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  1. O

    Question i7 4790K and GTX 1060 bottleneck

    Today I upgraded my cpu from an i5 4590 to an i7 4790K. It all seemed to have been working fine until I loaded up The Last Of Us. I waited for shaders to build again and continued the game. Then I saw that there was no difference whatsoever between the old cpu and the new one. Gpu utilization...
  2. Bablosarbast

    Question Bottleneck?

    hello!! Wanted to ask if the Ryzen 9 3900x is too weak for the Radeon 6950xt? According to bottleneck calculator is isn’t but some others have said it is.
  3. wraith790

    Question bottleneck

    I have a ryzen 9 3900x. And a X570 Pro motherboard 32GB 3200 speed ram. I want to get the RTX 4080. Will I bottleneck too hard if i put the 4080 in? I am planning on getting more upgrades but right now id prefer only upgrading one component at a time. 3440x1440 res if that matters.
  4. T

    Question 13600k vs 13700k

    Hi all, I am planning on building a new PC soon but I am unsure if I should buy the 13600k or the 13700k. I plan to pair the CPU with a RTX 4070 or 4070ti. I will mainly use the rig for gaming but I do want to make sure that I do not have any bottlenecks going on. I plan on using the new PC...
  5. X

    Question Bottleneck i7 4790 RTX 3060Ti or maybe 3070

    Hello i have a question : My current system is I7 4790 GTX 970 16 gb Ram 1600mhz so the question is: If i buy the rtx 3060 ti or rtx 3070 will they bottleneck the i7 4790 because its old gpu or whats the best gpu for this cpu!
  6. B

    Question Bottlenecked CPU

    Hey, i just bought a new computer, and i played PUBG and Sea Of Thieves on it, and i noticed that the CPU was running at 70-90% while the GPU was running at 10% MAX. Is there any CPU's you guys would recommend me buying that is around $280 dollars that will prevent the bottlenecking? My specs...
  7. Odin1991

    Question i7 9700 and Geforce RTX 4070

    I have just upgraded my system with the RTX 3070 and have only now realized that I could pay about 100 euros more for the newer RTX 4070 that has just been released. I could still get my 3070 refunded and get the 4070 instead. However, my concern is my CPU which is only the i7 9700 (non k...
  8. W

    Question Upgrading a ryzen 7 3700x to an i7-13700k, better fps?

    Hi guys. I was thinking of doing a small upgrade to my system. I have seen the newer graphics cards however it does not really seem worth it for me right now. I currently have a 1070 ti with a ryzen 7 3700x. I mostly play fps games like csgo and valorant. I was thinking of upgrading my ryzen to...
  9. Ai1dan

    Question High GPU usage and very low CPU usage

    I just put together a new system and it works great but when I play games my GPU is always maxed out with the usage at about 95% to 100% constantly and my cpu will sit around 25% to 30% usage. My guess is its a bottleneck between my CPU and GPU but I didn't think the bottleneck would be that...
  10. dark2breezy

    [SOLVED] Cause of CPU bottleneck, would a new motherboard fix it ?

    i am experiencing fps bottleneck in CPU-intensive games, how do i know what causes it ? Specs: Gigabyte B450M S2H 1660 Super OC and Ryzen 5 2400G , 16GB RAM 2666mhz Windows 10
  11. D

    Question Is a Ryzen 5 5600X with DDR4 memory fast enough for rtx 3060 Ti ?

    I just bought a new RTX 3060 Ti and a new PSU and I installed them today expecting to see a nice FPS improvement. However I don't really notice any improvement compared to my previous setup. I did some testing and my I5-7400 is the bottleneck in my system. I decided to just also upgrade the...
  12. patrickinho

    Question CPU usage is high effortlessly

    I recently upgraded from a 1050 TI/R3 2200G to a 3070/i5 12400F. Ever since I upgraded, I never felt like it was a new PC. Things stuttered, took a long time to load and even crashed at sometimes. I thought maybe that was normal because I use an old Sata SSD, but now I really don't think it is...
  13. lolz14234321

    Question Low gpu usage in games while cpu is only at 50%

    Hi, i have 4070ti 7600x 32GB 6000 cl36 and in for example warzone 2 i have 50% cpu and only 40-50% gpu usage at 1080p Highest (other people have a lot more gpu usage with same specs) In 3Dmark i had 30 points above average. Please help CPU: 7600x Motherboard: b650 live mixer Ram: 32Gb 6000 36cl...
  14. ReHack

    Question Bug or Bad System? (Judgment on steam only getting around 30 FPS)

    The game uses DX12 as the API, weirdly enough I get the same FPS on any setting (extra low-high at 1080p) I get around 23 fps - 32 fps (23 on crowdy areas, 30s on less crowdy areas) , yes the framecap is on 60 , I only get 60s on the main menu and the pause menus, I get around 40s on cutscenes...
  15. X

    Question New build has poor preformance ?

    Still kinda new to the new build but been having alot of performance issues with a few games, mainly being final fantasy xiv and black desert online. a few other games as well but those are the major ones. Doesnt seem to matter what settings i change performance is always just stuttery and or...
  16. J

    Question RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X paired with Ryzen 7 2700X Bottleneck?

    Hello, I just upgraded my GPU from a GTX 1660 SUPER to a RTX 3060 Ti. here you can see my current build: PC-Partpicker I use a Ryzen 2700X with 3200Mhz 16GB Memory and a 550W Powersupply. Yet for some reason i get really bad FPS in my Games. When i play the Witcher 3 i get around 50FPS avg...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Concern About Bottleneck

    Happy Holidays everyone <3. The holidays have placed me in possession of a bit of money that is burning a hole in my I must rid of it! I am looking at upgrading my MSI RTX 2070 Super. I have my eyes set on a 3070ti, but when I was doing some research, it appears I will create a...
  18. M

    Question RTX 2060 12GB bottleneck ?

    Hello i have an MSI RTX 2060 12gb and i think my cpu is bottlenecking it, my cpu is i3-8300. What socket 1151 CPU would be more suitable for my GPU ?
  19. NixyPCbuilder

    Question 3070 and 5 5600X bottleneck

    Will AMD Ryzen 5 5600X bottleneck a 3070 in FHD? I saw many answers on this question but some said that 5 5600X wont bottleneck a 3070 and some say it will bottleneck.
  20. M

    [SOLVED] upgrade suggestions please!

    SPECS: CPU : i7 6700 CPU Fan Cooler : Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO PSU : EVGA 700W GD GOLD GPU : Gigabyte RX 590 (rev 1.0) - 8GB MOTHERBOARD : ASUS H110-M Plus RAM : 8 x 1 2133 Mhz MONITOR: Dell P2418D CASE : Corsair Spec-Delta RGB...
  21. Wayfall

    Question Best GPU for my build

    Build: Dell Gsync 144hz Monitor i7 6800k 3.4 (4.0Ghz Overclocked 2.375v) Bequiet Dark Rock Cooler 3 Silent Wings Asus X99-A II 4x4GB 2666mhz DDR 4 Corsair RM 850X Corsair PSU Hi, My MSI GTX 1080 GTX, bought in 2016, has conked itself. What is the best GPU I can get for my current build...
  22. N

    [SOLVED] Possible bottleneck

    For quite a time i keep experience in-game freezes, my CPU is most of the time at 100%. Got an I5 4690k. Even when i alt tab, it works slow, thing i didn't experienced this like half a year ago. Is it possible that my CPU is causing all of this? Or maybe my CPU lifespan is near the end?
  23. J

    Question Is there something wrong with my Rtx 3070ti?

    I'm having some performance/stuttering issues with a brand new MSI 3070ti. My games felt smoother on my old 2070. The games are showing around 20-30fps increase than my previous card but feels more sluggish and spiking up and down a lot. I'm on a new windows 11 install and all the latest drivers...
  24. D

    Question Is my computer limiting my download speeds?

    I pay for a 500mbps internet plan and I test about as much on My download speeds on Steam are about 20mb/s, on the Xbox app 5mb/s on Epic Games it's about 10mb/s. My friend with a gigabit connection and a considerably stronger PC (RTX 3060, I'm not sure about the CPU but it...
  25. Y

    Question Help! Games Stuttering/Crashing on RTX 3060 with i5 8600k.

    Recently I've been experiencing stutters and crashes while gaming, I upgraded from GTX 1050ti to RTX 3060, and I used DDU to uninstall any instances of previous GPU drivers and freshly install new GPU drivers. Firstly I thought that maybe games were on my HDD and that's why they must be...
  26. W

    Question Poor performance from 12900F i9

    Hi all, I have a new PC with a 12900F i9 CPU. I think its bottlenecking the system at the moment as I cant get it to go anywhere near its turbo boost frequency of 5.1Ghz, it lingers around 2.4-3.4Ghz. This chip is new and is watercooled by a 360mm MSI AIO. Any help getting the CPU to run...
  27. T

    Question Motherboard compatibility.

    Hey, I have got an ACER G3-710 motherboard which I’m looking to do some upgrades on. I’m looking to upgrade the standard Intel I5 6600k CPU to an Intel I5 10400F CPU. I am also looking to upgrade my GTX 1060 3GB to a GTX 1660Ti. Im writing a thread purely because to see if these upgrades will...
  28. Alpha_6

    Question RTX 2060 i7 10750h - Low Fps In Rust, Tarkov & League

    So, I recently purchased a laptop with the following Specs: CPU: i7 10750h GPU: RTX 2060 6GB RAM: 16GB SSD: 500GB Current OS: Windows 11 with the latest updates installed. I have tested it in multiple games, most seem to run pretty well, except for Rust, Tarkov & League of Legends. Changing...
  29. Z

    Question Help! Unusually low frame rate and gpu / cpu usage in valorant

    I get unusually low frames running valorant, my previous build was as follows : Gpu : Msi geforce rtx 2080ti ventus cpu : ryzen 1600x oc'ed to 4.5 ghz mobo : asus crosshair vi (wifi) ram : corsair vengance 16 gigs at 3200 i used to get around 120 - 140 on low running on 1280x960 increasing...
  30. PenTestAD

    [SOLVED] Rtx 3090 ti Ryzen 7

    Hello everyone, I was wandering if rtx 3090 Ti works well with Ryzen 7 5800x ? My rtx 3080 got broken and I'm planning on getting rtx 3090Ti. Should I upgrade the cpu as well? I am can not decide if rtx 3090 will be sufficient or should I go for 3090ti. Will be using it on 49 inch G9 samsung...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] RTX 3070's low usage and determining cause of bottleneck ?

    Good day to you all, For some time I've been struggling with the fact that my RTX 3070 does not seem to be giving me the performance I was expecting. I play a lot of different games like Elden Ring, Spiderman Remastered, Apex Legends, Valheim. And in most games I have experienced the GPU usage...

    [SOLVED] Where's the bottle neck at when doing work yet low cpu and disk usage

    Hi I was wondering as I see this happen often where the cpu is at around 16percrnt usage to 20percent and the 970plus ssd is at 10to20percent usage. And somtimes lower bouncing from a few percent to a low percentage During stuff like virus scan of a large file for instance or as an example I...
  33. C

    Question 3080 GPU Usage drops to 0 ?

    So i have been experiencing Random FPS drops, so i downloaded HWinfo and ran some benchmarks and in conclusion the gpu usage drops to 0 for a split second causing lag spikes. Things i have tried to solve this: Changing a ton of bios settings ( changed nothing ) Changed in game settings (...
  34. FrostyL2K

    Question 3200g bottle neck GTX 1060 3g?

    Hey guys, I'm going for a GPU upgrade so I thought of giving my old GPU(GTX 1060 3gb) to my gf. I can also give her a Corsair vengence 3200mhz 8gigs stick. She's been playing mostly Valorant with the 3200g integrated graphics. But plans to play other single player titles once I give her the GPU...
  35. B

    Question is my gfx bottlenecking? 55fps average on most games even emulators

    as title is saying i have RYZEN 5 3600 and 8gb 3200mhz one stick btw and GT 1030 i get mostly 55-57-58 mostly 58 and 56 on emulators even PS1 emulator and also i play elden ring and some locations get either 30 fps sometimes and sometimes its 15fps??? sorry for this stupid question but recommend...
  36. U

    Question Can I5-8600k bottleneck Rx6600?

    Hello i Just bought rx6600 and its on its way home now. While i was watching videos on YouTube i saw that i5 8600k was weaker than ryzen 5 3600. Will my processor bottleneck the rx6600? Thanks for your answers and help.
  37. G

    Question Upgrading to a RTX 3070, will it bottleneck?

    I want to upgrading my current GTX 1070 to a 3070 and im currently running a I7 10700K cpu. I've read online there will be 11% bottleneck and that the CPU isnt enough. I dont know much about these things so im asking here for advice. Would this be a suitable upgrade? Im upgrading because i...
  38. S

    Question Slow Data Transfer Speeds

    Hi, I've bought two pro grade v90 sd cards and their dual sd slot reader(USB 3.2 gen 2 reader) and I have a dedicated USB 3.1 and type C PCIe card (Vantec 2-Port USB 3.1 Gen II Type-A/C PCIe Host Card). Yet I am seeing speeds of 42mb/sec. Can you please help me with this bottle neck?
  39. yuka

    Question Possible bottleneck?

    I'd like to know if I should get this gpu with this cpu combo, I'm afraid there might be a bottleneck so, im a little bit skeptical on it, btw, I intend to play almost every game at 1920x1080 besides games like valorant or csgo where i play at 1280x960 or 1024x768. i5 9400f 8x2 2666mhz and i...
  40. S

    Question Windows 10 GPU Hardware Scheduling - Does it use your dGPU instead of iGPU, or does it offload tasks from CPU to your dGPU?

    I tried getting advice from someone else and they were telling me turning on hardware accelerated options uses your dGPU instead of your iGPU, but I thought it offloads tasks from your CPU to dGPU so I'm confused. For example I thought h.624 on discord uses your dGPU to help render video rather...