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    Is my R5 1600 defective?

    I just got a new R5 1600 and installed it on my Asus Prime B350M-K motherboard and whenever I try to set the multiplier to higher than 35 and save it the pc reboots at 35x only. Also my voltages are pretty high, I get 1.388 at 3.5 GHz and my peak temps are 75C. My PSU is Corsair VS550 and 16 GB...
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    After booting up, icons aren't showing and taskbar is unresponsive

    After logging in, my wallpaper shows up and the taskbar does as well but no icons at all and the taskbar is completely unresponsive. Ctrl+alt+delete works but the task manager never shows up or anything. First time when I turned it on it said it was "scanning and repairing C drive" but I assumed...
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    PC doesn't display, Ram issue?

    New PC that doesn't be display. MB: Z270 A-Pro The ram I inserted seems to have issues where only the slots 3-4 would work, and after testing the ram to see if 2-4 would work the display stopped working. Everything turns on just fine, I already tried resetting BIOS and pulling the cmos battery...
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    Dual GPU on Asus Z170 Pro Gaming?

    Hello! Ive got a little problem, would be terrific if anyone can help me with it. So I have a rig with Asus Z170, Intel i7 7700k, and my main GPU RX570. Ive been trying to attach my old RX460 as a secondary card, but my computer doesnt even recognize it. Ive tried the different GPU slots...
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    Can I fit a M-ATX motherboard in an ATX case?

    So the title is self explanatory. I dont like how most M-ATX cases look and want an ATX one but dont know if it will fit properly. Motherboard is an MSI A68HM-E33 V2
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    First Pc build

    Hey Guys! So this is my first post on this Website and I have a quite some concerns. So basically I know nothing about PC really. I have never build one and as I tried to grapple with this thematic I got increasingly confused. I set myself on a budget of 1000€ ( which I neglected a bit in my...
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    can I play GTA5 in Intel (R) HD graphics 520 and 16 GB ram

    Laptop specification Dell inspiron 5559 i3 -6100U 6th Gen 16 gb ram DDR3L (I upgrade ram to 16 gb from 4gb) Intel (R) HD graphics 520 1 TB hard drive, 900 GB free Windows 10 Can i play GTA5 on medium or low graphics... Thanks for all answer
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    Windows 10 settings causing fps drops?

    Are there any windows 10 settings that would be causing my fps drops because I have tested my pc parts and havent found any problem.
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    G4400 with gtx 1050 only for games that have come before 2015?

    Hi guys, I am not a hardcore gamer. I Have no plans to upgrade my pc in future. I am happy to play games that have come before 2015. But I just wanna play them in very high quality mode. Will this setup work?
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    streaming gameplay on an amd A4-6210

    I was wondering if it could be possible, streaming gameplay with an apu clocked @ 1.80GHz and with 6GB ram. I was thinking of getting the avermedia for my laptop???
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    I need some help regarding AMD.

    I got Amd Radeon HD 6310 Graphics And in the Catalyst Control Center there is no graphics options anymore I'm running on windows 8 and im using HP laptop what shall i do to get the graphics option?
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    What monitor do I get?

    I was wondering about what monitor to get. a 2k monitor with G-sync. or a 2k monitor without G-Sync. Here's my parts list= Any help would greatly be appreciated!
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    My pc restarts when I play games

    I got these temps this in in load :the mb temperature is 37-38 degrees cpu 36-37 degrees auxiliary 38 degrees systn1 37.5-38 degrees, systn 2 same cpu (peci) 42-46 degrees gpu 36-39degrees I do not know if they are ok I would like to know how to check them again This is my pc...
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    Why does my monitor get no signal?

    Specs: 430w evga power supply Intel core i5 cpu 1 Hyper ddr4 ram Msi GeForce hrs 1060 gaming x 6g gpu And a msi b250m gaming pro motherboard (had 1 bent cpu pin that I bent back) this is my first pc build please help I have no clue why it won't get a signal, I've tried with and without the gpu...
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    Confused about the size of GTA 5

    hello i recently got GTA 5 from my friend its of exactly 60 GB now i read somewhere that its of about 65 GB whats the matter why there are difference in size? plz reply soon
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    1500 budget gaming rig

    Hello all. I've got a budget of 1500 and am in need of a new rig. Want kaby lake 7700. Plan to do a lot of gaming. Can't decide of I should get custom laptop or build pc. Didn't really think of laptop until friend suggested it. I've never had a higher end laptop so never thought gaming on one...
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    Planetside 2 launcher crashes right after loading up

    I've been playing Planetside 2 on my PC for at least a year now, but this morning when a clicked the launcher after loading to the notification page it crashed. I haven't been able to find a fix for this. I have tried opening with and without Steam and I have gotten rid of all of my overclock. I...
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    New CPU and Motherboard, no signal to monitor

    I recently upgraded to an AMD - Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor and an Asus - PRIME X370-PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard. My build includes a corsair RM850 PSU, 16Gigs of DDR4 RAM, 120GB Kingston SSD, 120GB Samsung 840EVO, and a 1TB western Digital hard drive. When i turn on my comp everything...
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    Upgrading ram to 16GB DDR3

    Hey, I want to upgrade my ram from 8gb to 16gb because 8gb is simply not enough. I have a 2x4gb kit (cml8gx3m2a1600c9B) I cant find this kit for sale where i live at, so im thinking about buying another 2x4gb kit with the same speed voltage and latency. This is a kit with the same specs...
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    Have FX9370 and R9 280x better GPU or CPU first?

    Hello. I wanted to upgrade my GPU R9 280x to RX580, but then I realized that my CPU FX9370 would probably bottleneck RX580. I intend to play games at 1080p Now I have only 60 hz monitor, but I will upgrade my monitor later in this year to 144 hz. So I was thinking should I buy now RX 580 8gb...
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    best in town

    i am planning to buy a graphics card and my budget is limited to 10,000 INR help me get the best exclusively for gaming i have an i3 processor and 12 gb ram i want something which will run the new gen games smoothly
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    A wierd noise coming from my computer.

    A wierd noise coming from front panel fan i think. Heres the noise can you hear it in the background ? What could be causing it ?
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    need some help with choosing parts and a theme idea for my build

    Hello I have a build that i think i'm going to get but i dont have a CPU cooler, i don't know what ram to get, i don't know anything about motherboards and PSUs, i need a theme idea and i need some opinions about the over-all build (yeah, i know, it's alot of help to ask, but please try to help...