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    Interacting with internals of a laptop on an ungrounded metal table - Ok?

    I know that nowadays there is no issue with ESD and building a PC on an ungrounded metal table, but what about a laptop? Is it the same, or can you cause damage from ESD on the internals when you open it up and touch the internals?
  2. S

    Question on vacuum as a cleaner

    I know it's bad to use a vacuum inside a laptop because the suction pulling in the dust into the plastic nozzle builds up static, and getting too close can cause ESD. Does the same apply for a phone? Could a vacuum be used on the outside of a laptop or phone safely without ESD damage? From...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] ESD Safe Air Blowers?

    Hi, I hope if someone can shed the light on the fact about ESD Safe electric air blowers ... are they really safe to be used to clean PC interior parts (e.g. motherboard, graphics card ... etc.)? An example about one of the advertised products...
  4. AmPro120

    [SOLVED] I am a bit concerned about ESD because mobo touched my bed

    Well I just got my mobo... and I had no idea about ESD because im a noob and i layed it on my bed for a few minutes to look at it. Does anyone think I fried it ?
  5. brxbrxbrx

    [SOLVED] Laptop won't power on and no display after dissassembly and fan cleaning/applying thermal paste

    I'm seeking help for my laptop which doesn't turn on. This is after I disassembled it and clean the fan, also re-applying a thermal paste as its temp reaches too high to the point of frequently shutting down. Upon my first re-assembly, the laptop won't turn on, without display even with...
  6. Giovalb

    Question I need HELP!!!

    Last Week when i was removing my shoes i accidentally touched my pc and got esd on the back metal panel of the case. As soon as I got the zap the radiator fans went to maximum speed and the cooler died. The pump in not working cos I can't hear the liquid moving. What should I do??? I am so...
  7. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Air Compressor Safe To Use For Cleaning PCs?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it's ok to use an air compressor for cleaning out PCs? I know using vacuums have ESD risks and since I'll be constantly cleaning out PCs, I don't want to keep buying canned air all the time.
  8. S

    Question Installing m.2 in my new laptop

    I am picking up my new (my first) laptop Legion Y530 tonight. You may check out the model and specs below. The laptop does not come with m.2 ssd so I plan to install a 500GB m.2 ssd. I have been reading posts on google for the last few days but I still have some confusions. Here are my...
  9. Z

    [SOLVED] Will this suffice

    will a 75hz monitor be good enough for this build? My friend says to get a 144hz monior but I don't have that type of money.
  10. S

    Rebuilt Computer stopped and won't reboot

    I rebuilt my computer with new ryzen 5 CPU, new mobile gigabyte gaming 3 and msi rx380 GPU . It booted up great and stayed working for a few weeks, then added the new you last week and still booted up fine. Tonight the computer screen just went black and would not restart when hitting the...
  11. Wayfall

    White mark inside new lens

    Hi I just bought a Canon 50mm 1.8 STM today from Curry's and I have just realised there is a tiny white smudge 'inside' my lens, it's not dust on the front or rear end. It's looks like it's between the glass elements. What is it and what do I do? Regards
  12. B

    The Jump To 4K: New GPU(s) or a new build?

    Hey all: I'm considering making the jump to 4K this year and I had a couple questions for the community. Currently, I'm running an X79 build with an Intel i7-4930K, 32 GB DDR3 @ 1866 and 2 GTX 780 Ti's in SLI. I'm looking to invest in a 4K screen in the coming months and I'm just planning out...
  13. B

    Disk 100% usage, Sager Laptop. Looked up many solutions would like some guidance.

    NP8255-S Sager Latop. (2013) Short Answer: High disk usage when opening apps (almost anything), spiking to 50 - 100%. System then becomes extremely slow doing any process. Minutes, sometimes. Restarting does not help. Long answer and what I've tried: It's probably getting old, but figured i'd...
  14. B

    how to know if a motherboard use standard ATX

    i speak about brand like lenovo, HP, DELL ETC the easiest way would be to open the case and look inside but for stuff on ebay or amazon? you can ask the seller but you dont always get a answer and when you do they sometime just told you find it out yourself. if i take this as example...
  15. J

    GTX 970 SLI Issue

    Hi, I am running an SLI setup with two GTX 970s, an i7-5820k on a AsRock X99 killer Fatal1ty motherboard. Also using 16 gigs of ADATA XPG ram. The issue I'm having crops up when i enable SLI in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Alone, both cards run fine and no artifacting occurs when i run them...
  16. I

    R7 m260 not running at max clock speed. tested with GPU-z

    Hi toms people. i have recently bought a second hand laptop pavilion 15 with A10 and the r7 m260. but im getting very bad fps. my old laptop with i5 and HD 4000 graphics ran these games no problem. i checked all the drivers installed the latest from the AMD website. turned up the battery usage...
  17. F

    Tabs opening on their own

    So It seems that i have virus on pc that opens new advertising tabs randomly in explorer i have checked chrome maps and app data maps for virus but none i deleted all cookies again none i have adblocker if someone is going to write that i reinstalled chrome Is there any other solution then...
  18. T

    Very hot heatsink problem

    Hi im building another pc for my friend its got a power supply, Motherboard, Ram and cpu we are still waiting on the gpu and hard drive. Its my old motherboard and cpu its a AMD FX 8320 using the stock cooler it gets very hot when I turn the pc on it gets warm by two minutes and by 5 its hot its...
  19. G

    affordable gaming laptop

    my son wants to play CSGo. I have been searching and trying to educate myself. I found two laptops I am considering. Will they be suitable?? I am a bit concerned that they are refurbished and that I may not be able to buy a warranty. I would love help ty :)...
  20. T

    New PC - Severe Problems (GTX 970)

    Hello all, Recently I noticed a problem to do with my GTX 970 G1 Gaming from Gigabyte. The card seems to only use 169mb of VRAM in all circumstances (benchmarking, gaming etc). As well, over the past few months (since early January; I purchased and built my PC in early December 2014) I have...
  21. T

    Motherboard Pins Bent

    I have a Gigabyte Z97MX board and I bent 1 of the pins slightly out of position on the board. I just want to know, would the computer start up if the certain pin wasn't touching the cpu?
  22. K

    Certain programs take 10-15 seconds to load when i connect my internet

    Hi, whenever i connect my internet certain applications take 10-15 seconds to load on screen keyboard- located on my ssd nvidia experience- located on my hard drive i recently (a week ago) installed windows 7 as i recently built a new system but i reused my storage drives i ran a plethora of...
  23. Mojoe134


    There are probably a million of these threads and i am sorry but i was really lazy and did not want to sort through them. A lot of them were pretty old anyways. BUT TO THE POINT. I'm asking you what is the BEST PROCESSOR FOR GAMING (almost exclusively) It is going to use a GTX 770 for a...
  24. J

    kfa gtx 770 ex oc any good

    Is this a reliable make and good graphics card. I have just bought it from ebay brand new just seemed awfully cheap at 210 gbp.I have an i5 4670k with 8gb ddr3 2400mhz, asus z87k with 1tb hybrid drive and samsung evo 840 ssd with artic cooler freezer 7
  25. K

    My share drive is password protected and I entered the wrong password

    My share drive is password protected and I entered the wrong password and clicked "Save my credentials" Now I cannot access the share drive. How do I undo this?