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  1. R

    Question XFX RX580 custom fan curve

    hi , It´s possible to make a fan curve on amd wattman or whatever software and maintain the zero rpm to a certain level , for example my gpu only start to run the fans at 60ºc , if I wish to let it run at 45 or 50ºc for example it is possible ? I can´t get a way on wattman .
  2. T

    Question GPU Fan Curve?

    Hey Community! So In both my systems (GTX 970/ GTX 1080) I have the GPU fan curve set so it hits 100% before 60c, I notice it seems to perform pretty well that way, I mean, why would I want it getting hotter than that? I was just watching a tech-tuber (Paul's Hardware) talking about OC'ing a RTX...
  3. Question Is this fan curve good for rx580 8gb?

    My gpu in idle mode doesn't go after 30c and when i'm playing a light game doesn't go after 40c, so is this a good fan curve ?
  4. Maximos118

    Question My PWM fan is fine in BIOS but I can't see it in OS?

    I have a Noctua PWM industrial 120mm fan on the back of my case connected to chassis fan header 2 on my ASUS Z170-I Motherboard. In BIOS I've selected PWM mode on the header and it seems to be fine at 20%. Just where I want it. However, when I boot into OS my settings seem to have been...
  5. T

    60hz vs 75hz on 60fps

    Hello guys, My question is im looking for a new monitor and saw one thats on 75hz Now my game is only at 50-60hz at the most. Am i gonna see a difference when i have 75hz or should i stick with 60hz bevause im not passing 60fps ingame? Or are there other things in 75hz 60fps that makes it nicer...
  6. S

    I dropped my Seagate External Backup Plus

    I dropped my seagate backup plus and now it wont open anything. Its not getting detected as a drive, but the computer is detecting it as a device that it can eject, the light is turning on and it's making noise. Help?!