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  1. C

    Question Ending task, Service Host: RPC, kills Bluetooth. "Fixes itself" days later ?

    This issue has since "fixed itself", but the scenario and how it's corrected itself without explanation has baffled me. Any insight on what caused this and what likely corrected this would be appreciated. While using my PS3 emulator (RPCS3), I was culling background processes which were hogging...
  2. D

    Question Any worthwhile reason to "upgrade"my X470 motherboard(pcie 3.0) to a B550 Motherboard? (Pcie 4.0)

    So guys for the last few months I've been gradually upgrading my computer and peripherals Right now i have: LG 32 inches 180hz 1440p IPs monitor Carbide Spec-01 (2 arctic bionix f140 intake and 3 arctic bionix f120 outake fans) Coolermaster 850w 80plus gold - v2 modular Asus prime x470 pro (...
  3. T

    Question Asus x570-E gaming orange light after bumping flck speed kinda bricked my machine.

    So I was downloading drivers and I used the asus armory and saw this AI suite and wanted to bump up my cpu speed from 3.9 to 4.0 knowing if it didn't like it, I could revert it. So it black screens a few times and then freezes so I turn it off and turn it on and go to bios. I see its back at 3.9...
  4. Nephern

    Discussion What kind of GPUS will be out in 2030?

    What name will it have? this includes model name, manufacturer and whether its Nvidia, AMD, etc (maybe another competitor) How many gigs of Vram will it have? How fast will it be? this includes base clock speed, boost clock speed and memory clock speed What kind of cooling system will it...
  5. J

    Question A7 still worth it?

    I am new to cameras and have been made an offer to swap something for a A7 with a 28-70mm lens, I was wondering what the estimated cost of those 2 paired together would be? and if it is good for a starter, many thanks :)
  6. DeatM47

    Discussion Thermaltake PSU defects? My rant and your thoughts?

    Alright, So this is gonna be kind of a rant, But I wanted to share a very concerning experience that I had with a Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750 Watt PSU, This supply I got from my current workplace at my local high school where the system it was in was used for visual ASL teachings and...
  7. xXx_Big_Poppa_xXx

    Discussion Benefits of the PC community

    I'm doing a research paper for my uni on micro-ethnography. I specifically chose the PC enthusiast community because I feel most accepted here. I've been building PC's for the past few years now and I was wondering what do you guys think are the biggest benefits of being a member of this...
  8. E

    [SOLVED] Need some help calculating a minimum PSU

    Build, as of current date: (Yes, I know it's pretty obsolete, but I'll focus on upgrading when I get this current build running. Case: Cougar MX-330 MBD: Asus Pro-Gamer B85(Old, I know, but was cheap) CPU: I7-4770 RAM: 8x2 Team Elite(16gb total) HDD: Hitachi 1TB, 7200 RPM. Newegg calculator...
  9. E

    Question Building a budget PC and need help.

    So, I recently bought this case-- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079X2P3TR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1--, and got it at a steal for $27. It has mixed reviews, so time will tell if the case is worth it or not, but I do want to work on finding just the basics for now, so I...
  10. alewald

    [SOLVED] Scratched my monitor, contemplating buying a new one, am i a dumdum for even thinking about this?

    Hi there! A couple of days ago I was cleaning my mousepad and dinged my keyboard into my monitor (DELL S2721DGF), and it got a pretty small but noticeable scratch on it. DELL obviously won't replace it since it's not included in their warranty and they don't do repairs. It really bothers me that...
  11. Leygul

    [SOLVED] INTEL i5 8600K or RYZEN 5 2600 NEED HELP!

    Hello! I need help deciding on the two builds I've found, my main focus is Gaming ( the one better at VR specifically) these two cost me around the same ( with 80-100$ difference). I need help choosing between these two, or is there a better option? AMD Ryzen 5 2600 A320M 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz...
  12. W

    [SOLVED] FreeSync Premium vs G-Sync Compatible?

    I recently bought a monitor that's Freesync Premium certified but I have an Nvidia GPU so in the control panel it warms me that the display is not G sync compatible? So I was wondering what's the difference between these two? And should I turn it on?
  13. Geronimo21312

    [SOLVED] Assassins Creed: Odyssey randomly causes PC to reboot

    Hey - i am looking for help. My pc reboots when playing AC: Odyssey. It happens randomly. Does not happen with any other games. Sometimes 2 minutes after playing, sometimes longer. I tried general things such as messing with graphics, verifying game files and update all drivers. Specs: ASUS TUF...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Any tips and improvements is much appreciated: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yqBjK4

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yqBjK4 NOTE: I already have the Silverstone Rv01 case at home (I want to keep it to save money)
  15. S

    Question C Drive Storage disappeared

    I recently deleted the hibernation file as it was taking up 17GB on my C drive and it gave me 13gb space remaining (56GB hard drive). After about 10 minutes, it completely vanished and I suddenly had 600mb left of space. I have run multiple cleanups of the drive and deleted all temp files which...
  16. mark520fay35

    [SOLVED] What is the cheapest and worst quality SSD on the market?

    What is the worst SSD available to buy from the market? It can be DRAM-less SSDs, cheap build quality, or even assembled from scraps of electronics wastes. I highly suspect W*sh has the worst quality computer parts, but I need your take on the worst SSDs. Long as its still technically an SSD...
  17. S

    Discussion I wanna know if the my new PC build is better than the old one.

    Old Build New Build Last build stopped working and I am not sure why, a cousin of mine says that the motherboard is most likely broken. Nothing else is broken from what I can tell but I am still not so sure on the CPU, I will take it to a professional to inspect it. Before my last PC stopped...
  18. 4

    [SOLVED] Monitor help/input

    Hello! So i almost have all my parts (except gpu) for my very first pc which i will list below to give the reader an idea for my monitor. Originally i started acquiring parts about a year ago. I went all out so it took a bit to get everything as it is an expensive build to me anyways. My issue...
  19. J

    Question PC won't go to sleep

    Specs Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6 ASUS GTX 1070 I7-8700K DDR-3200 (Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16) 500gb SSD 250gb m.2 2tb HDD Issue started last week when I put computer into sleep monitors will turn off, however PC will remain on with lights. Never had issue prior. Appears it started after...
  20. jAm1339

    [SOLVED] Thoughts on first custom college build

    So I decided to use some student finance to create a custom pc for uni/gaming and a few other things for under £1500 (it cost just under £1400 when I bought it all and built it)as an upgrade from my old AMD 1100T Black Edition with 8GB of unsynched RAM (due to having to buy what I could afford...
  21. S

    Question how to undervolt a gtx 980 reference card?

    i wanna know if theres a way to undervolt this card to keep the wattage usage lower. i was planning to use msi afterburning but when i tried to do ctrl+F it doesnt show the custom curve for the voltage perhaps someone can help me out with this.
  22. S

    Question looking for an affordable budget psu price range $50 to 65 (cant go higher)

    here is my system: asus b85m-e/csm i5 4590 ddr3 12gb 1600 cooler master hyper t2 cpu cooler 2HDD> 1tb and 500gb 2 case fans gpu: gtx 980 4gb reference card (and when i recieve my fixed rx570 4gb i might switch not sure yet) okay i think that covers it, it could be looked around from...
  23. L

    Build Advice FAN Setup for new PC

    Hi all, I am planning on building a new PC this year when Navi/Ryzen 3000 comes out. The build is decided for the most part, but I am looking to optimize fan setup for my case of choice. The case will be Fractal Design Meshify C - TG, and it has several filters; front, bottom, top. For this...
  24. Abdul wahab 786

    [SOLVED] Which Cpu to choose with RX 580 8GB

    So, i have got an rx 580 and i need to make a pc to play games on it...my bughet is perhaps the tighest on planet earth . I have 150$ to build rest of the pc... I know the best way is to go used and i can find and i5 4590 for little over my bughet and an it 3570 right in my bughet.. So which...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] TURBO-GTX970-OC-4GD5 or GTX 1060 3 GB?

    Hi Everyone. So I am looking to replace or upgrade my GTX 760 from Asus to a Galax 1060 3 GB graphics card. Someone offered me a GTX 970 TURBO-OC-4GD5 for about the same price. Here is the specs of TURBO-GTX970-OC-4GD5: https://www.asus.com/us/Graphics-Cards/TURBOGTX970OC4GD5/ My...
  26. harrystam

    Why is Full Body Tracking Not Done More Often?

    Aside from the high price point of around $380.00 USD (after you purchase 3 trackers and straps) Why isn't this really fun and immersive feature used in more games. I can find a few lists of full body tracking games that only include up to 20 games and most of them are (more or less) pretty...
  27. W

    no signal to monitor help

    recently, my pc has been acting funny. i was using it one day. i got off of it and went bed. i got up in the morning and tried to use it and my monitor kept saying no signal. i unplugged the vga cable and plugged it back in. nothing. i have currently tried everything i can. ive taken it apart...
  28. LiveTrash

    Upgrade from i5-4690k to 6k series?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking at the 6k series of CPUs from Intel. Does anyone think I would notice a reasonable performance gain from the upgrade to make it somewhat worth the purchase or just stick with what I got? Temps are still low and nothing is wrong with my current CPU. I'm not...
  29. A

    How to install Games from another computer to steam?

    I bought A physical copy of DOOM today from gamestop for my pc, but it is only one disk. My buddy bought it on steam and has the full game on his pc. He copied his game files over to my external Hard Drive so that I wouldn't have to use up all of my data. Here is my question, How do I get STEAM...
  30. F

    Graphics Card's Bandwidth

    How Can i measure Video Card's Memory Bandwidth? i mean the formula? in my Experience..... if i have a Video card with 1800MHz Memory Clock & 128bit of Momory interface. i'll multiply 1800 with 128 and then divide with 8 to get Bandwith on MB/s or GB/s... now my question is that means that has...
  31. T

    750 watt PSU enough for this build ?

    Hi Guys. I currently have a system with the following specs: asus z-170 a motherboard intel 6700k OCed @ 4.6 ghz H100i gtx cpu cooler (2 x 120 mm fans) 16 gb ddr 4 2133 mhz ram 1 x asus 970 gtx strix (Not oc'ed) 1 x SSD 2x 120mm fans 2 x 140 mm fans It currently is running on a EVGA 750 b...
  32. J

    Can i have 2 4gb ram stick and 1 8gb ram stick?

    Ok so I looked at the user guide for my motherboard (MSI z87-g41) and i couldn't understand if I could do this or not, so I am asking you guys. I have 2 of these 2 4gb -...
  33. S

    Which course for someone really interested into computers and technology?

    I'm really under pressure a few days ago thinking if I passed my college entrance exam. Fortunately, I passed! and I didn't expect to get so many choices and opportunities. I am now pressured again, my brother recommends me to get Information technology because it is quite a demand here. My mom...
  34. M

    How will my build perform? (First Time)

    Looking to play games like DayZ, H1Z1, CSGO, Battlefield. What do you think of the build? Getting the parts soon. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kNqyRB
  35. I

    Which CPU should I go with?

    I'm building a new rig, trying to spend around 1k, not too much more. ($1,200 tops) and I was just wondering, is the i5 4690k the better option or should I go with the i7 4770k? I've heard that the 4770k isn't worth it because I won't be pushing it to it's limits, so why waste the money. Any...
  36. R

    Black screen then either shutdown or nvlddmkm stopped responding error

    After using any 3D heavy application, after awhile my screen will turn black for awhile and either crash and restart or come back and give me an error saying my display driver stopped responding. This can happen while I'm still in the application or after. For example -Play Skyrim -Finish...
  37. M

    gtx 780 vs r9 290

    what do you think?
  38. Q

    Crucial M550 vs Samsung 840 Pro vs Samsung 850 Pro vs Sandisk Extreme Pro vs Crucial MX100

    Hi Experts, I have a need for a Hard Disk or a SSD. I'm building a server for my own use. With 32 GB RAM, 2 CPU Quad Core 3GHz processors. I'm trying to find a better SSD, since they are lot faster than traditional Hard Disks. Can anyone, please suggest me, which SSD is better when it comes...
  39. A

    WIll this power supply give enough juice to My pc

    My Spec :- Intel I5 2400 8Gb Ram samsung 1080p 22" monitor Gpu upgraded to Zotac Gtx 660 Synergy Edition i brought Crosair vs550 currently Running 3 Hard Disk 1. 7200 Rpm 2HDD *250Gb 2. 5900 Rpm 1HDD *1Tb Please tell me will this power supply can handle this devices i am not using DVD rw...