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  1. R

    Question CM Hyper TX3 evo still holds temperatures in 2021 ?

    Hi , I am planning to buy the AMD R5 3600 , and I am currently using an AMD a8 6600k over the years with a CM hyper tx3 evo cooler and the cpu never reached to more than 55ºc for as long I have it. The R5 3600 with my actual cpu cooler will be fine too ? My actual case is a NOX coolbay sx blue...
  2. GGOD

    [SOLVED] CPU temperature varies between cores under heavy load (prime 95)

    so i decided to change the thermal paste of my cpu since it has been a while since i installed it (around 4.5 years) ,after i did so i decided to run a stress test and see which temps im getting ,i used prime95 for that ,and the temps i got were as follows (core 0 and 1 were around 69-73 ,while...
  3. S

    Question Help on which side to put the fan of my CPU cooler and other questions

    Hey guys! I recently bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition because my cooler box from intel started to fail. However, when trying to mount it on the Gigabyte H81M-H motherboard, I noticed that its fan does not fit facing the memory slots (it does not go down completely), which...
  4. M

    Question Will the cooler fit in the case ?

    I am planning on building a new PC for gaming and streaming (no overclocking): Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 7 5800x Kingston Hyperx 2x8GB ddr4 3200mhz Seasonic Core GM 650 (already own) AMD Radeon RX 580 8gb (when prices go down, 2060 or 3060) CPU Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 /...
  5. M

    Question Will the Noctua NH-D15 fit with the GPU and RAM?

    Will the Noctua NH-D15 fit on MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus with Radeon RX 580 and 2x8gb RAM sticks?
  6. F

    Question AMD 2700X Stuck to Stock Heatsink

    Hi, A friend asked me to install an AIO for his 2700X as he's used the stock cooler for 2 years and wants something different, so I went to take the cooler off and the CPU came with it. I spent a good 15 minutes applying isopropyl alcohol around the CPU but nothing has changed. I tried to get...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] What CPU Cooler should I get

    Hello guys, recently I upgraded my CPU into a i7 10700k (my previous one was a i7 4790k) When running games his temps go as far as 89ºc... Which I think it's not that good :( On idle my CPU is like 40ºc, and yesterday I went to render a video in 2K (in Davinci Resolve) and my CPU was reaching...
  8. Verain

    Question Ryzen 5600x getting to 90 degrees while gaming. Solutions?

    I recently bought 5600X (in the winters) so when i used to play rocket league there was no temperature warning (beeping from motherboard) but nowadays summers are approaching so while gaming it regularly reaches 90 degrees and motherboard beeps. I am using stock cooler and i don't think these...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Trouble with front RGB fans after AIO cooler install

    Recently installed a 240mm AIO RGB cooler that came with a hub and a 3-pin splitter that provides the RGB effect. The hub all connects to the a sata cable which goes into the power supply. I have tried many things such as using a different/another new SATA port on the power supply. I thought...
  10. G

    Question 5600x cooler recommendations

    Hey I've currently got a 5600x cpu with the stock cooler and I dont trust the temps I get. I know the new gen processors generally do run at high temps but 55-60c at idle? Nah. Then 87-95c underload? Even worse. The wraith cooler just doesn't cut it with the new CPUs. All bios settings have been...
  11. M


    Hello guys. I have a CRYORIG H7 QUAD LUMI cpu cooler. The fan is not working properly so im trying to find a cheaper solution than buying a new cooler. Can i replace the cryorig's fan with a pwm fan and connect it to the CPU FAN header? Thanks in advance.
  12. zakwilliams06

    Question High CPU Temps

    I recently just built a new system. It has a ryzen 7 3700X and I’m currently using the stock cooler and my temps are extremely high. The highest i’ve seen over two days is 94°C which i know is really bad, i’ve reapplied the thermal paste. I think it’s a cooler issue but i’m not sure.
  13. J

    Question Cooler working normally and abnormally fast(and loud) at random

    So i've noticed that my cooler has been acting up lately. Thing is: sometimes, it works completely silently (as it normally does), and if my laptop gets heated it does make a slightly louder sound, nothing too loud (once again, expected behavior), even when I play graphically demanding games/use...
  14. L

    Question Cpu cooler for i5-4460

    My Intel stock cooler stopped working. I am.thinking of buying Thermaltake UX100 as it looks cool with all the RGB also it's not costly. But this Cooler can support CPUs upto 65TDP valuer and my cpu has a TDP value of 84. Should I get this cooler or go for higher price tag with other cooler. I...
  15. L

    [SOLVED] Gpu fan stopped working

    Hello, my gpu cooler fan recently stopped working and as a result the gpu is overheating easily. I tried reconnecting the cooler fan's connector however it didn't help. I have a Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G OC - MSI gpu. Are there any ways for me to make the fan work without replacing it? Any...
  16. J

    Question Cooler working normally and abnormally fast(and loud) at random

    So i've noticed that my cooler has been acting up lately. Thing is: sometimes, it works completely silently, and if my laptop gets heated it does make a "whoosh" sound, nothing too loud, even when I play graphically demanding games; but at times it starts buzzing quite loudly and I can't figure...
  17. c0nr

    [SOLVED] 4pin CPU cooler won't work but 3pin does

    So I recently got a new mobo (Gigabyte Auros B450I wifi pro), heatsink (Noctua NH-L12S), fans and case but I ran into a problem of my Noctua A12x15 PWM fan that came with the heatsink will not spin past POST. I did some tweaking to fix: Reseat the connector Reset BIOS swapped fans used UEFI fan...
  18. ten160

    Question Which noctua cooler to get?

    I'm picking a cooler for a 9900k. Planning on not only OC'ing it to 5 ghz on all cores, but also want to keep using the cooler when I upgrade to intel's 12th gen i9 cpu. My picks are either the NH-D15, the NH-U12A, the NH-U12s, and the NH-U14s. I've looked at every comparison benchmarks I could...
  19. A

    Question My PC turns off when upgrading my CPU cooler

    Ok so i just recently bought a new cooler (Deepcool Gamaxx GT ARGB) because my previous cooler was making too much noise, but after installing it when i try turning on my PC, it turns itself back off after a few seconds. Then i decided to go back to my previous cooler and the PC stays on just...
  20. ultra2mh

    Question Corsair H100x or ASUS TUF LC 240

    hi what is best choice for amd ryzen 9 3900x to keep temperature low (gaming and overclock) ASUS TUF Gaming LC 240 RGB Aura Sync CPU Liquid Cooler OR Corsair Hydro Series H100x High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler thankyou