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  1. D

    PC won't restore to any restore point and won't reset

    My PC, hp envy 15 touchsmart, cpu performance get spykes to 100%, all attempts to restore failing, malwarebytes won't run, and when I leave the machine on, after a while I get some screen saver with the time and a woman with a red Hat and blue Blazer. I can't open screen saver setting, it I...
  2. badea_alexandru01

    Is it better than the Sapphire version?

    Is this card: ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 560 better than Sapphire Radeon RX 560 PULSE? Considering it's price it should be better, but im confused... i dont know which one should i buy..
  3. G

    Files gone after Windows 10 update

    Hey guys, So basically windows was updating yesterday on my laptop and don't know what i did, laptop turned off. Then i tried booting it up and now takes much longer to start up and I have black screen for some minutes that i didn't have before and sometimes it doesn't boot up so I have to...
  4. S

    Newly build pc running extremely slow

    So I just build a pc for the first time but I had loads of knowledge about it but its been running very slowly.What is really wierd is that on 3d max fire stricke nenchmark i got 11000 which is really good.On the other hand on this benchmark i got...
  5. O

    CiT Vantage Gamers Case side panel fan connection help needed!

    Hello. Can someone help me out with finding the right cable to connect the side fans on this case? Bought this pc for a bargain price and everything is working but not the controlled LED side fans and it drives me mad. I can seem to find the right cable + it doesn't look like I have any free...
  6. M

    how many watts does a blu ray drive use

    So i am in a very tight spot at the moment and i need to know how much power a Bluray disc drive uses in a pc at idle, full load, playing a disc (such as a movie) playing a game disc. the specs are: HP blu-ray disc rewriter model number: BH38L (A2HH I wasnt sure what category to put this in so...
  7. B

    making low res look sharper?

    I play games like team fortress 2 and csgo.i usally have my res set low to 1152x864 at stretched 4.3 just because it makes me aim better however id also appreciate if it wasn't so dam blurry. so I was wondering is it possible for low resolution to look sharper?is there any possible way to make...
  8. G

    BSODs while gaming, even after windows reinstall

    I built my first PC a few months ago (parts list here ), and it was working fine up until last week. I got my first blue screen while playing PUBG, it was a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION which said nvlddmkm.sys was the problem, so I did a clean uninstall of the...
  9. P

    Need a graphics card that will support 4+ screens for under 300 Here is my current build. I have built this but haven't bought a graphics card. My MoBo only has 1 HDMI out. I understand that graphics cards have more HDMI out, but I don't know it they operate the same way as the mobo one. As of now I have...
  10. P

    Nvidia GTX 1000 series

    Hey, I was curious, do the new GTX 1000 mobile series use the same drivers as the ones for their desktop equivalents? What I mean is, can you install drivers for the mobile versions from the Nvidia website or do you have to use your laptop's manufacturer's special drivers?
  11. T

    Help With A Build

    So im planning on buying some new parts and my budget is around 1200$. I am looking for a 1070 with a 1440p monitor with at least 60hrz(obviously) So im making this thread to see if anyone could find a good monitor for me and if there is maybe some room for a new processor(I have i5 4460) but...
  12. A

    Memory combination setup

    I have a good PC, i7 cpu, mobo z170x, gtx 970, and 2 memory cards of 4gb hyperx making 8 gb of ram, if i buy two card of 8gb making 16 gb plus my original 8 gb is a good combination or its better to buy another pair of 4gb?
  13. N

    M.2 ssd confusion

    So i wanna get an m.2 ssd for my laptop, but i'm kinda confused after now that m.2 ssd available in nvme and sata, mainly because both have different gold contact, can they actually pretty much go to m.2 slot in any laptop/motherboard that have m.2 or what?
  14. M

    Router shows up listed as a Computer in Networking

    I have two computers connected on a network, one with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and the other with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. On both computers, they see each other under Networking, but they also see my LinkSys WRT3200ACM router listed as a Computer. Is this normal? If not, how do I get rid of it?
  15. B

    Need help motherboard is booting but is not showing on monitor

    Hello I am a first time builder and I just got done putting all the parts together in my pc then went to go test it and the motherboard showed AE which is the legacy boot for it but the monitor kept saying no connection or no cable connected I have tried two hdmi's, two monitors, took out one of...
  16. J

    New Router, Ethernet speed cut in half?

    SO I just bought a new router, I was getting 130mbps before on ethernet, now i'm getting 94mbps MAX on ethernet, any ideas? Router: Asus RT-AC1200 -latest firmware- re installed firmware, restored the router to factory as well, reset modem. tried a different cable, tried it with a different PC...
  17. L

    Blue screen avoid boot of Windows 7

    Hello everyone! I am a neophyte and I'm not exactly a computer guru. I have a problem, when I start windows 7 OS after some time appears a blue screen that it avoid me access and a restart takes place. Here a snapshot of the blue screen...
  18. K

    Unidentified Network - "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

    A few days ago my wired connection just shut down. I've been running on my wireless connection for a while now but I think it's time to get this fixed. Before I start explaining more in depth, _yes_ I have tried another cable, _yes_ I have restarted the router, and _yes_ I have disabled my WiFi...
  19. J

    best gpu for my computer

    Hi I have a lenovo h50-55 wth 12gb ram, amd a10 cpu, and a msi r7 240 ddr3. I want to upgrade my gpu and I was wondering what the best one for me would be and it should be generally good priced. Thanks
  20. M

    Really wierd connection issue.

    Hello guys, I've got really wierd issue. When connecting to wifi at work, as a visitor, on my personal laptop, dell inspiron 7559, win 10, it says unable to connect. It has started about a week ago (before that I was connecting without issues) and the thing is I can connect on other devices, my...