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  1. H

    Best 24 inchish gaming monitor right now for budget $150

    Hey there, the title says it all, best gaming monitor, bang for buck, I can get for $150. 24 Inch is the preferred size but willing to stretch down to 18 or up to 27. I've got a $300 budget but getting two if that changes your answers. Yes, my system can handle it. I assure you. Thanks in...
  2. N

    Building a PC for my Dad

    Hi: I need to build my dad a new PC, and want one that will be stable and solid for a few years. He likes to listen to music, so I'm looking for a good sound card (assuming onboard doesn't cut it - I currently run RCA to a receiver but wondering if it's possible to improve on this), he...
  3. A

    Which laptop is best?

    I am currently considering two laptops to purchase for general use and would apprieciate advice/opinions on which you would prefer.
  4. K

    Can I draw power from the 4+4 CPU socket to power a second GPU (6+2 PCI-E)?

    Very silly question probably but I just want a clarification about this. I have 2 GtX 980s both of which take 2 (6pin) cables to power. The first card is powered by connecting one of the (6+2) cables via the appropriate socket from the PSU (as in, the PSU has a clearly labeled socket called 6+2...
  5. G

    unexpected system shutdowns, Event 41, tried everything

    This is my personal gaming PC that I have experiencing issues with. Built the system myself. Parts used are as listed: Sabertooth 990x motherboard first revision Phenom II x6 1100T @ 3.31 Hyper N520 aftermarket CPU cooler Corsair 850 watt HX series 8 GB ram (4 GB x 2) G skill sniper Sapphire...
  6. E

    Need to connect my pc to my 5.1 surround

    Hi ! I need to connect my pc line out (headphones stereo jack) to my 5.1 surround system (3 input line purple-green-black). I don't want that the surround effect, just the stereo effect. I dont want to buy some expensive stuffs. thaks a lot ^_^ ( i already tried to make a jack with a top stereo...
  7. XFA24

    Cougar Cooling fans

    are Cougar fans any good? specifically these ones -thanks in advance!
  8. K

    HP vs ASUS

    Which one is the best between these 2 laptops? I know it's not for gaming, it's only for me to bring it to college and type some stuff. But for same price, I'd like to get the best one of them...
  9. V

    What graphics card should I get?

    What is the best graphics card with highest performance that I can get for around £130
  10. A

    upgrading to a gtx 980 with cx 600 psu

    hi, i looking to upgrade to gtx 980 would i need to upgrade the power supply? CPU AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing Motherboard Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Memory Kingston 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1333 Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue...
  11. M

    Gaming PC $700

    Hey all, new user here. I'm looking for a $700 gaming pc build. This will be my first build ever of a pc. For the past few weeks I've been looking up components, how to builds and articles of how the components work. I can't seem to quite understand just yet, so I'm looking for some help on a...
  12. Toonster17

    Asus GTX 980 Strix Coil whine (?) Static noise under load

    I got my GTX 980 Strix about 2 weeks back but I never noticed the static noise it produces until about a week ago. It's near completely silent with no load (very slight buzzing, nearly inaudible). Is it coil whine or something? It seems weird as I get the sound even with V-Sync on. Any tips...
  13. S

    Laptop for college

    Hi, I've been looking and searching for a laptop for college use. I have less than a year before going to college and I plan to major in engineering specifically Mechanical Engineer(If I get in). So what I look for is: -Battery life of at least 6-7+hours, a decent graphic card(for editing...
  14. P

    Internal temp too high, possible solutions?

    Very inexperienced when it comes to building/handling computers, decided to build PC to avoid laptops. Followed guide provided by PCPartPicker for a gaming PC ( with a list of components here: Anyways, put it...
  15. S

    Windows 7 Professional not using all RAM - 24GB Installed (16 Usable)

    Hi all, I've been looking all over and all I get is the same answers, when someone has more than 16GB RAM, and windows on sees 16, it seems that there are 2 answers: 1: They are using Home Premium, not Pro/Ultimate - I am using Pro 2: The Hardware sees all RAM, but windows only shows 16GB...
  16. Q

    Computer freeze/crash repeatedly - unidentifiable issue.

    Hey all, Around 2-3 years ago I constructed my own system for mainly gaming/heavy duty purposes, and over the few years I've upgraded various bits just for better performance. I've never really had any major problems until last year, where the system would freeze (usually when playing...
  17. G

    Current PC Giveaways

    Anyone know of any current high end PC gaming rig giveaways. I can't use Facebook or anything like that to enter and it needs to be available for Canadians. Thanks in advance, Gylfie_
  18. canadianvice

    Boot from live USB Ubuntu 14.04/Mint 17 won't work!

    Hello, I'm trying to make use of an Ubuntu live USB, but here's my problem: it's worked before with no major configuration changes on the host system. My hosting system is a Windows 7 64x. The only real oddity is a Nvidia 660Ti. Anyhow, I've used the same USB before and never had any issues...
  19. H

    which brand should i choose?

    hi im thinking about getting new wifi router for my house the problem is my house got quite thick wall (60-70cm each layer at least) so my old router have trouble reaching even 10m(or less) so anyone can give me some advice about which brand should i choose? in my country most brand is...
  20. ColopiX

    Should i buy R7 260 or GTX 750 ?? HELP

    I want to buy ASUS Radeon R7 260 1GB GDDR5 but i have only 400w psu and for r7 260 i need 450w but for the gtx 750 i need 300w ? Now r7 260 i better than gtx 750 in performance but i need better psu for her.....Now ASUS GeForce GTX 750 1GB GDDR5 OR R7 260 1GB GDDR5 FOR 900p Monitor 1400x900p PC...
  21. aj4xxx

    Chrome just doesn't work at all.

    Hi, I've formatted the laptop yesterday and installed Chrome (as usual) and it went well for a day. But Chrome totally stopped working today. Nothing loads. I can't even access settings or log into my profile, neither can I check any extensions. I just can't do anything. And I keep getting the...
  22. M

    Building my own gaming pc

    Hello, i' m new to the forum and i would like to know a good build for a gaming desktop. I already did my research and i found out a good build. (Budget for the desktop more or less 1800 euro). I would like to advise me if you have experience with this kind of things, so if anyone knows...
  23. O

    should I upgrade from 3930k to 5930k

    I currently have a 3930k at 4.5ghz running sli gtx 780 ti I use msi after burner to measure gpu usage and its max at 76% when playing crysis 3 battlefield 4 and metro last light but at 1 card usage is 99 % so 3930 bottlenecks the card would moving to 5930k solve that issue
  24. T

    trying to find password from ciscoconnect

    How can i get a password for beige pine guest from Cisco connect like the login page says?
  25. T

    Gaming PC Help

    Hi As you can see in the title I am about to build my first PC. I just wanted to know if these specs would work. : Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive : ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ AMD 970 + SB950 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard...
  26. JamesHeller

    will my new rig be compatible with my old rig

    Planning to upgrade my rig so I thought of upgrading just my motherboard , GPU ,CPU, RAM here is my old pc I didn't build it its Compaq CQ3150ix please tell me if motherboard-...
  27. C

    What does it mean when the PC wont beep?

    Hello, My 2 month old PC wont beep when it turns on. I checked to see if maybe the speaker wasn't in place anymore so I booted it up with no RAM and got a series of beeps. I get no display on my monitor even though it was working fine until now. So what does it mean when it doesn't beep??
  28. K

    WIndows loads my old OS 2/3 the time.

    So, I bought my computer used a while back and installed my own OS. The previous owner had Windows 7 CHINESE installed, but when I installed Windows 8.1 my PC started booting and giving me an error IN CHINESE for the first two times I boot my PC. Yes, the FIRST and SECOND (but not third) boot...
  29. E

    Which Build is best for gaming?

    Hi All Which Build should i go with for running next gen games with reasonable fps and settings at 1080p? CPU: Intel I5-4670K (quad core 3.4GHz) (£162.99) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3 (£95.98) RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY Series 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866MHz (Red) (£61.60) GPU: Asus 2GB Nvidia...
  30. J

    Can I have dual monitors?

    Hey, I was wondering if my graphics card would be able to support dual monitors. The 2 monitors I would like to use are in the PC specs. Also will be running in 1080p Here they are
  31. S

    Screen has Shrunk

    I have HP TouchSmart tm2 laptop. All of a sudden 70% of the screen has shrunk to the left and 30% of the screen in right is black. I have tried the screen resolution but no help. Please, help me. Thanks
  32. D

    Can someone give me parts for a gaming computer

    Can someone please give me some parts for a gaming computer with a monitor 24" and windows 8.1 in australia?
  33. C

    Rolling bar wierd graphical issue on certain games

    Hey! I'm having a few issues with the monitor - was wondering if you would know why. On some games everything is fine but then on others (mainly sniper elite 2) there are rolling bars (like if you record an old television with a camcorder) and I have it set to the right resolution and max...
  34. A

    Big purchase help me decide

    So about to purchase this build I am new to this and it's gonna cost a lot so with that being said this system is overkill for the game I play the most which is wow I wanna be able to play in ultra in 25 man raids and never drop beyond good frame rates now with that being said the video card...
  35. T

    Uneven cooler causing bad temps?

    I've been overclocking my fx-8120 after getting a new motherboard and I've found something in my temps. My cooler is a hyper 212 evo with 2 fans. When the case is standing up temps quickly rise to 70C in prime 95. When the case is laying flat temps never fall below 60. This could be a...