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  1. J

    How To How to disassemble the HP Spectre X360

    I have always like pulling things apart to see how they work. I still do it now, although I am a little more careful now my toys are more expensive. If you feel the same way, or simply want to upgrade your laptop, here is how to disassemble the HP Spectre X360. The specs of the HP Spectre X360...
  2. B

    Help Me Upgrade My Old Pc to New Gaming Pc

    Hi Guys Can You Help Me Upgrade my Dell Optiplex 380 SFF Tell Me Guys What Kind Of Graphics Card Will I Buy and Tell me if i need to Upgrade my Psu my Budget is 250 dollars Today I Cant Buy A Case Because i have low budget Please Help Me Upgrade My Pc Thank You
  3. E

    Low performance on my New setup (gtx750ti)

    Oke i got a new pc and it worked okey when i got it, i expected more but it was way better than the old laptop i had. But now its just getting ridiculous. My setup: amd fx4300 4.0ghz 8gb ram GTX750ti And i get some rly bad fps For example: League of legends on medium 30fps when idling. Help...
  4. R

    upgrading from 4770k to Ryzen 7 1800X worth it?

    upgrading from 4770k to Ryzen 7 1800X worth it?( my 4770k is not OC)
  5. liberty610

    Xbox One controller issue on PC

    Hey everyone, I am having an odd issue with my Xbox One Elite controller with my PC. I don't recall ever having this issue in the past. I have not played any PC games the last couple months due to time restaints, but fired up a couple games this past weekend. First off, I have the Xbox One...
  6. C

    MSI 1151 B250 M3 Gaming LAN not working

    Yesterday I built a new PC using the MSI 1151 B250 Gaming M3 motherboard. Everything is working except the LAN port. When I connect the cable for ethernet, no network shows up. There are no lights except for the red lighting inside the motherboard ports. How can I fix this?
  7. S

    32bit to 64bit

    I have games on my pc right now. Planning to get a 64bit os. Will the downloaded games still work after i upgraded given that they support 32 and 64bit os. Or do i need to download it all again be ause the 32bit version was installed? All my games are from steam if that helps.
  8. E

    best wireless router to use as wireless access point?

    my isp's (fios) router has a crappy built in wireless, but given it is both a coax converter and used for dvr stuff "I can not get rid off it. I need advice on a $60 to $80 dollar router to use as a wireless access point. I have a 75mbs connection and a moderately sized house.
  9. T

    Reference RX 480 ok if you're not overclocking?

    I recently bought an RX 480 (MSI Armor 4G OC). I got a 4GB card because at the time I thought I'd be gaming at 1080p for the foreseeable future, and half the reason I got it was simply for the free Civ VI code. Well, that purchase ended up spurring several other upgrades including a new 1440p...
  10. R

    Help? is it safe to sell laptop after factory reset?

    Hello all, I recently sold my laptop after using the partition to factory settings restore my laptop hdd after removing the sdd. My question is was that safe enough to sell like that? Could the person I sold it to possibly still recovery any of my info? I'm just worried they could get my card...
  11. H

    Will the "height/profile" of this video card fit my PC slot?

    Sometimes I have had to "bend" the top of a PCI card (where the screw hole is at the 90 degree angle thingy at the top) because the "top" of that "screw hole/thingy" is LOWER than the height of the matching screw hole for the slot that is part of the computer case. I would have to bend the PCI...
  12. T

    Looking for advice on buying a PC Gaming Laptop.

    My wife is wanting to buy a gaming laptop. Her budget is just over 900Britsh pounds (roughly $1200usd she will spend when all said and done). I am no help to her at all in picking one. So I thought I would ask on these forums for any advice in buying one. Budget:$1200usd must be a laptop...
  13. Pinon94

    low budget gaming pc build

    will gtx1050 support 768p monitor with 60hrz refresh rate...????? will it buffer ???? and i know 768p monitor and gtx1050 gpu sounds crazy ..
  14. Dirty_Sprite

    i5 6500 vs i3 7350k ?

    So a friend of mine told me that since Kaby Lake is releasing soon I should get an i3 7350k over an i5 6500 for gaming. I'm building a new PC for my younger brother and he has every part except the CPU because no store in Adelaide Australia has i5's at around Christmas time. He also said that...
  15. T

    New Graphics Card

    Want to buy a new graphics card for my PC its used primarily for gaming so looking for something that can handle Total War games playing huge battles/campaigns and other games such as Arma 3, CSGO (I know you don't need much for that) and basically any other games that I feel like playing...
  16. Z

    How Well do These Components go Together?

    Hey, i'm looking to build a fairly good pc, one for gaming a ultra 1080p as well as edit/render films. Both from time to time and of equal importance. I also want this PC to be easily upgradable and flexible to work with, and possibly even future proof. If you could tell me if it's good or not...
  17. T

    GPU running in PCI-e 2.0 not 3.0

    My GPU (Winforce 970) seems to be always running in pcie 2.0 mode. When I go to my mobo settings there are only options for pcie 1.0 and 2.0. From the specs of the motherboard I gather it supports pcie 3.0. Any idea on how to fix this? PC: Asus z97m-plus Gibabyte Gtx 970 Windforce Core i3 4160
  18. N

    any hdd at 100% usage, help

    Hi all, I recently bought a PC, everything was fine until suddenly began to run very slow, at the startup and opening any aplication the hdd goes to 100% usage, tried to perform a clean install of windows 8.1 (was windows 10) but still remained the problem, then i tested using another hdd i had...
  19. B

    Question about Windows 10 Updates

    In a cumulative update, why is it that the download is inconsistent as in it stops for a period of time? I just see that in my task manager the download is inconsistent.
  20. C

    i7 6700k upgrade or gtx 1080 upgrade

    Hello. my current setup is a i7 3770 16 gb 2400mhz ddr3 ram and a gtx 980. I want to upgrade my machine and was wondering whether to upgrade the cpu and ram and motherboard, or just upgrade the gpu again. i was gonna get an i7 6700k an asus hero 8 alpha and 32 gb 3200 mhz ddr4 ram, and keep the...
  21. D

    How Durable is a Smartphone Battery

    I recently got my hands on a spare lg g4 battery and i would like to use it to switch in when my phone starts to run low, except what would be a good way to keep it safe during transport or walking around? Is it durable enough to put in my shorts/jeans pocket? Could i throw it in my bag pack...
  22. P

    looking for case with optical drive space

    I am looking for a case around $50 that has optical drive space and maybe a spot for a memory card reader
  23. K

    Nvidia Control panel settings for GTX960m? (MSI GE62 2QD) (Performance Issues)

    Hello! I've been having some major performance issues recently with my laptop (Ever since I started using Nvidia GeForce Experience to "Optimize" my games) (I am now getting barely 60fps in cs:go no matter what in game settings I use, and very low fps in other games, even though I have nothing...
  24. B

    CPU Maximum Frequency Fluctuates Consistently Causing Stuttering

    First Time Writing a thread so if you need any extra info let me know. When I boot up my computer everything will be fine, I will go and play my usual games for sometimes hours before I have any problems. Then when I have my game up I will tab out and open another window like google chrome and...
  25. GauthamReddy

    Please guide me to find some best "rebate" web sites to purchase computer peripherals

    Hi all i don't know whether it is appropriate to ask these kinds of questions here... Please guide me to find some best "rebate" web sites to purchase computer peripherals like graphic cards and ssd, m.2 drives... Country USA: Michigan thanks
  26. C

    Passwords for Toshiba Satillite C655-S5123

    I can't get rid of the user passwords or supervisor's password and the HDD/SSD and the master HDD/SSD password?
  27. J

    Alienware M17x R3 and Windows 10

    I have looked all over forums, found many people with this issue, but very few solutions. I am looking for any insight. I had the switchable graphics driver from Dell, which caused the issue. Disabling the Intel graphics allowed me to get past flashing screens that kept me from signing into...
  28. L

    Is this a good build for a gtx 1060?

    Heres my build Intel i5-2500k 3,3 GHz 8gb ram intel motherboard PSU 500W with 6 and 8 pins connectors 1 TB hard drive western digital I am planing on buying the new gtx 1060 for gaming and i wanted to know if my build is ok or do i need to change things?
  29. T

    Home Server - Old computer enough?

    So, I'm about to turn my old tower into a server machine with its main use as a Minecraft server. My only question is, is this going to need any upgrades before I convert it, or is it plenty? Build: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD FX-4130 3.8GHz Quad-Core OEM/Tray...
  30. L

    Can I use the extra USB ports on my mobo even if my case has 2 front USB ports?

    Hello, I have a bit of a problem. My motherboard (Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-H) has 6 USB ports (4 2.0's, 2 3.0's) but my case (Rosewill FBM-02) only has 2 USB ports. Is it possible to use all of my ports somehow? (I have to plug in my headset, my keyboard, mouse, and extra stuff whenever I need to)...
  31. J

    Gtx 750 ti oc

    Hello I was wondering, is gtx 750ti oc or gtx 960 oc compatible with motherbpard called msi 7906 v1 (Orchid s)
  32. D

    GTX 980 ti vs GTX 1070

    I have been wanting the Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1, but it rarely stays in stock. The card costs $429. Newegg has a GTX 980 ti on their shell shocker deal for $369. At this price, would it be worth getting a 980ti over the 1070? I play Overwatch competitively, as well as RPG's like Guild Wars 2. I...
  33. S

    fps drops with fx 8320 970 extreme 4

    hello before i was playing all games okay for months with cpu OCED to 4.0 but the fps drops started from 100+ fps to 20-40 for some seconds and thn back up I searched for this problem and turned my cool n quet off it did the job for some days and the problem came back please guys help btw im...
  34. I

    Is 'Tier 2' power supply good for what I am going to do with it?

    I will buy gaming pc soon. Parts that I will buy: CPU: FX-6300; GPU: R9 380 4GB(OC version); MB: MSI 970 Gaming. I will overclock FX-6300 to ~4.5GHz. I will buy 'tier 2' power supply for my PC, because 'tier 1' power supplies are too expensive for me(I'm looking for 50-65EU PSU). And should i...
  35. D

    Which build is better?

    Im new to PC gaming and im looking to build a pc, and ive done some research and I made 1 good build lol (as i'd like to think, prob not tho) but I want your guys opinion, if there are any parts that could be better please let me know, thank you - FX 6300 My...
  36. F

    Cooler and motherboard problems

    I'm using a corsair h100 v2 installed it successful the USB wire I plugged in but there is 2 other wires one with 2 outputs and one of those outputs is 4 pin shaped but has 3 pins where are they meant to go on my asus maximus viii hero
  37. C

    PC and PS4 to the same Monitor

    I'm thinking of getting a PS4 soon and I wanna connect it to my monitor. My monitor only has one VGA input. I know I need all those adaptors HDMI-VGA and which ones to get. My question is: let's say I have both my PS4 and PC on and I wanna switch between both. Is there a way I can do this?
  38. JellyMan00

    Remove school account off of Google

    I have a school account, not google, that is stuck on my Chrome browser. It makes me do something different to get in to gmail on a different account its like its stuck or something please help.
  39. A

    Internet Cutting out

    Hi My internet cuts out on my machine at random times in the day. Internet is fine on other devices! It will go for about 5 minutes and then come back. The network log was showing some kind of DNS issue when the cut out happens. I don't use a DNS but tried to change my DNS to google's to see...
  40. B

    Could I get this gpu to run on a 240w psu at all? Please note i cannot upgrade the psu in my pc even if my life depended on it, it's 240 watts, It also need to be low profile.