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  1. R

    Question PC shuts down randomly, all fans spin up.

    Hi people, So ive started to have this weird problem with my PC. Built the PC back in oktober 2019 and had no problems with it, untill now... The problem first occured when I booted the new Zoo Tycoon game, after running for about 3 minutes the PC would shutdown(could still hear the sound of...
  2. T

    Question How do I avoid CPU/GPU bottlenecking?

    Basically, how do I know what GPU would pair with what CPU, and vice versa? What should i look for in a CPU and GPU to know that they are a good combination?
  3. N

    Question $900 build

    Can someone suggest a build for $900 without psu, case, and secondary drive I will accept cpu from aliexpress Mostly gaming and editing
  4. T

    [SOLVED] New build, is everything fine?

    Hi, so, yeah, I decided to get a new PC, because upgrading the one I have is a waste of money. Here's the list of all the components (with the prices in Euros on Amazon Italy, where I live): CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x - 309.99 ARCTIC MX-4 2019 Edition 4 g Thermal Paste - 9.39 Mobo: MSI B450-A PRO...
  5. Grievous190

    Question Rate my build

    Rate my build Gaming PC Case: Antec DP501 ATX ARGB Mid-Tower Tempered Glass White Gaming Case Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z490 PLUS ATX Motherboard Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor (3.70Ghz, 10 Cores, 20 Threads, 20MB Cache) Memory: Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 UDIMM...
  6. Zeccah

    Question Upgrading My CPU/MOBO/RAM - Will I Have Any Troubles?

    Current PC: CPU/MOBO/RAM - Upgrade: Will I run into any compatibility issues, or have any troubles upgrading?
  7. N

    Question Gskill DDR4 Flare X PC25600 16GB CL 16 with MSI B450M PRO VDH MAX

    hello, i'm planning on building PC with the ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060, the motherboard i'm planing to use is MSI B450M PRO VDH MAX and im planing to use the Gskill DDR4 Flare X PC25600 16GB CL16( F4-3200C16D-16GFX), i have a couple of question 1.does the ram compatible with the motherboard...
  8. m4thus4n

    Question Is Corsair Vengeance LPX 32Go (2x16Go) DDR4 3000MHz compatible with MSI AMD B450 TOMAHAWK MAX

    I am asking this question because recently for the first time I build my own computer and it didn't work. I am explaining myself : first the monitor was blank and second the DRAM led was on. To find out what causes the problem, I thought about trying all the combinations of placing the ram bars...
  9. E

    Question Is my build compatible? First time building a PC

    Hello all, This is my first time building a gaming PC and I just really want to make sure there's no conflict with any of the components I have selected . So I will just list the components below along with amazon links and then below my list I will enumerate a few questions/concerns I have...
  10. 1

    Question 5 year upgrade - video editing, $1500 budget

    Well it's about that time, built my last PC in 2015 and I need to upgrade! I'm a video editor, and need to build for that - it will not be for gaming! I'm not interested in 6k editing and use proxies to edit 4k already, but I do want to have this rig last at least another 5 years. I can follow...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Is my pc Building ok?

    hello, i'm planning on building a PC with a ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060, i have no plan on overclocking my pc, i just want a stable game time is my PC Build Okay Here is my list: (Cooler) be quiet! Pure Rock Slim (IDR380.000) (CPU) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (IDR3.135.000) (VGA) GALAX Geforce RTX 2060...
  12. modopolis

    Question PC Build - Workstation for Audiovisual in general! Which GPU it's fit best and other tips

    Hellou, everyone! I'm building a new PC for general work in audiovisual (motion design, a little bit of 3d apps, editing, and color correction). With a little bit of research, I found a good processor with a good price and I start my building use this processor as a base. I found some...
  13. S

    Question PC Build for low end video editing question.

    Hello All, I am planning to build a pc for low end video editing. my requirements are below, Raw video is taken using iphone se in 4k format. I need to cut, join these clips, speedup, slow down and add music tracks. I will be using windows movie maker, openshot, shotcut such free software...
  14. zgdandy

    Question Severe Lag in Warzone and Fortnite, is it my CPU?

    In the past month or two my PC started having severe lag on Fortnite and COD WZ that has made them both unplayable. Ive checked for malware and cleaned my PC. In COD my player will jump around and move in completely random direction, while in fortnite it takes ridiculously long to render...
  15. ainsleyclark

    Build Advice Build Review, Small & Quiet Linux Server

    Hi all, First linux server build I plan to use for web hosting and dabble with some Plex hosting, it will be sitting in my living room so I need it quiet and eco friendly. Can't break the bank, just wondering your thoughts were. Planning on using Debian 9. Will the mobo be compatible with the...
  16. Marshall W

    Question Need a good but not too expensive MB

    So im building/upgrading my pc but I needs an idea for a MB what i have in mind is; GTX 1060 6GB 16GB g skill DDR4 I7-9700K 3.6GHZ Mother Board??? any idea what a good MB would be without breaking the bank? im already gonna be spending alot as is lol
  17. L

    Question Looking to build or buy a desktop and a 240hz monitor to go with it. Thinking like 1500$ CAD but can spend more if needed.

    Looking to build or buy a new system. Kinda just want ideas as I havent bought a pc in a long time. Ive only swapped graphics cards before so thats my only experience with pc components lol.
  18. Stormblessed93

    Question Really need some advice on upgrading rig please!

    Hey guys! Thanks in advance for any input. I'm looking to upgrade my mobo, cpu, memory, and possibly psu (If necessary) with a budget of ~400-500 euro. I will have to buy these in stages so price is somewhat flexible. The main reason I am asking for advice is because I wont be able to upgrade...
  19. M

    Question GPU blocking access to PCIe x1 slots for wireless card installation - what are my options?

    Hi, I need to install my wireless card into a PCIe x1 slot, but my fatty GPU (which can not be moved from the only PCIe x16 slot), blocks both my PCIe x1 slots. I think i have two options: 1) buy a PCIe x1 riser for the wireless card Q1: will the riser effect the wireless card performance...
  20. N

    Build Advice First pc build help

    So this is gonna be my first pc build when ever, I will probably get it when the dreadful quarantine ends but this is the parts picker and I would appreciate if someone confirmed if the products are compatible and if this pc build is good enough for years to come. HAIL THE MASTER PC RACE...