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    Question Set default download/save location to secondary monitor

    Hello everyone! Is there any way to set the default download/save location in Windows to the secondary monitor, without setting it as primary in the display settings? I wish stuff I download or save in programs would be placed on the second monitor desktop, so I wouldn't have to constantly...
  2. B

    Question Computer tries to boot Windows off SSD but restarts whilst it is loading ?

    Please send help, My PC was working fine until last night (I built this computer myself and it was working fine for about 1.5 years). I turned my computer off and walked away, I came back and notice it was still on. It was frozen on the motherboard logo with the dots in a circle not moving. I...
  3. D

    Question New Desktop For Game Dev And Gaming, Need Advice.

    Hi, I'm currently thinking about building a workstation/gaming rig in the coming months, as I'm starting to take on more jobs for 3D modeling and game art/dev, and will be going to university in a few months to pursue a degree in a similar field so having a PC capable of handling the sort of...
  4. noyaus

    Question Help choosing between these specs

    Hi Guys HP All-in-One PC Core i5 8/512GB or R5-4600H/16GB/512GB for running Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro What are your general thoughts for using a HP 24" All-in-One PC Core i5 8/512GB White 24-df0026a for some basic home use work as well as some occasionally running some of the Adobe...
  5. gordonmousedeer

    Question What's happening to my mother's desktop computer?

    My mother's desktop computer recently had issues. After using the computer for a while, these lines (picture links below) would appear on the screen. Sometimes everything on the computer screen would freeze (even the mouse cursor) after using the computer for some time. She had to restart the...
  6. B

    Question Search Engine & FTP recommendation ?

    Can you recommend a paid search engine and FTP software for PC?
  7. B

    Question Online video

    Is there any dongle or device or software to watch online video on PC and prevent connection damage?
  8. L

    Question Desktop won’t start and I’m not sure why?

    I tried to turn my desktop on today and got no result, I’ve taken out the psu and put it back in to no avail, but when jump started using a paper clip the psu ran fine. I tried removing the clock battery, holding the power button for thirty seconds, and waiting for a few minutes before...
  9. cyberfyber

    [SOLVED] Desktop that's overly sensitive to Static Electricity - Keeper or Loser?

    Hi, I’ve this problem with static electricity and my newly purchased desktop. Question: Might a PC being overly sensitive to static electricity be indicative of poor workmanship/design? I’m within the return period and it’s the 2nd in this household (same exact make and model) with the same...
  10. G

    Question QHD & FHD in duplicate mode?

    Hi! I have 2 1080p monitors in duplicate mode. I want to replace one of the two with a new 1440p monitor but keep them in duplicate mode. Will it work, or it will downscale the 1440p scale monitor to 1080p?
  11. FieryFalcon

    Question Folders from old hard drive not getting deleted on a new build

    I recently built a desktop pc with an AMD Ryzen 5 3500X and an MSI B450 motherboard but reused the hard drive from my non-functional, HP made, Intel i5-7200U laptop. The hard drive had over 1Tb of data on it and I didn't want to do a clean install of windows because I would lose all of the data...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Can i use more than one power strip?

    Hi, I want to know if I can use two strips at the same time on my pc. i have an old power strip that is: Surge protector 2.5 m with universal power outlets (standard Europe, America, China, Australia). Characteristics...
  13. M

    Question Grinding sound coming from desktop

    A grinding sound is coming from the inside of my desktop case. It isn't noticeably affecting performance, but the sound is annoying and I want to address it in case it actually is a problem besides just the noise. Some suspect it is a fan issue, but I am skeptical from prior experience. This is...
  14. P

    Question Can Webcam & RAM be shifted from Laptop to Desktop?

    Hi, My Dell Laptop's motherboard got fried rendering it useless. I have now shifted to a Lenovo Desktop. Is it possible to use the LAPTOP's integrated webcam on the Desktop? Any steps on how to connect? Can the laptop's RAM be used in the Desktop? Unable to find any article/video on...
  15. L

    Question Looking for new desktop

    Approximate Purchase Date: within six months Budget Range:£1500-2000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming Are you buying a monitor: Yes (samsung g9) Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred Website(s) for Parts: pc part picker Location: South Wales Parts Preferences: samsung g9...
  16. Question Shutdown while in use

    First, suddenly pc turns black then locks but it is still open. After a few hours, the pc shutdown while after a few hours while in use. Sleep settings are already turned off. Is it possible that it is overheating? PC Specs: Hailan All in One PC CPU: i5 7th Gen GPU: Intel Graphics HD 630 RAM: 8...
  17. M

    Question My USB Microphone is Buzzing :(

    So I have had this problem for a few months now but I thought that my mic was just bad (I have a Neewer 8000 Usb Microphone), but I looked at some videos of the mic that sounded perfect quality. I had finally had enough of this problem, so I looked up some fixes and did some testing. The PC that...
  18. T

    Question My PC has a couple of issues.

    Hi there fellow gamers and computer enthusiasts. I've been having a gaming PC with an i9-9900K, RTX 2080 Ti and 32GB of RAM for 1 year and 4 months now and I never changed it's thermal paste. Aside from this, like 2 months ago the rear case fan, the one which takes out the air which my Noctua...
  19. Endre

    Question Which CPU was your very first one?

    My very first desktop PC was built in 2004 and it had an AMD Duron 950 MHz CPU 😄 Specs: 950 - D950AUT1B.html
  20. System32_76

    Question My Desktop Keeps Freezing Up - Xubuntu

    Hello everyone! Recently, I've been having a recurring issue on Xubuntu 20.04 LTS where my desktop freezes up but I can move my mouse cursor around and access TTYs. Somebody told me that this issue has been happening with other Linux distros as well. I also found out that a bunch of people who...