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  1. J

    Good OC Settings For A R5 1500x??

    I am fairly new to the PC MasterRace. I built a computer about a month ago and now want to overclock my cpu. I have tried once and it failed. If anyone can tell me the setting they use or ones they know work that would be greatly appreciated. -I use the stock cooler. Edit: Thank you...
  2. S

    What psu does MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM Amd Ryzen X370 Ddr4 Vr Ready Hdmi Usb 3 Atx Gaming Motherboard support?

    I also have a gtx 1080 Soo psu accordingly and I'm not planning to do water cooling now but I'll make sure it doesn't hit 73 degree celsius.
  3. P

    how to find out which part is faulty/new build

    hello folks, i have bought several new PC parts about 2 weeks ago with the kind help of the tom's hardware forum users. here are the parts: -Corsair Carbide SPEC-03 -Kingston HyperX FURY 8 GB - DIMM - 2666 -AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - Boxed -Gigabyte GA-AB350M-HD3 -Corsair CX450M after arrival i sat...
  4. Ruben_Samich

    Best Motherboard for this build?

    HI guys, so I'm building my first PC this summer, and I have all my parts picked out, but the motherboard I picked just went out of stock on Amazon and Newegg. So I was wondering what a good mobo for my build would be. <$60 ideally PCPartPicker part list:
  5. S

    laptop suddenly shut down, what should I do?

    i have dell laptop and my laptop is not working properly, when i on my laptop it works great but after some its restarting again and again. what should i do.
  6. W

    3200mhz with i7 7700k

    So I read few topics saying 3000mhz ram is fine with i7 7700k eventhough it says less in supported. My question is ... how about 3200mhz. Soon i will get i7 7700k , asus z170 pro gaming MB and Kingston 16GB KIT DDR4 3200MHz CL16 HyperX Predator Series ram. Will it work together ? Thanks.
  7. J

    Started getting differend blue screen errors after completing chkdsk

    So I started getting differend bsod errors after completing chkdsk in windows 7. I have never had this in win 7.
  8. V

    Pc won't work after cmos reset

    I know this thread is somewhere on here but the ones I found are from 2008. Also I don't think over clocking is the correct catagory but it's the closest I can think of I cleared my CMOS using the pins and since then nothing has worked .. peripherals no display .. the drives spin up and all...
  9. D

    OpenVPN client to client communication

    Hello, THE SET-UP: I have three routers at my disposal, let's call them RUT1, RUT2 and RUT3. Their local ip addresses are: RUT1 - RUT2 - RUT3 - RUT3 is configured as an OpenVPN server. The virtual IP of the server is RUT1 (vpn ip and RUT2...
  10. K

    Terrible Gaming Performance

    Hello, I have a pretty good computer (at least I think), but I'm getting horrible performance in the new game PUBG. Below are my computer specs, but at important points in the game, I get computer lag spikes. It really makes the game less fun. Any suggestions or insight into what's happening...
  11. T

    Insufficient resources error when applying windows features

    When trying to install the linux subsystem package that microsoft includes in Windows 10 dev, I get an error telling me that I have insufficient resources to complete the task. Error code 0x800705aa. I shouldn't be getting this error as I have plenty of RAM and disk...
  12. ArchangelPT

    Secondary HDD starts spinning for no reason

    Seeing as the PC is right next to my face this is quite annoying. I've tried using Sysinternals but it doesn't tell me anything either, there's nothing there except media files and a few games. The system is entirely in the SSD, the HHD isn't indexed, it isn't compressed... Currently using the...
  13. L

    PC Crashes In Games & Graphics Artifacts, GPU Temps Seem Normal

    Hey guys, I've been having some issues with what I think is my GPU for a while now, and they got a lot worse a few days ago. About a year after I got my graphics card in 2013 (see specs below), it started making really bad artifacts about 30-60 minutes into playing a game. They looked very...
  14. F

    Stuck at 2gb,, Ram Memory upgrade....?

    Good evening. I have an Asus UX52VS Intel i7 3537u laptop with 2gb ram on-board, i am trying to upgrade at least 2 or 4gb more as it lags randomly when navigating between pages, I tried to install Samsung ddr3l 1600mhz cl11 1.35v 4gb kit but it wont boot with it, i tried few others and the same...
  15. moonfang158

    Will All of these components work together to make a decent gaming PC?

    So here are the current components I put together on Newegg and hope they will work, please tell me if there is any errors in it. As well as if there is anything missing. Case- Corsair Crystal Series 460X ( CPU- FX-8370...
  16. S

    Is my cooler leaking?

    I know there is not mutch to work with, but I recently got Seidon 120v water cooler in my pc on my fx 6300, and I looked inside just now and noticed these marks. Maybe I have just not noticed them before, but is my cooler leaking, or is there some other issue?
  17. G

    'Final Fantasy XIV' Removes Free Trial Time Limit

    Square Enix won't let you progress beyond level 35--the current level cap is 60--and will restrict you to the first 10 layers of the 200-layer Deep Dungeon. 'Final Fantasy XIV' Removes Free Trial Time Limit : Read more
  18. Lopperuk

    Cannot recover emails on Outlook

    Whenever I try to recover deleted emails on Outlook on Chrome all it does it use up my cpu and the page freezes, I can recover them fine on Internet Explorer but obviously I don't want to have to keep going on that to recover them, is there a fix for this? thanks.
  19. C

    Need help: Deciding on whether or not this PC will work for League.

    Hi, I recently ordered this computer: I am as you can tell, on a budget. I only play two games; (Three if you...
  20. U

    Are TV Tuner Cards still around?

    If the cards are still used today what am I looking for when it comes to region and digital output. is there a special region code for these? What is the US region code? Do they have HD versions?
  21. S

    Is the i5 3470 still a good buy?

    Hi, guys I have an old PC with a LGA 1155 motherboard (Intel DH67CL ATX) with an i3-2120 and 8gb if ddr3 ram and 1TB 7200rpm HDD. I want to upgrade to something that can do some light video editing (just gopro software and such as this is too slow) I am torn between two options: I can pick up...
  22. S

    Is there a way to overclock my monitor to a higher screen resolution (compressed?)

    How do you think I can overclock my monitor to make it display 1920 x 1080 compressed so it is better quality images. I heard this is possible as said by LinusTechTips if you know him. It is like multi-anitialising. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to do what Linus did so is there another...
  23. R

    Can't lower my resolution in some games its always 1920 x 1080

    So i have problem in some games that i cant lower resolution. The games are RUST and Herose And Generals. The resolution Stays on 1920 x 1080 and i i dont have option to lower it.Before i could lower put not anymore.
  24. greens

    Wait - Less speed takes more power? DC electrical question

    Alright i have a bit of an LED light project going on. The LEDs are high power and require cooling. I have these perfect little turbine style fans from old DELL server racks i've been too sentimental towards to throw away. The fans have two... fans built in, one spins clockwise the other...
  25. R

    My fan is making a grinding noise

    I have a expensive gaming pc i put together myself & everytime i start a game it will be fine for a while then my fans will speed up & one of my fans makes a grinding noise it's weird was wondering what's causing it there's nothing in it's way no wires or anything
  26. A

    Headset Mic not working (only on computer)

    Hi there - I'm using windows 10 and a headset with a mic. Without the headset plugged in, my mic works fine. With the headset plugged in, the headphones work fine but I absolutely can't get my mic to work. I've tried this same headset with my phone, and the mic works on my phone. I've also tried...
  27. L

    Big memory in small case?

    Hi there, I have a question about upgrading ram in my 64-bit Win7 PC with Intel DQ57TM mobo. Until now I have run with no problem a combo kit of 2 x 2GB sticks of Kingston RAM. Today I upgraded to 2 separate but identical sticks of 4GB (total 8GB) RAM and this works fine :-) But when I add...
  28. O

    New ASUS 970 PRO GAMING AURA MOBO does not post

    So I just purchased an Asus 970 Gaming Pro Aura mobo and so far, I'm having the worst of luck. I seated all the components, eg Ram, CPU, GPU, etc. The system won't post nor will it even beep. There is NO SIGNAL displayed on the monitor and for some reason, when I attempt to do a hard shutdown...
  29. P

    Monitor loses connection to Graphics card after windows 10 boot logo

    G'day. So my monitor loses connection as soon as the boot process passes the windows 10 logo. I've tried booting in safe mode, and disabling my graphics drivers, which lets me boot and log in normally (without safe mode). Reinstalling my graphics card drivers does nothing. Intel Integrated...
  30. R

    i can not install nvidia disply

    i have All-in-One DX730-ST6N03 , but i can not istall (tc50099400d-nVidia Display Driver)
  31. K

    Can I run a Evga gtx 1070 ftw

    Hi all I'm looking to get a Evga gtx 1070 ftw but I have no idea if I will be able to run one, My previous card was a Evga gtx 970 ftw and my PC ran it perfectly fine and I was able to run games on high in 1440p. I will list my parts below any help would be awesome Thanks. CPU: i5 3570k Psu...
  32. D

    Only Mobo light turns on

    I was getting issues all day with WHEA 0x00000124 error. My PC would just shut down after few minutes of gaming and my CPU temps would only go up to 60c (not sure if that's a lot). I read a few posts saying reassemble everything since it could just be a loose wire somewhere. Well I took it...
  33. Colombino

    GPU not showing native resolution after replacing the MoBo

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my ASUS R7 260x. After I replaced my old mobo (that didn't want to boot anymore) with a used MSI GF615M-P33 V2 (socket FM3). The whole build is: CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 635 GPU: ASUS R7 260x 2GB OC RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz HDD: 1x500GB SATA II 7200RPM The whole build...
  34. O

    Need a little help upgrading

    Hello, I'm looking into a GPU update. Currently I have Gpu: geforce gtx 760 intel(r) core(tm) i5-4440 cpu @ 3.10 ghz 8 gb ram 1x 256 gb ssd and 1 tb HDD. 550 watt power supply Motherboard: ASUS Z87 K C2 I've been recommended the gtx 1070 by a friend. What that be the best option? Also do I...