at the same time, while running music from youtube. Then I started to drop frames, and I was confused so I would just close down one of them and continue to play (it would be fine). Now when i was...
  10. S

    New Build Specs

    Hello All, I am back at it again working on something new. As the title suggests, I am working on a new build. I have been using my ivy bridge setup since launch and have been quite happy with it. With that said though, I am ready to build a new machine especially since I am going to repurpose...
  11. S

    Mild Overclocking A10 7700k and RAM Cooling Setup

    Greeting from Greece :) I recently bought a new entry level gaming tower, with an A10 7700k cpu and I'm thinking of overclocking at some point, nothing extreme though. After searching for a budget after-market cooler, I decided to choose one the following setups ( since I didn't want to spend...
  12. A

    Got a build for around 1k?

    I need a build asap so anyone who is willing to help ty so much. OS: Win 7 Form Factor: ATX Full Monitor: Yes Mouse/Keyboard: Yes(Wireless pls) Usage: Multi-Task Gaming and occasional Movie/Music When will i Buy: As Soon as i can get the build Mic: Yes(wireless if possible) I prefer to...
  13. D

    Should I upgrade to an i3?

    Currently I have a Pentium G3220 and right now the i3-4150 is less than $100 right now. For gaming, streaming, recording, and editing would the i3 give me any performance boost? I'm mostly wondering this as both of them are dual core, but the i3 has Hyperthreading and a higher clock speed.
  14. C

    Gigabyte 970A D3P mobo standoffs don't align on case?

    Hey all, I'm currently installing my ga970a-d3p motherboard into my case (nzxt phantom 240), but there is one extra standoff on the right side of the mobo that isn't screwed in. Here is the current state of connective-ness of mobo+case, X means screwed in and O means empty: X _ X _ c X _ X...
  15. Tuvs

    Verizon router can it be changed

    Hey all:), my father has fois from verizon and when they came to install it, they supplied us with a router that has verizon name on it, now im just wondering bec me and my bro both have adapters that can get up to 300 mbps, but we only get 54 mbps, so i was wondering can i buy a diff router...
  16. K

    Running lcd monitor off of PC power supply

    I want to power my monitor with my psu. I don't want to use a usb port or vga. How would I go about this? Monitor: PSU...
  17. B

    Asus Z77M PRO

    Hi Guys, I don't know if this is a problem, or it's just a feature. I got this MB, And I have used this before without a Video Card with Sandy Bridge i5-2400 Core processor then later on I have decided to buy a Video Card to try the Virtu MVP. I bought Sapphire 7770Ghz Edition, then making...