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  1. sennehaest

    [SOLVED] What do I need to look for?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a new cpu and motherboard, the motherboard is ATX and LGA1151. Do I need to look to the socket when I choose the CPU cooler or if its ATX or both? Thanks
  2. Max_Pare

    [SOLVED] Intel i5 7600 fan: high pitched screeching/whining at specific RPM

    Hey everyone. So, in the past few weeks i've noticed my CPU fan has been spinning a little faster than usual and the temps have overall gottne higher. Not a big deal, i took cpu & fan off, and got a bunch of dust out of the heatsink and carefully cleaned the actual fan, then, i cleaned heatsink...
  3. G

    Question CPU fan error

    Hello everyone... I have a little problem, everytime I start up my computer, it gets the "cpu fan error" as soon as it appears a simple reboot makes it disappear, but when I turn off the computer the cycle repeats itself and I dont understand why... *Its a new problem. My motherboard and cpu...
  4. C

    Question Is this aftermarket cooler better than this stock cooler?

    I am going to buy a ryzen 5 2400g, but I don't know if I should use the aftermarket cooler that came with my case is better than wraith stealth. The cpu cooler that came with my case is the Deepcool Gamaxx GT RGB Air Cooler. If anyone is wondering my case is the Deepcool Matrexx 55
  5. K

    Question cooler master Hyper LED turbo red cpu cooler question

    So I have the Mastercooler 212 hyper evo in red, upon inspection of the male pins that connect to the double fans. I noticed that one of the cords has a 3 pin whereas the other has 4. Is this normal?
  6. K

    Question NZXT PWM question

    This case is fairly old but i'm going to start building my computer in it first time and I was just wondering if the PWM fan header at the back is safe to plug into the motherboard. So there are the 4 preinstalled fans already connected to the hub. I was wondering if it was safe to plug it into...
  7. T

    Question Fitting large CPU heatsinks in the INWIN 805 case

    Hello everyone, so I am curious has anyone actually tried this so they can tell me their results. I hAve an inwin 805 case, and currently I have installed the bequiet Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler in it. The manufacturers site says that the maximum CPU cooler clearance is 156mm in height (to be...
  8. X

    Question H100i CPU Cooler Running too Slow

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Corsair H100i Platinum cooler for my i9 9900k. I am unable to set the speed of the fan and it is only staying at 1000rpm. I turned off Q Fan in my BIOS and now every time I start up my PC, the fans hit max until it fully launches and prompts me to sign into my...
  9. Vishal_7

    [SOLVED] Need help in selecting a good CPU AIR cooler at budget price in India

    HI everyone, I built a entry level rig with specs as follows: CPU: RYZEN 3 2200G [3.725Ghz/ 1.330 VOLTAGE] GPU: INTEGRATED VEGA GPU [ 1320MHz ] with 1.25V RAM: CORSAIR 8GBX2 SINGLE RANK 2933MHz 16-20-20-38 TIMINGS @ 1.35V SSD: ADATA SU650 480GB MOTHERBOARD: MSI B450M PRO-VDH SMPS/PSU...
  10. B

    Question While stress testing cpu gets very hot

    Just installed a new cpu cooler and when i decided to do a stress test i get temps around 95 degrees. Is it normal? Im afraid that i did not apply the thermal paste correctly.
  11. A

    Question Best bang for the buck PC that

    So, I am looking to build a decent gaming and programming machine, running games like forza horizon 3 and 4, rocket league, subnautica, etc. I currently have an upgraded lenovo h50-55 that is beginning to go on its way out. so I don't really have a set budget but I would like to stay in the...
  12. D

    Question Scythe Mugen 5 vs Thermalight Macho Direct (other recommendations?)

    Hey, Im comparing these two CPU coolers and Im not sure which to go for... Here is my build Looking to cool as much with air , but not exceed the €60. I would also go double tower if so, Im looking for some other recommendations from personal experience...
  13. V

    [SOLVED] Unique dilema.Is it safe to replace thermal paste(remove cooler) if some of motherboard socket pins were bent

    Hi. I'm giving my older pc to my nephew and before that i want to replace thermal paste on cpu and gpu as it's at least 2-3 years old. socket 1155, 3570k, ASRock Z77 Pro4. Here are my dilemas: 2-3 years ago I managed to bend pins(1 or 2) on the mobo then it didnt post and as 1155 socket was...
  14. H

    Question Will this cooler do the job?

    Current rig: gtx 750ti, mobo dh55pj, cpu xeon x3450, 1333mhz ddr6gb ram. I am currently looking at this cooler: Cooler Master Hyper H410R Cooler I play games like apex legends at 1600x900 resolution at 60fps. I need...
  15. remixislandmusic

    [SOLVED] Expert help needed about repasting laptop cpu!

    Hello and thanks for your time! I have question about reapplying thermal paste to an older laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite L55-A laptop that i am using for a Windows XP retro gaming system. It has a Core I5 3337u 2c/4t CPU and an adequate cooler design with 1 copper heatpipe and 1 fan. The...
  16. Zakster

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    First of all hello. Specs: AMD A10 7860K (Stock Cooler) GigaByte GA-F2A78M-HD2 2x8GB DDR3 1866 1050Ti My current problem is my CPU fan spins at around 4.6kRPM under full load and idle around 2.2K. Solutions I have tried: Cleaning the heatsink and reapplying thermal paste. Adding two...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Best CPU cooling on Budget ? (around 20-25€)

    Hello i wanna ask for some good CPU coolers for 1151 socket around 20€ to 25€. Thanks for every recommendation :D If someone wonder on what CPU im gonna use it -
  18. T

    Question Cooler/case for a i7-8700 (non k) , RTX 2070 combo

    Hi.. Could someone suggest me a case and cooler for a new i7-8700/RTX 2070 build? I'm not a fan of RGB lightings. All i need is a decent looking case which allows my components to breathe better. Is a Cooler Master MB511/ Corsair Spec-06 a good choice? Will they be able to give a better air...
  19. R

    Question R2700x wraith prism install

    Hello, I'm not sure if i installed the cpu cooler the right way, i could not lock the lever, because it was already tight. I tested the cpu outside the case and i got 50 degrees Celsius, is this temperature normal? Cpu ryzen 7 2700x
  20. gear999

    Question i7 4770 overheating on stock cooler

    Hey all, I haven't been here for a while. I recently purchased my friend's old i7 4770 (non-K) off of him to pop in my PC just as a small update. I installed it tonight with the stock cooler (don't have any other ones) and I just hit 99c while playing Apex Legends for a duration of 5 minutes...