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  1. B

    Question 6TB external hard drive keeps getting unallocated

    I recently bought a WD Black 6TB Performance Internal Hard Drive: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0792GSD6N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 And it keeps getting unallocated when I turn the external HDD hub on or off (although sometimes it doesn't get unallocated), so it no...
  2. H

    Question Broken Hard Drive?

    Some time ago I tried to install windows 7 on a HDD. Somehow I think i broke it. Now if I try to install windows 10 on it , it takes very long to load the instalation( preparation phase ) and now I see that the it doesn't even see the HDD when creating partitions, it says "We couldn’t find any...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Unpartiotining the disk Windows is on

    This might be a weird and dumb question so bear with me. My computer got fixed by a computer technician a few months ago because it was not turning on, but after it got back to me, my HDD had two partitions, a C: and D: drive. It's set up so that all my old files [which is approximately 600GB]...
  4. T

    Question Failing hard drive or is this normal?

    My hard drive has been making a rhythmic click every 5 or so seconds since ive gotten it but have had no problems with it. I ran crystaldiskmark and heres the results, is it normal or on its way out? The clicking sound went away while i was running the test. Ive had the drive for about a few...
  5. A

    Question HDD (D:) was missing, found it disabled in Device Manager but I never disabled it. Why? Should I be worried?

    I never disabled it manually and I don't recall ever updating my windows recently if that matters. I've noticed it missing today while trying to open CS:GO. Last time I played CS:GO was yesterday. Saw my HDD in BIOS which made me think the cable wasn't loose or anything. I'm fairly a rookie at...
  6. S

    Question Gaming using external hard drive with a faulty internal hard drive.

    Hi, I'm using Dell g5 with 8gb ram, i7 processor, gtx 1050ti and OS on 128gb ssd. My laptop's internal hard drive got corrupted few months ago showing bad sectors. My laptop's performance reduced from then on. So I've been playing csgo and gta 5 using an external hard drive having 5400rpm...
  7. iamjudebot

    [SOLVED] Can you build a PC with all new components except for the hard drive

    We currently have this HP ProDesk pre-built as a server and it needs upgrading. Could i take the hard drive from it and put into a new system? i'm willing to buy a new windows key for it i just need the configuration and files to be exactly the same because i dont want to mess up the networking...
  8. S

    Question New USB 3.0 external hard drive only working on USB 3.0 ports

    I got a new external hard drive and tried it on my pc with 2.0 ports, but it didn't recognize the hard drive and the hard drive started making clicking noises. However, when I plugged the hard drive into my laptop with 3.0 ports, it worked. I tried getting a USB hub, but it didn't fix...
  9. Question How to clean the corroded contact pads on the hard drive pcb?

    I took out the PCB of one of my hard drive which is not getting detected just to check whether there's any burned caps or chip and I found some corrosion/rust on the contact pads which makes the contacts with hard drive. I have uploaded the picture for the reference. How can I clean the...
  10. Avik Basu

    Question Need advice on SSD

    I want to upgrade the storage of my system and this is the first time I'm touching SSD so I need advice on it. I want to get the Crucial MX500 1TB for my primary drive and I wanted to know if the M.2 one is compatible with my motherboard. If it is then is it better to get the M.2 or the 2.5...
  11. каран

    Question Hard Drive PCB

    Hey everyone, I’m trying to recovering data off of an old hard drive. I’ve tried every software solution and while some seem to work it took 24hrs to recover 8GB. I checked online and there seems to be frequent pcb board issues with this particular model. So I removed that and found no burn...
  12. P

    Question New Hard Drive and it has a weird noise.

    So, I just got a new hard drive to replace my old one. The new hard drive is a seagate compute 2 TB (ST2000DM008). I hear a weird noise when I play games off the hard drive and I'm wondering if it's normal or not. I checked S.M.A.R.T and there aren't any warnings though.
  13. Jay_dog

    [SOLVED] Best HDD for Plex Server?

    I am going to get a different HDD than I have right now for my Plex server. Which would be the best HDD in this situation? I run the Plex server off my main PC not a NAS. I am going for 3-4TB. NAS, Surveillance, or regular storage HDD?
  14. X

    Question Data D won't show up

    Hi, good day! I'm currently having problems with my Data D in my laptop. My laptop is an ROG Hero Strix GL503G. All of my games are located in the D drive and so I was playing Apex Legends one day then the game would suddenly hang and then quit. I noticed that I wasn't able to access the games'...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Is Seagate/Adata any good?

    Hi, I want to know if Seagate or Adata drives are good. I've seen a lot of bad reviews about Seagate having bad build quality, which seems very possible considering the cheap price, and a lot of mixed reviews about Adata SSDs. So, are they any good? I used a Seagate hard drive as my C: from 2015...
  16. S

    Question My Hard Drive Letters Changed (And It Wasnt Me Who Changed Them)

    I have 4 drives, which I spent time setting up as c/d/e/f about 8 months ago. Just now noticed that a shortcut wasnt working. When I investigated, I noticed that my drives had been renamed c/e/f/z but it wasnt me who changed them. Any idea what could have caused this? Or what's going on...
  17. consptheory77

    Question Can I use a M2 NVME PCIe Adapter with the Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 ?

    I know some variation of this question has probably been asked before, but I want to ask afresh so I don't get confused. I understand enough about CPUs and RAM and even PSUs, built my own desktop but I remain perpetually confused about PCI and lanes. I have a SSD as the boot drive. I want...
  18. Salternative

    [SOLVED] External HDD Not Showing Up

    I am trying to get an external WD Green WD10EZRX HDD to show up on my Gateway M285-e Laptop running Windows 7 using a RUIZHI USB 3.0 to SATA III Adapter Cable. When I plug it in nothing shows up under My Computer, Disk Management, or Device Manager. I tried it on another laptop as well running...
  19. R

    Question SSDs and Monitor Disconnecting

    A few days ago my PV BSoD with Critical Process Died, and my monitors keep disconnecting and reconnecting. I ignored the issue until today when Firefox crashed and could not be reopened due to the hard drive not being read (Firefox is on a different SSD than my default SSD with windows). I...
  20. KillerOfOld

    Question Storage but actually no storage

    So I just deleted 33 GB of stuff off of my internal hard drive on my laptop, but it says that my free space is exactly the same. What do I do?