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  1. M

    [SOLVED] 2070S+Ryzen 5 3600 good?

    Hello! Check my build that I'm going to buy please! is it ok? I need some expert's thoughts, I would be very grateful! The only game I play is Fortnite. I want sometimes record my screen (1080 60fps) while playing recording on CPU. All setings low just want to get good framerate as much as...
  2. aeromaster03

    [SOLVED] Second hand parts

    So I’m building on a budget and have seen some second hand parts going, what parts are okay to buy second hand and what should I advoid and buy new? Thansk in advance.
  3. S

    Question Which motherboard should I use?

    I have two motherboards and I can't find a clear answer on whats a better pick My first motherboard is a Lenovo CIP67M, my other is an ASUS P8P67 The GPU will be a RX 580 Sapphire 8gb The CPU is an overclocked i5 2500k
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Screen Freezing Issues

    I have a HP Pavilion all in one pc that I am having trouble playing (the golf club 2019) My question: Is my system good enough to play this game. Problem: Game screen will freeze on a screen. After it freezes I am still able play the game even though the screen is froze. Other players that I am...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] pc upgrade time?

    ive had my digital storm pc forabout 3 years now and its been a great experience. My question, is it time to upgrade or is it time for a new machine all together? i have the money saved up and was just curious your thoughts. pc specs are: I7 5930 k 4.0 ghz six core ASUS X99 DELUX x99 chipset...
  6. R

    New Computer Case suggestions

    hey guys i have a raidmax case that I brought back in 2014 for my build, i have a modular power supply and the cable managemnt is terrible. I am looking to buy a new case for around 90-120 but im looking for rgb anyone have any suggestins
  7. F

    Should I upgrade? If so, what should i upgrade? 970 gaming motherboard with nvidia 1060 gpu. 8 gb g.skill ripjaws ddr3 ram 1tb hdd 250 gb ssd. AMD fx 6200 3.8 ghz 6 core cpu This was my first build. I play destiny 2 on lowest settings and am experiencing low frame rates. Becomes unplayable...
  8. M

    AMD dual Graphics

    I have: Dell Vostro 3905 with AMD A10-7800 installed 2x4gb Kingston hyperX 1866mhz memory installed Radeon R7 250 GDDR5 1GB graphics card My question is can i use dual graphics on these specifications? I am doubtful that my mobo does not support dual graphics Please help!
  9. T

    Potential Power Supply Issue

    I have a corsair 620 watt modular power supply (maybe 8 years old) on my pretty standard setup. Its been running fine since I built it, but after letting it sit for a couple months I came to power it up and it'll begin to power up but then shut off (after about 2-3 secs) and then will power on...
  10. G

    asusx551m not turning on

    With old battery,had problems charging,then it wouldn't charge,so bought new battery,again wouldn't charge,both batteries let me sue laptop until they died,now laptop is dead,is the problem the cord or jack,or could it be something else?thanx for any help Gneal
  11. C

    Gaming pc problems

    Here's my situation. I have a Toshiba Satellite p50-b laptop It's very capable, but since i'm playing a lot of games, it has started to show signs of over-stress (occasional crashes, display faults, etc.) My solution is to separate my work and play to two different computers. Get a...
  12. kewlguy239

    Lenovo Debuts New ThinkVision Displays, ThinkPad Docks

    Lenovo announced a new pair of ThinkVision displays, in addition to ThinkPad USB-C and ThunderBolt 3 Docks. Lenovo Debuts New ThinkVision Displays, ThinkPad Docks : Read more
  13. M

    AMD a4 6300, what videocard do i need?

    Specs: CPU: AMD a4 6300 8gb of memory 700w of psu What video card do u recommend? Is it okay to get a GTX 1050ti?
  14. C

    Error When Installing Realtek Audio Driver

    Hello guys I posted yesterday because I was installing a motherboard for the first time and have had more than 10 problems until now which all got solved. It seems though that the last problem is the biggest one. This post will be long because I want to explain everything in detail...
  15. Deadran

    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD Please help! Been stuck for a week HAVE DMP FILES

    What would you need from the event viewer to help me? I've reinstalled win10 multiple times and I weren't able to fix anything, I've tested my hdd, ram, cpu, gpu etc for problems but they all seem to work, driver issue? I don't know exactly, please help! Thank you in advance!
  16. A

    how do i fix a computer screen with horozontal and verticle lines

    my screen has no cursor. I have horizontal and verticle lines that won't go away.what can I do?
  17. S

    Topre Delivers Variable Actuation, Cherry-Compatible Sliders On RealForce RGB Keyboard

    Topre's next keyboard will have switches with variable actuation points, Cherry MX-compatible stems, and RGB lighting. Topre Delivers Variable Actuation, Cherry-Compatible Sliders On RealForce RGB Keyboard : Read more
  18. V

    CM Hyper 212 Evo vs Thermaltake Frio Silent 14

    Hello everyone,I was wondering what cooler is better for OC-ing my FX 6300 to around 4.3-4.5,the Frio,or the 212, in my country they are very similarly priced,so what Cooler will provide better cooling and lower temps?
  19. H

    4gb ram installed but only 2gb usable

    hi guys.. my wife have an old laptop (asphire 4741g) with 2gb ram and recently i helped her bought and installed another 2gb ram which is total 4gb ram both 10600. but after installed.. the system showing 4.00gb (2.00gb usable).. tried maximize memory in msconfig but still shows the same...
  20. D

    can or cannot?

    i have msi 970 gaming board and my gpu is gtx 970 and i want to add gtx 550 ti for triple monitor . .i want to gaming on my gtx 970 and de other 2 for browsing . . can i? and my processor is fx 6300 4,2 ghz