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  1. J

    MSI Z97 Mate vs Gigabyte H97M-D3H

    Hi.I will build a gaming pc.I am little bit confused about choosing the right mobo for my pc.I don't want to waste my time on overclocking by the way. MSI Z97 Mate Gigabyte H97M-D3H which one should I choose ? Which chipset is better on supporting upcoming technology? I heard some rumors...
  2. J

    i would like to know if its normal that my asus strix gtx 970 is slightly bending

    basicaly my gpu is bending in my case and it was not like this the last time i used my pc and am curious if i should send it back or not i would upload a picture but i dont know how any help would be fantastic
  3. A

    Upgrading to an i3 or i5? My Options available to me?

    I bought a desktop about 2 years ago. Its CPU was a Pentium G630 (which for the price is a good performer in my opinion.) A few months back I added a Geforce GTX 750ti and my gaming performance went through the roof. I then bought Far Cry 4 and it couldn't even run (many people saying it was...
  4. J

    Asus X550C laptop freezes frequently!?

    I have Asus X550C laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 installed on it. Everything works great except that sometimes the laptop freezes, and I have to shut down and power on again. I'm afraid that I'm going to damage the hard disk by doing so frequently. I can't figure out what is causing this defect. I...
  5. RegMin97

    Is It a good motherboard?

    Hi there, I just wan't to ask If the Asus M5A88-V EVO motherboard paired with an AMD FX-6300 CPU is a good combination for overclocking and gaming? Is the 880G chipset kinda old for newer games like Crysis 3, upcoming Far Cry 4, BF4 and similar games? Also, I got an Asus R7 265 2GB GPU...
  6. LividRadiation

    How is the HIS 240?

    My friend has a Hp Pavilion 6310f and wants to add a cheap Graphics card. After some looking around I found a HIS 240 for under $60. Is it worth it. If not, any recommendations for one under $60.
  7. Guinibee

    Shadow of Mordor benchmark GTX 970 SLI

    I ran the benchmark on Ultra for this game. My setup is the following: 2600K at 4.2ghz 16gb Ram GTX 970 SLI Gigabyte...oc'd to ~1450/7500 I'm running an Asus Rog Swift monitor 1440p/144hz. While running the benchmark with ultra settings I'm getting about 83 avg fps. Is this normal for my...
  8. X

    Accidentally uninstalled AMD video card, does not show up on device manager

    So I was updating my video card drivers and something went wrong. My card is a AMD Radeon 6300 I think, and I'm also using a laptop so I can't exactly take it out. Now the only thing that shows up is this: Is there any way to get it back?
  9. E

    Laptop HDD Replacement?

    Hello! I currently own a Laptop and I recently noticed that the HDD has been acting really weirdly. Its usage always spikes up to 100% and the transfer speed is no more than 500 kb/s Picture of it in the Task Manager: -- After noticing this, I quickly bought a...
  10. J

    Performance increase upgrading from h60 to h100i

    Just curious as to how much of a performance increase I'll be seeing if I upgrade. Anyone know an approximate temperature decrease if I'm currently getting around 65C while playing games and 90C+ at full load running a i7-4770k with an h60? Ambient temperature in the room is around 20C if that...
  11. S

    Work PC that will last for awhile for 1000-1200

    Wanting to build a Work and Internet Gaming PC. SYSTEM USAGE: • Gaming (standard, Internet) • Work (Office products). • Surfing the web (social sites, etc). MY BUDGET: Please tell me what the greatest build is for $1000-1200 PARTS THAT ARE NOT NEEDED: keyboard, mouse, monitor. Put together...
  12. C

    peripherals? and suggestions?

    I have this PC build planned out, but I dunno what peripheral I should get. Preferrably corsair or Asus. An os suggestion would also be nice. My first build!
  13. B

    Windows showing 16GB installed RAM but only showing 12GB total physical memory .

    I am a bit confused as to why windows is saying I have got 16 gb installed ram but only 12gb total physical memory. I will post a screenshot of my system details. Also when I looked into task manager 2gb of memory is being used even though I have nothing running in the...
  14. X

    Games very laggy but shouldnt be

    Specs: AMD FX-8350 gtx 780 ti classified RM 1000 psu Mobo sabertooth 990fx r2.0 8 gb vengance ram Every game i play is very laggy after a poweroutage one day. It was just sitting at the desktop not running any applications. I recently replaced my gpu and my psu so it cant be them. Any ideas? I...
  15. ANDHD

    Best 450$ Build Without GPU!!!

    Client does noot need APU since he wants the GTX 980 series. So no need for gpu or APU.
  16. StupidNoob

    Mechanical Keyboard: Is this good for the money?

    Hello, I was looking to get a cheap mechanical keyboard. This uses kailh switches, but is it good for the money?
  17. C

    Qnix 2560x1440 monitor shutting down with 295x2

    Greetings: Some weeks ago, I picked up a Qnix monitor to game at 1440p. I had a dual monitor setup with the other monitor being a 1080p Asus at 144 mhz. At the time I had 2 7950's crossfired. Before I added the Qnix I had another 1080p monitor from Dell and never had any issues. When I replaced...
  18. EngageTheSun

    Is there a way i can only restore system files in windows 8.1?

    All i really want to do is restore the Windows files, since im having registry errors and im unable to install things properly. Is there a way i can do this?
  19. V

    Finding source of DirectX 11 Crash with BF4, Total Wars Rome 2, Shogun 2 and Heroes and Generals

    September 20th update: Root Cause: Faulty Hardware, product being RMA. Hi, Hi tom'sHARDWARE forum community. I just got a new PC and I suspect a faulty GPU. I wanted to get feedback from the community while I wait for a response from my support ticket with the store where I purchased it...
  20. C

    certain steam games keep crashing and i'm unsure why

    one of the main game that keeps doing this is Dota 2. others are terraria and payday 2 I run win 7 64-bit with a amd phenom II x4 955 processer 3.82 Ghz 8 GB ram Ati radeon R7 200 series This is one of my dump files Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.3.9600.17200 X86 Copyright (c)...
  21. C

    Need motherboard for graphics card?

    Hi I am wondering does the Asus sabeetooth 990fx r2.0 fit the gigabyte georce gtx 760 4gb graphics card?
  22. G

    Network disconecting for over half year

    Hey! So I have one internet provider for over 10 years. Never was a problem, but since this year internet loosing sync atleast once per day. At the beggining it was at nights and now at random times in a day.. Techs sugested change router or change cable to cat5e, but i don't hav any. What may...
  23. G

    Micro ATX Gaming Build

    Hello, I've been trying to design a new gaming machine that will be ultra portable but still really powerful and I'm running into some issues. I decided I wanted to go with the Corsair Graphie 380t case based on Linustechtips review of it here...
  24. iceglidergiant

    Rate This Build for a Canadian Friend My pal in Canada has a 1000 CAD budget. I created this build on pcpartpicker and wanted to know if you guys thought this was the best bang-for-buck option for him without going more than 30 bucks over 1000? This is a build to be used...
  25. S

    GTX 760 doubt

    Hello guys So a store near me has an promotion on a MSI GTX 760. I mean, I save about 30€ with that. But my doubt is that it is not the TWIN FROZR version. So it only has one fan like that: The TWIN FROZR has a cooler like...
  26. G

    My first PC.

    I'm 15 and I'm going to school in 2 weeks and I need something new for my gaming needs because my laptop is acting "funny". I've never build my own PC before. Is this -> ( ) a good build? Do you guys have a better build? if so please list the parts (pcpartpicker...
  27. E

    sli 780 ti's clearance

    Hi there, I just had a question concerning the clearance of the sli 780 ti's on the sabertooth z87 motherboard ( I'll be using the "stock" evga rear exhaust cards) with two of those cards installed will i have room to use the 3 smaller pci-express ports on the board? I need to install a...
  28. T

    How Do I Check What Type Of Laptop I Have

    How Do I Check What Type Of Laptop I Have My Parents Bought It For Me As A Suprise So I Don't Know What Kind It Is PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  29. G

    Monitor screen tearing (help)

    This isn't the traditional type of tearing you would think of, I just could not think of any other word besides "tearing" to describe it. At the moment this issue is not occuring, but I am going to try to grab a screenshot of it in action as I'm typing this thread. So, I started experiencing...
  30. C

    compatibility with motherboard,processor and video card

    can anyone help me with telling me if these are compatible together AMD Athlon II X4 750KAMD Radeon HD 5850 Biostar TA
  31. bharathgdk

    GTX 780 Overheating above 95c.

    Hi... I purchased gtx 780. Normally when gaming it levels off around 80c. Recently I had to transport my computer. And since then while gaming card goes all the way upto 95c I had to stop playing to avoid any damage. Also the fan doesn't push it self. It always stays at 37% which might...
  32. A

    GPU compatibility with PSU(Gigabyte Superb 720W)

    Can i use SAPPHIRE TRI-X R9 290 4GB GDDR5 OC with Gigabyte Superb 720W psu
  33. R

    Hyper 212 EVO vs NH-U12S vs H100I

    Which is Better overall? Money doesn't really factor in here, i just wanna know which one is the silent I don't plan on overclocking yet or if never
  34. BlueCyberPhantomX

    Budget oriented Gaming build

    So i want to build a computer with an r9 270x, and yeah suggest me the other parts, and is intel's hyper threading worth the extra money? or am i better off with amd's more cores? and total excluding Monitor, case, keyboard, mice, etc, should be around 600 odd USD, also exclude the price of the...
  35. M

    Weird startup issue

    When I startup my pc without my heat sink hooked up it starts fine. But when I install my heat sink it tells me it couldn't start and asks if I would like to restore it to an earlier point when it did? Can anyone help me or give me some advice. Thanks:Matt
  36. J

    Antistatic Wristband Help

    Hello guys, I have never built a pc before and I am very paranoid about not breaking my expensive components which I had to work very hard to be able to afford. I bought myself an antistatic wristband, but my case is fully painted, I have no radiators near by etc. I was wondering if I plugged...
  37. R

    Help me choose a GPU

    So i have recently built a PC and I am trying to decide on a graphics card to go with what i have put together. I'm holding my breath for winning the 290 toxic comp but, failing that I'll need to come up with an alternative, and I'm hoping the switched on cookies on this forum can lend me a...
  38. T

    Quiet Budget HTPC / Light Gaming

    Hello, I am building a HTPC that will be for music sharing, network file sharing, Netflix & youtube, dv d watching, and light gaming. By light gaming, I would like 35+ FPS on 720p with medium settings on recent titles (like BF4). The system will be on 24/7 in my bedroom so it must be quiet! How...
  39. T

    Wait for G-Sync?

  40. L

    Will a gtx 760 and AMD vishera fx 9370 work well with each other

    Will a gtx 760 and AMD vishera fx 9370 work well with each other, and will it bottleneck?