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    Question Drive permissions issue causing lost files and access issues

    On Win11 after doing a windows update (1 security update installed) I restarted my computer to find my main external storage drive was not accessible and the icon was a white sheet of paper instead of the drive icon. I could not eject it at first - it said it was in use by something. After...
  2. T

    Question Upgrading a personal computer - What hard drive should I install ?

    I would like to upgrade my desktop computer, which currently has a conventional mechanical Hard Drive of 1TB. I am considering installing an SSD hard drive. Would a 500GB SSD be sufficient, or should I opt for a 1TB SSD? What type of SSD hard drive should I choose? I have come across two...
  3. G

    Question Why is my drive showing strange in Computer Management

    Windows 10 - brand new Toshiba X300 8TB hard drive. I connect it to my computer via USB connector and this is what I see...it's removeable F: What do I need to do so my windows computer will see it and I can save to it? https://ibb.co/sv3f4G7
  4. mzama.mzama

    Question what hdd should i buy

    hi i want to get a new hdd for storage my media files and some important stuff and maybe gaming there is wd red (nas) wd blue both of them has the same price , speed, size, cash and cmr red has 1 year more warranty so what should i buy for my desktop
  5. SegraveZ

    Question Question about drive partitions ?

    Hi, around 30 minutes ago, one of my hdd started making grinding sounds so i decided to unplug it from the pc, i didn t knew which one was making that noise so i decided to unplug them separately until the sound is gone. So, my drives are partitioned as follows : SSD : C: 250 gb HDDs: E and F...
  6. username_greg

    Question Upgrading laptop SSD, need advice please

    Just bought a new Dell XPS 15 (9520) with the specs indicated below. I deliberately didn't spring for the upgraded hard drive as Dell wanted close to $300 to get to a 2tb drive and so I'm going to buy one and upgrade myself - very comfortable with opening laptops etc. My question is about which...
  7. T

    Question How to replace my old HDD with a new HDD?

    Hi. I want to replace my old HDD with a new HDD (not SDD). How to do that? Thanks!
  8. H

    [SOLVED] Upgrading main C drive on Dell OptiPlex 9020: hard drive or SSD? And if the latter, which one?

    I have a Dell OptiPlex 9020 (running Windows 10) with a 250 GB hard drive. I want to upgrade to either 1 TB or 2 TB, and am unsure as to whether I should get a hard drive or a SSD. I understand that SSDs are quicker and can speed up the system, but as I run my computer virtually 24/7, I'm...
  9. AiNot555

    [SOLVED] Very slow HDD writing speed and constant freezing

    Hello! I've been having an issue with my HDD (Model Name: WDC WD10EZEX-00BBHA0) and this problem has been happening constantly since I have bought the HDD. The problem with the hard drive is that it constantly freezes when it writes pretty much anything, during the writing process the HDD stays...
  10. bimbawzsvk

    Question One NAS drive works properly, other appears empty

    Hi im running NAS server on Rpi 3b, with 2 drives connected, one of them is browsable and possible to work with files, other one appears empty.. i use plex and open media vault with it, and both drives use the same settings and are formatted NTFS.. any ideas whats going on? files are visible on...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] hard disk partition is not accessible

    hello, I have an ASUS TUF gaming laptop I bought back in 2019. Processor AMD Ryzen7 with 16GB Ram, 64bit. I am using Windows10 Home. My harddisk is 2TB and partitioned as C: for 500GB and D: 1.5TB. D: is where all my files, folder and data is. 2 days ago I saw one of my new folders...
  12. W

    Question Penguin server won't boot after swapping failed hard drive in RAID 6

    So I have a Penguin Relion 1900 1U rack mounted server running CentOS 7 that recently had a hard disk failure. It had 4 hard drives configured in RAID 6. To replace the failed HDD, I powered off the machine, swapped the failed one with a new drive of the same size (4TB) and powered on the...
  13. M

    Question [HELP] Where to install 3.5inch Seagate HDD into Antec DF800 Flux Mid-Tow Case?

    I have tried installing my 3.5-inch Hard drive into the bay that comes with the case on the back side (only 1). However, it does not seem to be aligning with any of the screw holes, and the case did not come with an HDD/SSD Cage or additional bays. Everything else is installed except the HDD...
  14. B

    Question STRIX-E Z790 motherboard is not detecting SATA hard drives in new build

    Hi all, First time visitor and poster to these forums. I'm at a complete loss on this one. I have done a fresh build with a Asus ROG STRIX-E Z790 motherboard., PSU is Thermaltake 1650 Toughpower GF3 PSU and a 13th gen processer. I have 3 NVME drives installed which were detected with no...
  15. G

    Question Installed new hard drive, now USB and HDMI ports are not receiving power

    So, as the title says: I installed a new hard drive in my HP desktop and now the USB and HDMI ports are not receiving any power, meaning my monitor is not receiving any signal. I confirmed this by plugging in my USB mouse into all the ports, the ones on the back panel and the ones connected to...
  16. Padddyy

    Question Potentially broken HDD ?

    I am getting random studdering while gaming, I have all the drivers installed, but my HDD makes a funny rattling/scratching sound. Here is a volume boosted recording of it, so ignore the fan sound, also maybe turn volume up a llittle...
  17. G

    Question Best Software To Check If Hard Drive Is Failing

    What is an easy to use and reliable software to run that will tell you if your drive is failing? I have a laptop that has two internal drives, and I'd like to check if one or both are failing. No signs that they are, but they are older drives that have been worked to death.
  18. Yosef Marcera

    [SOLVED] Old HDD Remaining Lifetime is 82 Days

    My PC is still running with an old Seagate drive (ST31000524AS) that I have been using since 2013 as the main storage drive. I have been monitoring the health of my drives using HDSentinel, particularly the old 1TB drive, and it has reached the point where its estimated remaining lifetime is now...
  19. G

    Question How To Clone A Hard Drive

    I have. a laptop that the drive is clicking when booting up, def a bad sign! I am wanting a way to clone this drive to a new drive w/o over working the drive to death. Should I use something like Macrium Reflect? I know that requires the drive to be powered on and in windows? Is there a...
  20. InTakeYT1

    Question HDD shows up in BIOS but not in Windows ?

    I have my windows installed on my NVMe SSD and my HDD doesn't show up in Windows (disk management, device manager, etc) but does show in BIOS. To get my HDD to show in Windows I have to boot into BIOS and exit out and then my HDD shows in Windows (file explorer, etc). Normal boot up without...
  21. E

    Question Windows BSOD after update and now drives either not showing or are at 0/0 bytes free.

    Windows 10 updated and restarted automatically while i was at work. i came home and was able to log in and after 2 minutes everything started freezing up and i got a BSOD. I did not record the error code as i thought this was a one off crash. When i tried to boot again i got sent to the...
  22. Q

    [SOLVED] Computer runs much smoother after removing hard drive

    So I have been playing games like Fortnite Valorant and r6 but then suddenly one day they were very laggy. I checked task manager and it said that my disk was at 100% while running the games, and I thought this was weird because the games were not on my hard drive but on another SSD. But just to...
  23. F

    Question Computer is significantly faster when I removed hard drive?

    So I have been playing games like Fortnite Valorant and r6 but then suddenly one day they were very laggy. I checked task manager and it said that my disk was at 100% while running the games, and I thought this was weird because the games were not on my hard drive but on another SSD. But just...
  24. F

    Question Hard Drive Failure Help 2TB

    Hello, I did not expect to be posting to this forum or any forum however I have encountered some unfortunate circumstances. Recently my Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB drive got the click of death. I ordered another drive of the same model only a year newer. 2016 vs 2017. I replaced my read write head...
  25. aryanmirdha10

    Question Drives not recognized in BIOS ?

    So, long story short, my PC was working perfectly fine until my PSU got fried by high voltage. After 6 months of not using my PC bought new one but now a new problem is there. I started the PC and instead of loading up Windows normally it says "Enter a valid bootable media". And also my BIOS...
  26. triangleBoi

    Question Throwing hard drive fixed it

    I have a 500 GB HDD, and was using it last night. I unplugged it and I slept. Today I tried to used it and plugged it. It was making a noise every 4-5 seconds or so. Then I thinked to myself, let me try throwing it. And I did, and it fixed it. It works now. Any idea why?
  27. Royvds

    [SOLVED] HDD Makes weird noise (not ticking)

    I've got a WD Red Plus 2TB in my PC, which is making a strange noise frequent and irregularly. Though, only when it is actually doing something (it's a second harddrive). E.g. when I'm just playing games off my SSD I won't hear it at all. Only when writing or reading files. However, it's not...
  28. ClassV

    [SOLVED] PC freezes if no processes are running, needs to be rebooted

    I've had this problem for a while, and it seemed to stop itself, although now it has come back in the past couple days a bit more consistently. Basically if I don't have a game, discord, or a video/stream playing, my computer runs the chance of just freezing all my screens and needing to be...
  29. J

    Question Advice on SATA HDD to USB adaptor

    Hi, I’m currently using a notebook, but there are a few files on my previous computer’s HDD that I need. I have searched countless sites, and either they don’t have one (not even Curry’s PC World to my shock), or I’m just not sure if it’s right for my HDD. I have a Western Digital Black Sata...
  30. klakshan25

    [SOLVED] My NEW Seagate HDD Seek Error Rate Suddenly "60 From 100

    1,Raw Read Error Rate,6,69,69,OK,0000007133AA,0,Enabled 3,Spin Up Time,0,99,98,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled 4,Start/Stop Count,20,100,100,OK,000000000048,0,Enabled 5,Reallocated Sectors Count,10,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled 7,Seek Error Rate,45,60,60,OK,00000010A98D,0,Enabled...
  31. JustDom04

    Question HDD causing weird issues

    my pc was running slow one day and then I decided to reboot it then it would not boot up then i tried multiple things and found out when I have the HDD plugged in my pc stops working, when I plug in the power SATA cable, while the pc is booted into windows, the pc blue screens and tries to...
  32. C

    Question How to change HDD letter back

    Hi there. I took out the main Hard drive (C: from my older PC and connected it to my new PC. It did not open but was seen in DISK MANAGEMENT. I then realised that it would not open because it had previously been assigned the letter C:. So there was a conflict between the old C: hard drive and...
  33. rielle1

    Question fixed my bricked pc, but now my drives are dead(?)

    hello, recently i posted a thread about my bricked pc and how i was struggling to get it to boot. thread here if you want to read it: (TLDR: healthy pc died out of nowhere, replaced half of my pc before i got it to work, turns out my GPU and PCIE cable were fried)...
  34. T0xicsaurus

    Question MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX II AM4 AMD B450 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard

    Hello everyone! God i really hope I'm not noobing here, but i have installed 3 pcs in the past, so i like to think I have decent knowledge. I've installed this pc and i noticed when i did that there was only 2 sata ports to use for the data cable that you plug into the hard drives. This...
  35. ditrate

    Question Is there harm from phone or watch vibration?

    I was holding my switched off external drive, while notifications on my watch bring vibration. My question is, is there gonna be physical damage from such a vibration?
  36. J

    Question Half of my files suddenly disappeared on TV when accessing external hard drive ?

    I have been using the media player built in TV app for many years now to access the same external hard drive which would show all files without any issues until 2 days ago when I went into it and around 80 percent of the files no longer show. I checked the hard drive on computer and through a...
  37. Partikall

    [SOLVED] How do I get my hard drive out of the sliding tray?

    I'm trying to move my hard drive to my new case and its stuck in the tray that I assume came with my old case. How on earth do I get it out? https://ibb.co/xMJqT6s
  38. TheFlash1300

    Question Is this SSD compatible with my laptop?

    This is the information about the SSD I use currently: View: https://imgur.com/a4iO35C This is the information from Speccy: WDC PC SN520 SDAPNUW-256G-1014 (SSD) Manufacturer: Western Digital Interface/Connector: SATA 1.5 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector Interface: Unknown Capacity: 238 GB...
  39. D

    Question Recover Data from a non-standard HDD ?

    I have an old Alps Hard drive that I want to try and recover the data. The problem is that there is only a 26-pin connector and no separate connector for power. The hard drive came out of a Yamaha C1/20 Music computer. I believe that the power was routed to hard drive differently than what is...
  40. A

    Question PC freezes when accessing second internal SSD

    (Windows 10) I recently got a WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD for additional storage and installed it, currently has ~260 gigs of video files on it. Whenever I'm viewing the files in file explorer, it freezes my entire PC and I have to restart it. I thought it was a corrupted file, ran the SFC /Scannow...