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  1. loonix200

    Question Can not format or clean WinToUSB bootable Flash

    This is my first ever post after tons of experience watching people solve problems here so it's my last hope, this IS however going to be a long post so I also apologize and ask for your patience. Will try to include TLDR in the end. Basically my friend's laptop got its HDD busted and I wanted...
  2. S

    Question Rattling case fan

    The front fan in my computer seems to have developed a bit of a noise. When I start things up it'll emit a loud buzzing sound. The only "solution" I've found is to open up the front and press down ever so slightly on the middle of the fan, this moves it inwards a millimeter or so and stops the...
  3. GallopingGumdrops

    Question Msi stealth fan might still be broken, please help.

    Recently I had a major issue with my left fan of my Msi stealth pro Gs63vr. I took it to a local repair shop and the guy wasn't the best, he made me wait 3 weeks and told me it was a job I could have done myself. I burn water sir, I don't trust myself with opening up my pc. Anyways it now makes...
  4. H

    Gpu Usage Drops to 0% and Never Goes Above 30%

    My GPU will rapidly go from `20% usage to 0% usage when playing games causing the frames to also drop to 0 and continue at above 30 frames every few seconds. My CPU functions at ~50% all of the time. I've been told to bump up the games settings but that only made the GPU usage spike faster...
  5. W

    Ssd asking a question

    im making my first gaming pc but I want to make sure everything goes well and I haven’t decdided on a storage would this one do just fine? Seagate - Barracuda 1TB Internal SATA Hard Drive for Desktops
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Pc won’t turn on lacking COM and PHD power connectors

    My first pc build using ryzen 7 2700x + asus a320m-k +gtx 1050 ti 16 gb ddr4 ram (lost box and don’t know specifics) Evga 600 watt 80+ bronze bq psu I do not have anything to connect to PHD 5000 on my mother board near my usb 3 connector and under neath my gpu Also I can not connect my COM...
  7. M

    On board GPU not working with TV

    So I'm trying too connect my pc to my TV The MOBO has on board GPU but when I turn my pc on it says no signal the hdmi cable is plugged in properly, also my first build, any help? And also the motherboard is a Asrock b450m pro4
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Liquid Cooler Noise

    So I recently got a Corsair H45 liquid cooler, and it's started making a rattling noise which is pretty consistent, sometimes it disappears for a couple seconds or minutes then comes back. Is this normal or is there a fault? Thanks
  9. Z

    [SOLVED] i7 3770 non k not hitting 4.3 ghz

    I have a i7 3770 non k overclocked to 4.3ghz with multiplier set to 43(the max it will go), blck at 100mhz in the bios,and core voltage at 1.300, but CPUz only validates it at 4.1 ghz, and sometimes the clock speed fluctuates to 4.299ghz, the multiplier in CPUz says 16-43, and under load the cpu...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] I5 760 Vs I5 680

    Want to ask that between these two CPU does the difference is significant Dual core hyperthreading vs True quad core Passmark 3500 vs 3800 Still confuse...Thanks in advance
  11. S

    [SOLVED] TDR Failure Blue Screens of Death

    [Moderator note: Moved post from Windows 10 category.] So I bought a computer last month or so and I noticed that 2 of my games (War Thunder And DC Universe Online) often have a TDR failure. The crash is always for the same reason atikmpag.sys Thinking my Graphics drivers were out of date I...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Oddly low temps

    Hello, after an hour or so of battlefield 1 I checked my cpu temp whilst still in game. To my confusion I only had a cpu temp of 41 degrees C. Is this normal? I have been told 80 is the sweetspot, I did not personally build my system and is only a week old at this point I use - Ryzen 5 2600...
  13. FlatHeadPatrick

    GTX 1070Ti & i5 6600k

    The cpu is base clocked and I'm using a 1920x1080 monitor. Will these two work together?
  14. B

    New PC - i9 9900k or i7 9700k or i7 8700k or Ryzen 2700X or wait and build later

    Hi guys, I am in the market to upgrade my current PC and would appreciate some unbiased advice. I have already purchased a few things which I wanted such as a new case, a Fractal Design Define R6, a new AIO cooler, a Fractal design Celsius s24, and a power supply, Seasonic Prime Ultra 650w 80+...
  15. S

    Should I get new CPU?

    So I play Overwatch and I recently invested in a new GPU to up my frames. Mainly because i felt that running my old GPU at 150 fps capped wasnt enough - it was during team fights it could lose upto 30 fps which feels terrible. My setup - 144hz monitor CPU - I5 6600K clocked at 4.1 doesnt show...
  16. M

    PC booting for 20 seconds, turns off. Turns back on itself, Loops Need help bad

    Hi my PC yesterday out of nowhere just shut down. When I turned it on again, it just turned on for ~20 seconds and then shut down. 5 seconds later it turns back on and loops. I dont know if its my PSU because all the fans from the GPU to cpu and the Chassis fans all light up and work; however...
  17. A

    Ryzen 5 2400G too low temperatures?

    Before hand, I'd like to say that this is a more of a question thread. To start this off my PC specifications are: Ryzen 5 2400G @ 3.85GHz 1.35V (as im writing this) Stock Cooler 1 stick of Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 @ 3066MHz (stock 2667MHz) Vega 11 @ 1500MHz 1.2V MSI B350M-Gaming Pro Right...
  18. A

    Display Dell U2415 1920x1200 on HDMI ??

    I was reading U2415 User Guide In the resolution section I have the list of available resolutions.(page 13) . But I have 1920x1200 available only for DisplayPort but...
  19. M

    Only half the RAM usable - Ryzen

    System: CPU - Ryzen 2600 RAM - Ballistix Sport LT BLS8G4D26BFSE 8 GB Motherboard - MSI x370 Krait I have bought an additional 8 GB RAM which is detectable but not usable. Each RAM works separately. The RAM is installed in the correct channels. Latest Bios is installed. Removed the CPU...
  20. A

    Empires: Dawn of the Modern World won't run in Win10

    I'm trying to get an old Activision game, Empires Dawn of the Modern World, to run on my Windows 10 laptop. I'm sure I've seen it done in the past but I can't persuade it to work. I've tried running in Compatibility Mode for Win XP (Service Packs 2 & 3), Vista, 7 and 8 but none of those seem...
  21. G

    Overclocking my amd a8 5600k

    Guys can you help me overclock my a8 5600k, i can't do it by myself System specs: Amd a8 5600k 3.6ghz 4gb 1333mhz ddr3 Emx a70fm2+icafe mobo 120gb ssd *i have no graphics card
  22. S

    Stepping stone pc build help

    I want a gaming PC but I know I won't be able to save the ~700 dollars for a Ryzen 1600 and RX 580 8GB build at once. So my question is, would it be so bad to make a build with the Ryzen 2400g APU, and then separately save for the RX 580? Would the 2400g be good as a CPU once I get this discrete...
  23. Q

    Memory overclock results

    Hello guys, yesterday I overclocked my RAM to 2400mhz from 2133mhz with latency 15-15-15-36 with row refresh cycle time 278. My memory is crucial 2x4. I saw increase in PUBG so this wasn't pointless. Is cl15 good for 2400mhz or I should aim to lower it?
  24. S

    Msi GeForce 1060 6gb Low FPS in games

    Current Build: Cpu: Ryzen 5 1400 3.4ghz precision boost Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 4gb ddr4 Power Supply: EVGA 500w HDD: 1Tb WD Hard Drive Mobo: Asrock ab350m Pro4 Video Card: Msi Geforce gtx 1060 6gb Games played: Fortnite Overwatch I have the latest Nvidia drivers i have deleted the...
  25. V

    MSI EZ Debug LED

    Past two days I’ve been building my first pc setup. After everything was hooked up, everything powered up fine, but no display to monitor and the DRAM/CPU EZ Debug leds were flashing. Reading a forum, someone had said after removing both his RAM Modules, only his ram led remained solid, no...
  26. O

    Asus laptop possessed

    Okay so on March 22nd 2016 I purchased my daughter the Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch Laptop from Amazon. 2.1 GHz Core i3-5010U Processor 4 GB RAM 500 GB Hard Drive Windows 10 It performed perfectly for her web browsing and Minecraft playing. Almost a month ago now she started to get the blue...
  27. A

    2nd Gen Ryzen mobos

    Does the MSI b350 PC MATE motherboard have the updated bios yet? (out of the box)
  28. S

    8 Pin Pcie problem?

    Hello My friends upgrading his 1050 to a 970 but the version of the 970 he has takes an 8 Pin PCIE cable but the PC only has 2x 6 pin pcie adapters. Can he use one of those 6 to 8 pin pcie adapters? I understand 6 pin only gives 75 watts but will the 970 use the other 75 watts supplied by the...
  29. S

    M.2 not being detected in disk management

    i have the asus z370 e mother board A kingston ssd with drive letter c and a brand new WD m.2 that is being shown in bios, but not in disk managment My windows 10 and bios is up to date My m.2 and kingston ssd are both "c" drives and think this is the issue
  30. A

    Slightly better replacement for ATI HD5770

    Hello everyone, I have this pc for almost 10 years, and it ran with an ATI HD 5770 MSI variant since. Recently that graphic card stopped working and I started to look for a replacement, and that's where I would appreciate some help. I intend to just replace the graphics card in order to keep...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] MacBook pro booting to black screen

    I am currently working on MacBook pro that wasn't recognizing Wi-Fi networks. I removed the back of the laptop, disconnected the battery and separsted the screen so i could remove the network card and inspect it for any physical damage, which there was none. (I did this after trying multiple...
  32. B

    DxDiag showing different driver than installed.

    I have an Nvidia gtx 1080 ti, and installed the most recent drivers (397.31) two days ago. The windows driver updater and the driver properties both recognize 397.31 as the current installed driver. However, my DxDiag says that the driver was last updated June 26, 2017. I built this computer...
  33. M

    Two different cards. 4 monitors needed, not 3.

    Hello guys, I've decided to research a bit about multi-monitor setup and how to do it. So, I saw that I have a video card on my laptop which supports 4 active displays which is NVidia GeForce 920M. But my main graphich card, which I use while on desktop is the integrated card of INTEL® CORE...
  34. X

    Connection troubles after running a Disk Check

    Hey all, my brother has been having problems with staying connected to the internet after he ran a disk check last night. He can connect to a web page and such after unplugging and re-plugging the ethernet cable or disabling and re-enabling the network connection on his PC, but only for a few...
  35. B

    Looking to Upgrade CPU and RAM. Don't know what to upgrade to.

    I want to upgrade my Processor and Memory on my computer. I have a i5 6500 with 8gb of ram, a gtx 1060, ssd and hard drive. I want to upgrade to a i7 and as well as 16 gigs of ram. I plan to stream and record games as well. Can somebody help me as far as what CPU I should upgrade to. I have 600w...
  36. P

    I5 6600k slow help

    When I’m playing any game what so ever when I tab out and try and open up a browser it takes forever to load up anything and sometimes when I boot it up it stays at like 0.80ghz to 1.5ghz for some reason 1060 gtx 6gb Asus z170e mobo 1tb 8gb ram
  37. T

    xbox one s Inside computer case with computer ?

    Hi. i was wondering if it is possible to put a stripped down xbox one s inside the Phanteks ENTHOO MINI XL DS along with a ITX build and even water cool both systems in one loop ? i thought about this and was curious if it is even possible. thanks for any help.
  38. S

    is i5 7400 compatible with msi H110 pro motherboard??? Please answer

    i want to upgrade my motherboard and processor
  39. K

    To increase dedicated video memory

    I am using nvidia quadro k600 total graphics memory is 8gb dedicated video memory is 1gb how can i increase that dedicated video memory
  40. I

    help please help

    yo can someone help me, i have a gaming laptop, a lenovo legion y520, with an amd radeon rx 560, and it was running well, since most gaming laptops come with another chip, that being intel graphics, it hasnt been using the amd rx radeon. previously, ive been getting 150 fps on csgo, now like...