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  1. L

    Question Anyone ever see a burnt CPU backplate like this?

    Friend of mine sent me a photo of the backplate from his i7-4770, I dont have the motherboard model on hand. But has anyone ever seen burn/staining/oxidization this bad on a CPU socket backplate before? PC still runs fine apparently, with average Temps in 65~ while gaming. Backplate looks like...
  2. Blindbirdhouse

    Question 1080 TI backplate installation help **RESOLVED**

    I have just purchased a backplate from coldzero for my GIGABYTE GTX 1080 TI GAMING OC card. Unfortunately I am struggling to understand how to properly fit it. The provided screws/nuts don't seem to be big enough (please see pics) Any help greatfully appreciated. Many thanks
  3. serjj

    Question What kind(s) of screwdriver do I need to remove Sapphire Pulse RX 570 Backplate

    The question is in the title already, Context: I wanted to clean my RX 570 but don't have the necessary tools to remove the backplate of it, what screwdriver(s) do I need to remove it? It's really dusty and I really wanna clean it out.
  4. BlazingAngels

    Question Trying To Get MSI Warranty Service but my backplate has a small scratch

    I had posted earlier about my graphics cards back plate having a minor scratch, its a MSI RTX 2080 Gaming Trio and it has been having some artifacting to the point it has become quite annoying. I am not sure if I can return now because I have a minor scratch on it, that wasn't even caused by me...
  5. D

    Question Backplate for CPU Cooler

    So I started building a new PC for my dad using old parts, and ran into a problem. I previously had a AM3+ socket mount for a Corsair Hydro series put onto the motherboard. Instead of that one, I got a Noctua NH-U9S CPU cooler instead that doesn't fit into it, so I need to find another one...
  6. Question Need To Touch Up Paint On Backplate

    I discovered some minor scratches on my backplate and I need the exact match of paint to use touch up paint on my backplate. Where would I find paint to do this? The backplate looks like this. Also if your wondering where the scratches are, this photo is a photo I found online of my graphics...
  7. N

    Question Download speed is VERY slow ONLY on my new laptop.

    I have an ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD that I just bought recently, I upgraded it with an 1T SSD alongside the old one, so my warranty is voided so I really hope I don't need to use it.My problem is that it downloaded at 1 mbps from a site that my phone downloaded at 10mbps, I have been looking...
  8. S

    New Pc build

    Hi i am at that moment where I'd like to build a new PC, or at least major upgrades. Current pc is Intel i7 3770k oc 4.5ghz air cooled with coolermaster v8 Asus rog 1070 strix 8 gb Samsumg SSD 850pro 256 gb Hdd 1TB (low cost thing) 2x8 corsair 1600mhz ram Asus p8z68-v gen3 motherboard What am...
  9. D

    Notsure which graphics card

    If im running an i7 7700k with the ASRockz270 mobo. just trying to figure out bestgraphics card to run. I was thinking a gtx 1070 but just wasnt sure.
  10. A

    PC wont post

    I recently built it, it was working fine until yesterday it freezed, then I tried to turn it on again, the monitor would display: no signal. Have tried removing the ram and also plugging again the gpu. I also put the cpu again and applied thermal compound again, for a moment that worked. Today I...
  11. S

    Can I have 2 Operating Systems on 2 hard drives, one on each, will it be problematic?

    Hello. I have 2 hard drives on my PC, 500GB each. I'm interested,can I have,for example,windows 7 installed on one hard drive,and Ubuntu on another? Will I encounter any problems? And if it is possible,can I just switch to other OS without using any dual boot software,but directly selecting my...
  12. I

    MIx memory sticks.

    Would these two memory sticks work together? My motherboard is MSI H110M Pro D
  13. D

    Help needed choosing a gaming laptop for £1000-£1500

    I'm going to be moving to uni soon, so I'm planning to sell my desktop and put it towards a high-spec laptop (partly due to occasional gaming and partly due to studying computer science, so a future-proof option seems like a good idea). I'm having trouble choosing one however as there are just...
  14. iXeon

    LG 31MU97 - 10 BIT color problem

    Hi everyone so i have a problem theoretically with the new monitor that i bought last week and it's that it says that it'll support 10 bit color depth in 4096x2160 at 60 Hz but the problem is that neither Displayport 1.2 or HDMI 1.4 is not capable of delivering 10Bit HDR range color , so the...
  15. D

    Gaming PC PSU

    So, after many calculations, here is my final gaming pc: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Cooler: Stock one from the CPU GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce OC RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 2x8GB DDR4 2133MHz Case: Zalman Z1 Neo ATX MidTower Without planning to overclock in the future, is the Cooler...
  16. K

    Asus VG248QE monitor will not display anything to DVI/DisplayPort

    I know this has been posted many times before but i have not been able to find a solution among the others that have had this problem. My Setup: GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 CPU: Intel i5-4460 Ram: 2x8 Kingston HyperX FURY DDR3 Motherboard: asrock h97m pro4 OS: Windows 10 My problem: I recently...
  17. J

    How much should I expect to pay for a PC?

    Hi all, I'm planning on building a new gaming rig in about 3 weeks. I'm trying to put together a plan/budget, but I could use some advice regarding 1080p and 1440p. My requirements are: running all games on max settings, and having dual monitors (the monitors must be identical) at least 23"...
  18. G

    Radiator....Intake or Exaust???

    hi, i was just wondering. i bought the Kraken x52 by NZXT, and was wondering which way i should face it, sucking or blowing air. i have the NZXT H440 case with 3 fans in the front for Intake, and 2 fans in the back for exaust...
  19. V

    Which PC Build is better?

    I want the best PC build for games to run at an average of 60fps 900p/1080p and to run Skyrim modded heavily. I am aware of the case and the OS, I have that covered. My budget is at max 690$ Canadian dollars and if possible lower keeping the CPU and GPU. 1. PCPartPicker part list...
  20. HarveyDG

    First PC built, now what do I install?

    Hello everyone, So as the title suggests I've finished building my first PC, but what do I need to install now? Here's my build (the essentials in terms of my question at least): CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor. Motherboard: Asus Z170I PRO GAMING Mini ITX LGA1151...