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  1. R

    MSI GTX 780 vs MSI GTX 970

    I know that a lot of others have asked this question before, but I'm still stuck. Can get a MSI GTX 780 Lightning (Hynix Mem) for 150$ or a TwinFrozr 970 for 200$. Want to know which card is more powerful when both overclocked for 1080p. Ive been researching and seems like 1300mhz isnt...
  2. ragnarok94

    Future ready gaming/editing rig: 2 x RX 480's, or GTX 1070? ($380-400 GPU budget)

    vote here: Im trying to plan a build within the next year for gaming as well as video editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro & encoder, which utilizes Mercury GPU acceleration, and want to be able to do 4K editing. Normally, CUDA cores gives Nvidia the advantage, and...
  3. IxWolfie

    Which fans should I buy for my build?

    Awhile ago I asked for specifications on which parts I should buy, and now I'm trying to figure out which fans I should buy. The case has one intake and one exhaust fan that comes with it, both 120mm. The case has 8 fan bays, and I plan on buying 2 fans (I'm buying a two pack) that are both...
  4. M

    U i o p j k l m keys r not working

    In my Acer aspire one D270 notebook the u I o p K L and m keys r not working.when I am pressing these keys they did not I am pressing u then it's written 4..Pls,help me...
  5. K

    Thinkpad Laptop wont boot; stuck in a pre-bootup loop

    Hi all. I have a problem with my laptop. I have a Thinkpad T440p that is stuck in what appears to be a pre-BIOS loop. It starts up, the keys light up like its going to boot, then a click is heard and the key lights shut off and the process starts again. This loop is approximately 1-1.5 second...
  6. shmu26

    what's a good Brother all-in-one printer for home use?

    I don't need color I don't need high speed but I need reliability. I print mainly 1-3 pages at a time. light to medium use. I print documents. what is a good model?