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  1. M

    Question Some fans that will fit

    Hello all, i have a dell inspiron 3670 desktop and i got a cooler last week and it doesnt fit, does anyone know of some small coolers that are compatible with my mobo? Thanks
  2. N

    Question Ram slots doesnt work.

    Hi there people! I've got a problem. Recently i bought the second-hand pc. Everything worked fine for just one day, but the next day I woke up and turned on my pc, the pc wont boot at all, it just repeatedly booting, and it just loops, Pc fans and lights turns on, but display and mouse wont...
  3. LordMikeus

    [SOLVED] Advice for upgrading CPU+Cooler and Motherboard

    Hey. I currently have a bottleneck for my CPU and I'm very aware of it. I'm hoping to upgrade very soon (Today if I had a clue) and I've noticed the 10 series for intel processors. I also know I need a motherboard that can hold whatever new CPU I get. I'm hoping to get to a point where I can...
  4. rounakr94

    Question Can excess cpu cooler pressure cause bad voltages?

    As stated in the title, I had an aftermartket cooler attached on my mobo, I then changed it for a wraith stealth cooler and suddenly the voltages are back to normal. The problem with the aftermarket tower cooler was that its metal clips were too fkin tight and I had to exert a lot of pressure to...
  5. M

    Question New cooler for a 1080ti (Asus GTX 1080ti ROG Strix 11gb)

    Hello guys, so my friends 1080ti has started making noise coming from the fans. He wants to get a new cooler for his GPU but I'm not too familiar with fans/coolers for GPUs so I need one recommended which would be ideal for this card. We looked at the Artic Accelero Xtreme IV, but before he...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Is this Aio compatible with the Kraken G12?

    Cooler: Double Question: Is there any significant difference between the AIO listed above and this cooler
  7. H

    Question What Motherboard / CPU Cooler would pair well with an Intel Core I7- 8700K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor?

    Im upgrading with sufficient PSU and Im just wondering what is a decent motherboard and Cooler for this I7 CPU. I dont need anything special, just decent standard recommendations as I haven't really put this many parts together before. With that being said Im open to personal recommendations...
  8. MattixNow

    Question Jerky CPU Fan - Cooler Master Hyper TX3

    Hello i got a problem with my CPU fan Cooler Master Hyper TX3i, the fan isn't constant, it's jerky. How can i repair this ? Here is a video of my fan :
  9. M

    Question Will this cooler fit in my case and motherboard?

    I got a be quiet dark rock pro 4 and it doesnt fit in my case, will a cooler master hyper 212 evo fit in my case and motherbaord? i have a dell inspirion 3670 with a gtx 1050ti and a m.2 ssd. Thanks
  10. I

    Question Corsair H100i, USB 2.0 problem

    Hello, I recently bought the « Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler » pair with a « AMD motherboard X570 Phantom Gaming 4 ». I noticed (totally my bad there) that this cooler has a USB 2.0 cable and unfortunately my MOBO only has one USB 2.0 port that is already used. I am...
  11. M

    Question Cooler not fitting in case

    Hello all, i recently got a be quiet dark rock 4, i currenlt have a dell inspirion 3670 and the cooler is too big it doesnt fit, is there any way to help this, are they are exention panels for the side of the computer? Thanks
  12. S

    Question Windows error when launching

    So my motherboard is gigabyte H110M-S2H I had an i3 6320 but I bought an i5 6600k and installed it, when installing it two of my cpu fan pins came off and I put it in anyways after I launched it after putting in the cpu it would get past the windows screen then crash and say there’s an error...
  13. Llangu

    Question Fan control and more

    Hello good people. I'm a bit scared about my new pc temps. 40-50c idle) I just bought a gigabyte x570 aorus pro mobo, a corsair H150i pro cooler and a 3900x cpu. I would like to know if there's any app to control the fans, I have that cooler plus two separated fans. My old pc had an Asus...
  14. d1versify

    Question Screen goes black and i hear a weird sound coming for the cpu cooler

    Hello. Today I used a vacuum to clean my PC. Now sometimes the screen goes black, everything seems to be working, but i hear a strange sound coming out from the cpu cooler... What could it be?
  15. H

    Question nh d15 help

    Hey everyone, I bought a bunch of new parts for a build and got a new motherboard as well which is the z390 aorus ultra. However, I also got an nh-d15 for cooling but that thing will not mount no matter what I do. In all the videos I see of it, the heatsink mounts with very little force and just...
  16. Camfred30

    Question Prism Wraith Cooler RGB Software CRASH

    i just got a ryzen 3700x and i have installed it fine, i only put in the usb cable and not the rgb one due to the software being online so i didnt need it. The software works fine its just that when i change the outerline of my cooler colour to static white the software crashes. i managed to...
  17. T

    Question Best option for cooler?

    Asking for a best option for my PC because when I'm playing a game with multiple client like 4client or more of this game my temperature is rising to 85°C well i have 4 clients that's normal but i'm worried about my CPU temperature . what is the best option for my cpu fan ? Air cooler or Cooling...
  18. S

    Question Cpu 45-55c at idle, but goes up to 85c while gaming.

    I recently changed cpu from a G2130 to a I5-2400, cleaned dust and changed thermal paste, but while the old G2130 used to have a 35-45 idle and a 60C max temp this one sits at 40-55 idle but goes up to 85 while i'm gaming, i tried to render in blender with the CPU at full load and it hit 99c...
  19. lmssbk

    Question MasterLiquid 240L RGB missing 4 pin connector / adapter

    I recently purchased a MasterLiquid 240L RGB while about to connect the 3 way splutter to the RGB controller I noticed I was missing one of the 4 pin adapters / connector (unsure of the name, linked it below). I was wondering how do I go about installing this without one or getting a...
  20. S

    Question Is there a better aio cooling than the Kraken X62?

    I do own a X62 but it's very noisy lately, I'm afraid that it's lifecycle it's coming to its end, and I would like to know what is the most suitable cooler for replacing it. I have seen the Z63, but I would like to hear from you what is the cooler that you consider better than the X62. Thanks!