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  1. I

    [SOLVED] Mount 3.5" in 2.5"

    I'm attempting to upgrade my graphics card in a pre-built computer, and I opened up the PC to make sure a graphics card would physically fit. As you can see in the images, the CD ROM is very obviously in the way of a larger card, but I plan on removing it (never used it) to make room, which I'm...
  2. R

    Question How am I supposed to Initalise drives?

    I just today bought a new 2TB Seagate FireCuda drive, after connecting it up, loading up Disk Management and getting the prompt to intialise disk before use, I attempt to do so, only to have my cursor indicate background processing, have everything else on my PC start to freeze, and then be...
  3. D

    Question Windows 10 Blue Screen on HP Pavilion x360

    Okay this laptop was not mine, it is a friends who's business gave it to him to use for work. It's blue screening and the family owned and operated company gave me full permission to try and fix it. The original problem was that it was constantly blue screening with the error, "page fault in...
  4. shadowXXe

    Question PC not booting when i install a second HDD

    Hi everyone so my dad was having some trouble with his hard drive so I offered to take a look only to find that my pc refused to post/boot when the HDD was plugged in I tried to remove sata data to see if it still wouldn't boot but this time it did boot I'm honestly at a loss I have never seen...
  5. alexxN00

    Question Cloned an HDD to an SSD woth windows, both don't work now

    Hi everyone, i'm having an issue with my laptop harddrives where i cloned the main harddrive which is a HDD to an SSD for better performance. I followed this tutorial on how to do this: View: https://youtu.be/7H7D1HcfY9o Now my laptop won't boot into either harddrive, it seems as if both...
  6. S

    samsung sv8004h hard drive

    samsung sv8004h hard drive. Best way to extract content? I bought an external enclosure but doesn't connect properly to the hard drive. Cheers
  7. W

    Question Toshiba 2tb external hdd Dead

    Hello! I have a Toshiba DTP220 hard drive that has stopped working. There are no lights or sounds when you plug it in. I have tried 4 cables, 3 computers/ laptops, and the Eases software doesn’t work as the laptop doesn’t detect the drive. I have gone to device manager and turned off auto power...
  8. duraszess

    Question What would be a good PC build for digital artists?

    What would be a good (insert list of computer component/software/peripheral that will be listed below) for a digital artist working for a video game company and if you can, please explain why it would be suitable. List: -processor -ram -hard drive -graphics card -monitor/screen -printer...
  9. C

    Question Internal HDD detected by BIOS and Device Manager, but not by Disk Management

    I have an SSD that I use for Windows and games, and a new Seagate HDD that I plan to use for extra storage (both bought together for my PC build), but only the SSD is detected in Disk Management. The HDD is detected in BIOS and in Device Manager, but I have no way of accessing or using it. Any...
  10. Konstantop13

    Question Why my internal hard drive disconnects automatically?

    The hard drive disconnects itself whenever trying to open any file inside it and after a few seconds automatically reconnects. View: https://imgur.com/a/WjUJgYJ (RAM is running in 1600MHz)
  11. N

    Question Issues with formating new hard drive

    So my desktop recently crashed and kept having a windows loop error. I ran a systems diagnosis and the hard drive failed the Short DST check. I figured I needed a new hard drive. I bought a new hard drive today and successfully put it in. I had the windows ISO file installed on a USB drive...
  12. K

    Question Trouble using old laptop HDD as another HDD on my desktop

    Hello! I've had very successful experience in seeking help from experts on Tom's Hardware, so my current problem led me back here. :) I recently purchased an SSD for my laptop and successfully transferred my OS onto the new SSD. This left me with the old 1TB laptop HDD with all the windows and...
  13. B

    Question Stuck on BIOS Splash with SSD plugged in

    After shutting down yesterday, I attempted to boot up and PC is stuck at the ASUS Bios splash screen. I cannot go into BIOS with delete. Completely stuck. After troubleshooting (check connections, reset CMOS/take battery out, check all RAM), I am able to get the PC past the splash screen with...
  14. T

    Question SATA/SAS HDD Connector

    Coming here out of relative inexperience. I have recently bought a hard drive on eBay advertised as a 2TB SATA II 7.2K RPM HDD. Most of this seems to check out upon receiving it, except for one thing. When I went to connect it, I realized that neither cable was able to connect to it because the...
  15. S

    Question My hard drive uses 100% on idle

    My hard drive runs almost at 100% on idle So my question to you guys is. Do I have to get a new hard drive/SSD or is there a way to fix it
  16. P

    Question Changing setting on inaccessable control panel

    We've got a computer running XP that we use as a photo kiosk. The kiosk software is password protected to prevent access to the operating system. An error has occurred with the printer setting and to look at it I need access to the control panel. The problem is the company that supplied the...
  17. nostalgia02

    Question Windows 10 BSOD (Unexpected Store Exception) related to hard drive?

    I'm gonna make this a quick question. lately i have been receiving a Blue screen error, two in fact unexpected store exception and memory management thing, i'm not sure what you call it but lets leave it like that. so anyways here is the scenario. i was using an outdated version of windows 10...
  18. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Do VMs benefit alot from SSDs?

    Hello! So, I made a few VMs, one Windows 7, One Ubuntu 18.10, and the other, Windows 8.1. All of them boot up fine. But they have slow performance. I'm not sure why (I don't run them at the same time) I give each of them 4 Gb of RAM, 2 Cores and around 100 mb of video memory. I just can't...
  19. A

    Question Is this a PSU or Hard disk problem?

    I am not sure if it is a hard disk issue or PSU? I have to do multiple restarts to start my desktop daily? When I look closely, I see the hard disk led is not flickering post bios screen. After couple of restarts, it eventually starts the Windows 10 and now I see the LED's flickering...
  20. CBHPwnz

    Question Motherboard will only detect SSD, no HDD at all

    Recently upgraded Motherboard/Ram/CPU/Case In previous motherboard, I had two Hard Drives, and an SSD, that were all being recognized as their own Drive Path Letter, (No Raid Setup or anything just connected and allocated on Disk Management) But now, on my new setup, the ONLY drive that...