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    hard drive repartitioned itself

    C drive re-partitioned itself while I was using computer, I had an android tablet plugged into a usb port. don't know it that had anything to do with it. The drive is new, 1 Terra byte was partition with 100 meg/800 gig as c and the rest was recovery, was changed down to 118 gig C, 100 megs...
  2. L

    Sudden CPU high voltage

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my desktop, while I was browsing my pc restarted and then showed up the Asus anti-surge and I can't start the pc again, I can only enter on the Bios. It shows a high voltage but I never had this problem before. I tried to shut down the pc for an hour but the...
  3. C

    Are Intel Pentium processors ok...?

    Just to say, before you all chastise me, I have a gaming rig for the majority of my needs, it isn't amazing but it does the job. I am looking to buy a laptop/ultrabook for work/business/video editing; problem is my budget is only about £500 (give or take). I was looking for something small and...
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    WoW , look what i did to my gpu , it might be interesting

    so i basically salvaged my 2 x 120 mm cpu cooler fans and i took of this weak crappy asus fan over the gpu heatsink : and i replaced them with the 2 120 mm fans (with duct tape) and it ended up looking like this : it works! it produces some noise but it's not nasty so can you...
  5. G

    best graphics card to play at ultra on 768p

    Hello guys i want a graphics card to play games such as crysis 3,gta 5,AC Syndicate,BF 4 all at ultra settings with all filters and AA,MSAA,FXAA maxed out at 768p resolution with 45-60 fps.My system is running a i5 4690k oc to 4.3 ghz and a evga 500 watt in India my budget is near...
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    Graphics card not being recognized by monitor

    Hello! I just finished my first build a couple of days ago. Everything seemed to be working great except after I installed my graphics card bios no longer will show up and my monitor doesn't recognize the card at all and says "VGA not detected" even though it's on VGA mode and everything is...
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    V-MODA Crossfade M-100 or ATH-AG1x

    I've narrowed things down between the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 or waiting for the new ATH-AG1x to be released. My budget for a good closed headset is $370 or less and do not want to use a modmic. I have tried the Hyperx Cloud II and I didn't like the background noise I experienced. This headset...
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    High temperatures of CPU while idling

    Hello. I've been using an intel i5 4670 CPU for a couple of years now. The last few days, at random points my computer just stuttered and froze, requiring me to hard reset it. After a bit of google searching I came to the conclusion that it probably is the CPU temperature. After downloading a...
  9. S

    Ripped wire from molex connector

    So i was upgrading my psu and made a terrible mistake. My case has two fans on the side panel which are 3 pins that goes to a board of some sort and receives power from a 2 pin to molex connector. Well i managed to tear off one of the wires (there are two wires one black and one red, the red is...
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    VS650 + R9 290x + FX 8320

    Hello, I have this pc build : MODO : Gigabyte 990XA CPU : FX 8320 (no oc) RAM :1X 8GB DDR3 1600MHZ Cooler : CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO GPU : Asus EAH5770 v2 1 X ssd Kingston 1 X HDD 500GB (3,5") 1 X HDD 1TB (2,5") PSU : Corsair VS650 CASE : NZXT H440 and i am going to upgrade my GPU i found a...
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    a new video card

    Hi, i want a good video card for this resolution 1024×768,my budget is around 140$ and here is my specs Cpu:e5700 3ghz Current gpu:gt 9500 Ram:4gb ddr3 Psu:400w with no 6 pin caple and will this pc run gta v on a playable settings
  12. VK7

    Which PSU is good ?

    Corsair CX600 600w or Seasonic S12II 520w.... I'am getting both of them at almost same price. which one of them is good of these specs ? Processor:- FX 8350 @4.0ghx with CM Hyper 212x Ram:- 8GB GPU:- GTX 960 2GB Mobo:- Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 And 4 USB ports is in use including a USB hub.
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    Graphical Errors Issue AMD R7 265

    I'm experiencing graphical errors that are seemingly random, they never happen only in one game or consistently within a certain interval they just seem to happen. That being said I'm fairly sure this is an error with the GPU however I am open to suggestions before trying to deal with an RMA...
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    What motherboard do i have?

    Was thinking about getting an XFX R9 390 and a new power supply (Corsair 750W), but i'm wondering if the motherboard can handle the XFX R9 390. What i've seen is that it requires a PCI-E 3.0 x16(?), but information about my computer is rare and theres a bunch of different models (which i don't...
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    How long would this set-up last me? (Future proofing)

    how long would this set-up last and is it worth the money price/quality wise? INTEL i7 Quad Core @ 4,4 GHz MSI Z170A Gaming M Mainboard Water-Cooled 16 GB DDR4 RAM 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD DVD ReWr NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980TI OC - 6144 mb It costs 2300 euro' s or would i be better of with the...
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    Printer Icon gone

    Firefox 41.0.1 What happened to my printer icon shortcut? It is on the file menu, but is gone from the "menu" and from the bar? This happened when Firefox updated.
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    Motherboard SLI Compatibility? (GA-Z77X-UP5)

    Hello, The Gigabyte webpage for my current mobo says it's SLI compatible ( but the board isn't listed in the SLI compatible list on Nvidia's website...
  18. T

    NVIDIA 970 GTX VS Radeon 390 for AMD Build?

    Nvidia never let me down but there is a hype with AMD and DX12 that thinking is time to switch? I was thinking on buying an MSI 970 GTX 100me, it costs 340 and i am looking for durability and better performance in a Radeon, 390 maybe? in the 300-350 price range. Any suggestions and a...
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    Need help, dont know, whats wrong with my pc!

    Hello! I have been playing CS:GO (and other games) for a long time and from time to time, the fps of most of the games just reduce and I sometimes found a fix for it... But now, i dont know what to do. Here is everything I did (If I remember everything): Defragging Installing (and...