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  1. Daylennn

    Question Ethernet on computer capped at 100mbps

    I use to get around 900mbps on a good copper cat5e cable. I have the same cable and have had the same router. All i have done is download games on steam and, yet my internet speed has now capped itself at 100mbps, On the ethernet status is says the speed is 100.0mbps. It's set to auto...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Half speed through Tenda router

    Hello, I have a Tenda F3 router, which has a 1*10/100M auto-negotiation WAN port. My problem is that I have a wifi modem from my ISP, but it's range is terrible (speed is 100mbit/s), so I tried to use my Tenda F3 router to increase the wifi range. Connected them with a cat 5e cable, set the...
  3. A

    Question Dell s2417dg capped at 85 Hertz while being 144hertz

    My setup is 1080ti with displayport, that followed with the monitor. I moved and after upgrading my motherboard and CPU my max hertz was limited to 85 hertz even tho on my old setup it could reach 144 hertz.
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Refresh rate capped at 30 hertz

    I am connecting my thinkpad laptop (20JY0004US) to my external monitor (AW3821DW) which has a resolution of 3840 X 1600 @ 144 Hz but I am capped at 30 Hz instead. I am connected via an HDMI cable because that is the only option available from what I can see. Is there any way to at least reach...
  5. wiwarez

    [SOLVED] Gigabit mirage

    I've been struggling trying to establish a Gigabit connection to my Askey RTV1907VW (provided by ISP) on my ASUS X52JT which, despite being 9 years old, still manages to let me operate my everyday chores effortlessly. My ISP plan provides 1Gbps through FTTC, and it successfully displays on the...
  6. prod_djwdo

    [SOLVED] All Games Capped at 60 FPS but Only in Fullscreen

    Somehow, only when my games are on the setting 'Fullscreen', it caps my fps on 60, which is my monitor refresh rate. I've checked my control panel for v-sync, I've checked all my programs for an fps capper (which had none), turned off game bar, I've tried everything I know I can do to get rid of...
  7. elgiov

    [SOLVED] Tenda F3 capping download speeds at 10MB/s

    Hello everyone. I bought a Tenda F3 which says it has: 1*10/100M auto-negotiation WAN port 3*10/100M auto-negotiation LAN ports. When I connect directly to my modem, the download speeds go up to 30MB/s, but when connected through the modem to the Tenda F3 router, the download speed is capped at...
  8. V

    Question HDMI TV capped at 24 Hz

    Hello everyone Two weeks ago, I bought a new Lenovo Y540 (81SXCTO1WW) with a 144 Hz screen. That screen works well, and the switchable graphics (Intel UHD 630 and Nvidia RTX 2060) also work properly. I have updated the drivers via Device Manager (Intel driver is from 4/07/2019) and for the...
  9. K

    Question Minecraft capped at 60 no matter what I try.

    Hi, my Minecraft client has been capped to 60 for almost a month now, I've tried everything to fix it and it includes: Checking if VSync is on. Checking Nvidia settings' VSync. Reinstalling GPU driver (Clean install) (latest driver available for my GPU). Reinstalled Minecraft and deleted...
  10. rksako1

    Question All Steam games capped at 60 FPS (i7 8750H, 1050TI, 8GB DDR4 Laptop)

    I recently picked up an Acer Aspire 7 with the above specs and I can't seem to get any games to run over 60 FPS. On my older Asus N551 laptop with an 840M, I could run games over 60 FPS with no problem, but with the new laptop, games such as War Thunder, Overwatch, Mordhau, etc all run capped at...
  11. G

    Question Windows memtest vs memtest86

    Is memtest86 that much better than windows internal test? As I've been getting some bsods lately, which seem to be memory related, as all other "fixes" have been done. I will soon pull the sticks, clean, inspect and reinstall. But my radiator kinda blocks it, so I've been putting it off. I have...
  12. M

    Unsure on power supply for fx 9590

    Here's what I'm gonna be using soon: Processor: AMD FX 9590 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA UD3 R5 Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 750ti (Gonna upgrade in 1 or 2 years time when this gets really outdated, maybe to like a 960 or something) Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Case: Corsair Carbide Air 740 So...
  13. S

    is my power supply enough for an r9 390?

    is my corsair cx500m power supply enough to power an r9 390? by the way, i dont plan on overclocking at all. would you recommend the 970 instead?
  14. K

    Pentium g3258 + gtx 950

    So I mainly wanna know if this build: seem to be okay with a 350 watt psu. The gtx 950 and the pentium don't seem to draw a lot of power and it would be nice if I could keep some money and use a power supply that I own, which is 350 watt. I would also like to...