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  1. X

    Question Is my cpu temp normal running prime95 with scythe Fuma revb?

    I recently bought Scythe Fuma revb inorder to oc my ryzen 2600x to 4.1ghz/4.2ghz . I managed to get 4.1ghz at 1.3125 vcore. Running prime95 with small fft 1344k(min-max) for 30 min gives me an average of 74.4ºC (tctl/tdie) and a maximum of 81.8ºC. Are these temp okay and my cooler doing well or...
  2. P

    Question Temperatures

    Hello! Today I installed a new CPU cooler. I wanted to ask if the temperatures looks fine, Also, I have some weird temps on my motherboard. Hope you guys can get me to know what it means.; Edit; Forgot the screenshot of the temperatures. Here it...
  3. Y

    Question Artic Freezer 33 Plus vs Freezer 34 (Double vs Single Fan)

    Hi, I want to buy a new cpu cooler to replace my stock ryzen cooler, and I'm thinking between these two, the Artic Freezer 33 Plus and the Artic Freezer 34. The first has 2 fans and the other has one, but a bit cheaper. The question is, 2 fans make any noticeable difference compared to one...
  4. N

    Question be quiet dark rck pro 4 installation question

    hi there, ive got a question about the dark rock pro 4. in the best case you also own the product. in the original installation video by be quiet, the bigger fan that need to be put in between, it must look at the same direction as the 2nd fan, that is installed in front, right? so when the man...
  5. InSovietRussiaComputerBuildsYOU

    [SOLVED] Trouble cooling a 60W Xeon

    I got a mobo bundle for one of my friends, it included a Supermicro server mobo, a Xeon L5640 and some RAM. Unfortunately, it came with a very small passive cooler, which wasn't enough to cool the Xeon, so I recommended him getting a freezer 13, the most affordable block cooler. It does a good...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] PC boots only if i apply pressure on the CPU cooler

    Hi I need help regarding my friends PC. We were upgrading his system from HDD to SSD only, so we disconnected the hdd, put in the ssd, installed win10 no problems, now he needed some files from the hdd, we plugged it back in, and it didn't boot, but, it did start to spin all the fans for 2...
  7. bentejas10

    Question Is this safe to use as a cleaner to get thermal paste off my CPU?

    I recently just got an AIO liquid cooled to replace my Hyper T2, and I have to remove the old thermal paste. I found this bottle in my bathroom cupboard labelled "Rubbing Alcohol Compound" so I'm not entirely sure if it's like rubbing alcohol and safe to use on my CPU. Here's some pictures of...
  8. D

    Question Noctua nf-A12 and nf-A14 problems using 'Y' splitter.

    Hello, I've bought theese awesome two PWM fans for my mini-itx case: Noctua Fan Chromax Black Swap PWM NF-A14 140mm (max PWM speed 1200rpm); Noctua Fan NF-A12x25 120mm PWM 120mm (max PWM speed 1500). My motherboard Gigabyte GA-z170n-Wifi has 1 PWM 4-pin for CPU and 1 4-pin PWM for fans. I've...
  9. gusnd

    [SOLVED] is Cooler Master G100 better than Ryzen 7 2700 stock?

    I bought a G100 to cool my i7 4790 (not 4790k), but a few months after I decided to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 2700 which seems to have a nice stock cooler, should I still replace it since I have it or use the stock one anyways?
  10. N

    Question Two NH-D15 on a vertical ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 and all RAM sticks in

    Hi, new forum member here. I currently have the following workstation: ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 motherboard, with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 cpus and 16 RAM memory sticks Samsung Memory 16GB DDR3 1600 and I am looking for two new CPU coolers. The machine is built into a Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full...
  11. V

    Question Setup Opinions and Suggestions

    Hi there, I'm building my first computer setup at the moment. My Setup at the moment is CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6GHz (Cooler Included) GPU: MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB Armour OC Graphics Card Motherboard: MSI b450M Pro - Vdh RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit...
  12. K

    Question My intel core i7-4770 is running at 80°C when gaming. Is there a problem?

    So I am using an intel core i7-4770 and temps are really high. Idle temps are 40-55°C Load temps are 79-83°C Prime 95 temps are 86-90°C So my question is, is this too high and if so what should I do. I reaplied thermal paste a few days ago and I have a TaiSol 12VDC Ball Bearing CPU cooler. Rest...
  13. S

    Question I had to reinstall cpu cooler

    Hello, everyone I'm new to pc building. Today i built my first pc and i'm really excited about it. I haven't installed windows yet, but i checked the bios and everything looks ok. The problem is that i had to unscrew and remove the wraith stealth cooler with the pre-applied thermal paste right...
  14. S

    Question CPU cooler loud (900 rm idle)

    I got a new cpu, mainboard, ram and cooler for 1 week now. The fan of the cooler is annoyingly loud for me. I can hear it through my headset on idle. My cpu temp is mostly 35c on idle. It sometimes jumps up to 40-50 and then goes back to mid 30s. The cooler is: alpenföhn ben nevis. Is there not...
  15. A

    Question Which cooler for Ryzen 5 2600?

    As the title says, which cooler should i buy for the R5 2600 for OC’ing? I have a x470 motherboard :)
  16. B

    Question EVGA 1080ti SC Black Aftermarket Cooler?

    Hey everyone, I have finally upgraded to a 1080ti (Wooo!!!) from a 1060 to power my 34 Ultrawide. The problem is I really wish it was quieter and preferably not as hot playing games (80 degrees). So far I have changed the thermal paste to Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and that reduced temps by 4...
  17. J

    Question Is this a good system for 1150$?

    CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 GPU : Radeon RX 590 PSU : EVGA P2 750W MOBO : Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming RAM : G.Skill Trident Z 2x8 GB 3200 CASE : CoolerMaster MasterBox Pro 5 RGB HDD : SeaGate Firecuda 2TB SSD : Kingston A1000 240GB COOLING : CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML120R, I`d use it as the rear fan
  18. butterfig

    Question Hyper 212 Black Edition Asus H110 Plus

    Hey guys. I’m just wondering if I could put a hyper 212 black edition cooler into an h110 plus from asus. It’s a small motherboard, and I’m using tall DIMMs. They are ADATA XPG Z1 Silver 8gb modules. My liquid cooler is starting to grind and it’s annoying. I’ve gotten it from Best Buy a year and...
  19. J

    Question Antec C400 Aftermarket Cooler "hack"

    Hello everyone! I bought an Antec C400 cooler for my Ryzen 5 1500X. I don't like the stock Antec fan that's on it, so I was wondering, which fan should I buy and replace the stock one? I was thinking about the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 or maybe Arctic Bionix. The main focus here is on the silence...
  20. rocknsou1

    Question Facing cooling issues - unable to determine cause

    In the last week or so, I've begun facing some issues with my CPU temp that has led to 3 freeze/shutdowns. I have a Noctua - NH-D9L and Intel i7. Mobo is Asus - Z170M-PLUS. Twice, I've gotten an overclocking error (can't remember the exact verbiage). Today, I got a temp warning post-freeze...