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  1. martlost

    Question GTX 1060m 3GB Extraordinary Low FPS Problem

    Hi, in last one month i have a stubborn FPS problem with my laptop i still couldn't find whats cause it. its hard to explaing for me whats going on with FPS. Sometimes rarely its working with normal performance. But mostly its not For example in Fornite with my settings my FPS is 120-160 it is...
  2. Question My Gpu load by intel(r) graphics power plan. Need help

    Having high performance power plan make gpu load 30-45% and power saving plan makes gpu load high 80-95%. What's the problem? When i play dota2, at maximum battery life fps goes 35-45. But changing power plan to high performance makes my fps 10-20. It's intelR hd 3000. i7 2620m 8gb ram. windows...
  3. Z

    Question witcher 3 fps problems

    I have a i5-2400 and a rx 460wf 2gb oc. At the lowest settings i get around 45fps but in the video i watched he had a i5-2400 and a gtx 10502gb but was always around 60fps at the same settings. Dont know what it is, the card or cpu. The card is all the time at 100% and the cpu around 30%.
  4. A

    Problem with ASUS Maximus X Hero (WiFi-AC) and NZXT H500

    Computer Specifications i7 8700k ASUS Maximus X Hero ( WiFi) 2x8GB Team T-Force / Night Hawk 16GB 3200mhz GTX 1080 I recently bought an open box ASUS Maximus X Hero Wifi Ac from Newegg and it was certified working. I recently set up my computer outside of the case and it ran without any...
  5. M

    Booting windows 10

    Hi guys, I have a problem I hope you can help me with. One day I left my perfect working computer on to watch the WK and when I came back I realised the computer had turn itself off. I tried to start it up again, but for some reason it would not boot from my crucial SSD anymore. In the BIOS the...
  6. D

    building a pc

    Hello gays >> I am building a pc and want to know if the parts are compatible and if i should change anything but the twist here is that i got a pre-built pc as a gift (dell optiplex 9020 mt) and the only good thing about it is the cpu (intel core i7 4790k 3.6ghz) soo i want to take the cpu...
  7. A

    About CPU Fan push pins

    Will it damage my CPU if i didn't turn the push pins in the right direction? Does intel processors auto shutdown if it reaches max temperature?
  8. M

    SSD Capacity Doubled

    Hi all, I have two Samsung Pro EVO SSD's (125gb and 250gb), only in the last few days I've noticed that under Start > My Computer the space is listed as 232gb and 465gb respectively. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. H

    Opinion for my draft pc build

    http://pcpartpicker.com/user/nufailhazeem/saved/zbNWGX please do comment, give opinions or critics cause im still new to build this thing. And does m2 ssd faster than normal ssd?