Question My PC is making a funky noise

Mar 11, 2019
This is going to sound really bizarre:

A few days ago i got mad (lol) and smacked my desk. I then heard a pretty nasty noise in my case. it was like a grinding, and it stopped after a few seconds, so i went on with my day. As they day went on, i got more and more afraid that i may off messed up my HDD. The PC was still running fine. I ran a chkdsk, and at 10% it got stuck for many hours. while it was stuck, there was this really weird high frequency sound coming from inside the case. (i linked the video down below) I decided to open the case and have a listen. The sound dint seem to come from the HDD, but rather the PSU! The sound only happens when im in chkdsk! Please help!
I don't know if its my HDD or my PSU