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  1. F

    [SOLVED] Motherboard RGB LEDs blinking randomly

    I have a ASRock B550M Steel Legend and recently my motherboard's RGB lights started to randomly blink, i've always had it at full red. I filmed it. First it started to randomly decrease the brightness of the LEDs, then it would blink a greenish color (second video), now it blinks a blue color...
  2. quickturtle13

    Question screen flashes black for a split second at random times

    Hi! I built myself a new computer and it worked perfectly fine for a few weeks. Recently (few days) i have noticed that my screen flashes black for a split second. This happens pretty rarely (about 5 times a day). It happenes to both of my monitors but not at the same time. I suspect that it's...
  3. Spencer3168

    Question Dram and cpu light blink red once then the system turns off.

    Hello, I have put together my first PC recently but have not been able to get it to turn on for longer than a millisecond. The Build: Cpu - Ryzen 5 3600 Mobo - Asrock phantom gaming 4 B550 Ram - T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB Gpu - 2060 Super Psu - gigabyte P550B When I power it on inside...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Asus RT-Ac3200 range not good

    My Asus RT-AC3200 range just isn't enough. What mid priced way can i get more range? On a side note i use Blink cameras and I read extenters if you set up with same user and password it will log into that?
  5. jamaloo

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision m6800 startup issue

    Hi, I have a dell precision machine. Today it suddenly got shutdown as if it was unplugged from all the juice (battery+ac adapter) I tried to restart it quite few times but i won't start. I removed the battery and tried to use only AC Adapter. When i plug ac adapter it's led and power button...
  6. Z

    Question Front Panel Power led keeps blinking after shutting down PC

    So yes. This is something that began to happen like a week ago and i don't know why. I tried reconnecting the front panel connections but still the same. It doesn't go to sleep mode or hibernation, typing and clicking do not boot up the pc. Also, at the same time, the sleep mode option...
  7. J

    pc wont boot

    hi my pc was working the it stopped working when turned it bk on all fans power up cpu h100 turns on red the goes white the gpu fan cums on then after off every few seconds i got power to usbs keyboard light turn on then off
  8. D

    PSU For FX 8320 and GTX 750?

    Hi, I am wondering how many watts my power supply should have (at minimum) to run the specs below. Keep in mind I am already running an FX 4300, GTX 750 and 8 GB of ram with a 350w psu. GTX 750 AMD FX 8320 8 GB RAM
  9. D

    Gaming PC 2500$ Recommendations

    Hello community im looking forward to build a computer for 2500$ or 15 000 Norwegian Kroners (including OS and a 1080p monitor mouse and a keyboard * ^^) Any suggestions apreciated!
  10. H

    Gaming monitor VS old LCD monitor

    Hi, I'm building a new gaming computer and I'm wondering if my old Emachines 21" monitor is good enough to give me the best HD experience in new games such as Black Flag and Battlefield 4. That's it, i'm about to order the whole computer but I'm very not sure about the monitor. Should I get a...