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  1. Irreverent Trash

    Question Can I completely setup a gaming PC on a TV?

    I'm getting a gaming PC soon and I want to use my TV for it, but I'm thinking that since I'm using my TV for it I wont be able to enter BIOS or anything on it. Does it matter if I use a TV or a monitor when it comes to displaying the BIOS?
  2. H

    PSU connector missing pin

    Just received my custom cables for my PSU and the atx 24 pin connector is missing pin #2 the 3.3v connection. Is this a problem or does it matter. The original PSU cable had the pins. This is being used on a gigabyte gaming 9. The PSU is evga supernova 1000g3.
  3. P

    PC not displaying option to boot into BIOS and won't boot from USB install media?

    Hi, My computer when launched will not give me the option to boot into BIOS and even when i press the correct key to boot BIOS it still does not launch. I purchased a Windows 10 Product Key, made a bootable flash drive and was going to install it. But i removed my other HDD with windows 8.1 and...
  4. S

    Half of my video files have disappeared

    Hello Half of my video files have disappeared leaving all sub folders intact but empty! The disappearance has happened to my files from A-M everything below that is all there! Some of the empty folders still have their subtitle files so not everything in the folders has gone! I have tried to...
  5. X

    Moving my current HDD to a new system

    Hi everyone! So I got a good HDD in my current build, but I plan to build a completely new gaming rig. Honestly I don't want to have to pay for Windows 8.1 again..... so will Windows work if I carry over this current hard drive or do I HAVE to buy windows 8/10 again? On a side note I am buying...
  6. jopo

    is this a good build to choose?

    ok, i have been thinking on getting a pc a while now, i want to be able to play stuff like dragon age inquisition, witcher 3 and fallout 4 if it comes out at high to max settings with stable over 30 fps. will these components work well together as a medium budget type build. also i want to make...