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  1. [SOLVED] What A/V Out Port is this?

    Hi. I recently aquired this Minolta VHS movie Camera, the Minolta CR-1200S AF. Something I noticed with the camcorder is that it has this weird A/V out port. It looks like an S Video port but it isn’t. I searched around the Internet, and found no info on the port. Have a look. If anyone has an...
  2. R

    Question microphone problems

    I accidentally spilled water a little while ago on the internal mic on my laptop (acer vx15) and when I used it with no sound playing it works fine. However when sound is playing the mic sounds all messed up and bad. This even happens when i have headphones plugged in and when i used the builtin...
  3. obi1kenobi

    Question DVI-d or display port

    Hi all Please can someone help me. My Gpu only has 1 Hdmi:1 dvi-d port and 3 usb display ports. I’ve got 1 monitor connected to my hdmi port. But I tried a dvi-d adapter for my 2nd monitor and I think it was the wrong one becuse it wouldn’t fit !which one do I get?It will have to be an hdmi to...
  4. perdboy

    [SOLVED] Is the Asus B450 f gaming compatible with the Intel 660p 512gb ssd?

    I was hoping to get an ssd and I was going to pick up the Intel 660p 512gb. Is this compatible with the Asus B450 f gaming motherboard and Ryzen 5 2600 cpu? Im on a budget and this seems like a good price for $73
  5. M

    Microsoft basic display driver problem

    So i just instaled windows 10... And wanted to update display adapter drivers...i saw Microsoft basic display driver and tried to remove it... It didnt wanted... So i clicked update... It updated and my screan went black... I tried to restart and my gpu fan was at 100% but no output... So i...
  6. jpishgar

    New Tom’s Forum Announcement & Feedback

    The Tom’s forums have migrated to a new, more powerful forum platform. We’ve rolled out a substantial upgrade to the forum by moving to XenForo forum software. The new forum features: • An exciting new reputation system - earn epic trophies! • Trending, new, and popular threads to engage in. •...
  7. S

    HD keeps beeping until computer enters BIOS

    Hey guys! I am trying my best to revive an old computer of mine from 2008. Its old HD burned so I bought a new one (Seagate Pipeline ST3500312CS). It had problems and I activated the warranty. I received the new one and already put it on my PC, but it keeps beeping until the computer enter the...
  8. T

    Need Help With ROG Z390-E

    I have the rog z390-e and nzxt h500. there is this cable with a 6 pin (4 empty) connector and 4 little 2x 1 pin and 2x 2 pin things all detached. first of all, the 1 pins say p+ and p- led the 2 pins say h.d.d led and pwr SW. what is this cable called? (it came in a plastic bag) and where do i...
  9. T

    Overclock help please

    Hi guys so I have a Ryzen 1700 with 2400mhz ram I tried to overclock the ram to 2800mhz but now my PC won't boot up is there anyway I can fix this? It restarted itself like it usually does after I change settings but it then stops restarting and I the display won't come on.
  10. O

    ram up grade for acer 5520

    want to up grade ram in acer aspire 5520 has 2 sticks 1gb want to find 2 sticks of 2gb can not find proper ram
  11. D

    Monitor detects an input to integrated video card instead of add-on card

    Since Dell won't help me much on this, I recently bought a new ASUS VP247QG monitor. The monitor works on VGA input, but not HDMI. I have an AMD Radeon graphics card that I have to enable for the HDMI to be able to work but I do not know how to do this as I am new to configuring monitors. Any...
  12. G

    Apple Digs Deeper Into AR With Akonia Holographics Buy

    Apple reportedly acquired Akonia Holographics, which has been working on well-performing, transparent and low-cost displays for AR headsets. Apple Digs Deeper Into AR With Akonia Holographics Buy : Read more
  13. B

    Best monitor for under £300

    Hey pimps, Im looking for a slick gaming monitor for under £300 for my gaming PC. Im not really interested in ultrawide or curved but I would like it to be 26" or bigger and really good quality My PC has an i5 - 8600k processor and a MSI GTX 1070 gaming X graphics card So far ive had my eye...
  14. B

    Finally giving my PC some love, upgrading ram need some help!

    Hello all, its been a while since I gave the PC I built years ago any love and I think the first step I want to take is upgrading the ram. currently the motherboard and ram I have are as follows: asrockz77 and 8gb (2x4) gskill ddr3...
  15. N

    Looking for monitor recommendation

    Basically, in a nutshell im after a decent gaming monitor that's 27" and 1440p that won't kill the budget. I would prefer to keep it under $500 US. Was wondering if people had any solid recommendations? Ive been eying the MSI Optix MAG27CQ...
  16. K

    Gigabyte h61m-d2s 3rd gen compatibility?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for upgrade paths for my lga1155 board from i3 2100. I was looking at i7 2600. Lately, I stumbled upon an info that with correct bios, my board can support even i7 3770. So can anyone confirm this for me before I buy something. Here's the info Gigabyte H61M-DS2 ver 5.0...
  17. G

    Amir Camera 3-in-1 Lens Kit Review: So-so Budget iPhone Lenses

    If you're on a budget and can overlook a few imperfections, the Amir Lens Kit may meet your needs. Still, we recommend spending a few extra bucks for the Aukey Ora kit. Amir Camera 3-in-1 Lens Kit Review: So-so Budget iPhone Lenses : Read more
  18. L

    PC booting to BIOS after turning off at wall

    Motherboard is an Asus M5 A97 LE2.0 If I shut my PC down and then turn it off at the wall, it will boot to BIOS next time I turn it on. Thought it might be that the motherboard battery was dead but still doing it after replacement. It doesn't do this when I shut it down, but keep the power on...
  19. A

    I want to play watch dogs 1 and 2

    Can i run watch dogs 1 and 2 on my pc?my pc specifications are: 1.core i7 3.7ghz. 2.ram 4gb. 3.graphic card nVidia geforce gts 450(1gb). 4.and finally windows 7
  20. Thresholds

    Problem Blocking Ips via Telnet

    Hi guys, I have a modem (Technicolor TG582n) that doesn't allow to block ips via a browser interface. I have tried doing the task via telnet following this guide: :expr add name=blockedips type=ip :firewall rule add...