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Forum discussion tagged with freez.
  1. rcheulishvil

    Question few second freezes in games

    Hi! So I begun to experience a few second freezing in video games lately. Counter strike GO Watch dogs 2 AC syndicate I know these 2 Ubi games aren't perfectly ported and problematic, but they never froze for 3 second either. Screen will just freeze (audio keeps playing, windows is fully...
  2. flasher33

    Question new build freezes randomly

    HI all. I just finished building my new Rig and I am facing an issue where every now and then the PC freezes for a sec or two then works fine. I hear the fans ramp up when the freeze happens. here are my specs: CPU: R9 3900X MB:Gigabyte X570 Elite WiFi RAM: G.Skill Trident.Z 32Gb @3200Mhz (XMP)...
  3. _Louis_

    Question MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION Error when downloading on Steam

    I recently received a Custom-Built PC from PC Specialist. Overall, the machine runs really well and handles the games I play nicely. However, when I am downloading games on Steam the PC freezes up and then gives me a Blue Screen error with the Stop-Code "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION". This has...
  4. J

    Question PC freezing randomly

    Hi, my issues started a few days ago when one of my SSD's randomly stopped reading and caused the PC to freeze, then after restart my PC also didn't POST due to that bad SSD. Took me some time to realize that but once I got rid of the SSD everything went just fine and I thought that the issue is...
  5. Abu Azme

    [SOLVED] My PC freeze if left idle or low usage

    Hello everyone i have this weird problem My PC keep freeze if left idle or low usage like browsing , but if im playing a game or some heavy load it keep run fine for many hours ! as im typing this thread i have PUBG running in the backgrounds LOL i tried to: formatted new win 10 new with...
  6. J

    Question Acer nitro 5 keeps freezing

    Hello, two months ago i bought an Acer Nitro 5 from Amazon.So when i work,the laptop keep freezing,and to solve the probleme i should plug out the ac adapter from compter.And when i also using the battery,when it freezes,i should plug in the ac adapter.When i used the computer far from the AC...
  7. burakkalafattt

    İs my psu can handle Gtx 660(Non Ti) Asus Edition

    This is my specs; İ5-2500 3.3 Ghz 7.2 Rpm Sata 8 GB Dual Link Ram Also the HD7850 did not cause any problems. And That's my Psu: https://store.donanimhaber.com/48/eb/41/48eb413c073eb7a40bbec3e061f1e9d8.jpg? Thanks For Help.
  8. M

    Gpu driver compatibility with win 10

    Today i installed windows 10 home x64. But then i realised that my gpu driver is said to support windows vista, 7,8, 8.1. There is no mention about win 10. My gpu is asus silent gt 730 2gb ddr3. Anyway, i installed its driver. I see its name among display adapters in device manager. Does this...
  9. W

    Asus N56VZ hinge problem

    Hello, My 4 year old laptop's screen hinges are loose. The screen wobbles around when touching it. When opening the laptop, the top plate pops up. I have to put it back in place each time. You can see an example in the videos. Video of top plate popping up: Example of screen wobble; I have...
  10. F

    International Shipping ?

    So I found this site http://calculator.shipito.com/en/#/ it lets you buy from sites like newegg that don't support international shipping. This is the build I want to get http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mM6Gzy. So if anyone is wondering, about the PSU, GPU and MOBO. I choose those because they are...
  11. Sidek Meher

    can someone please tell me what is this !?

    can someone tell me what is the black backplate stick on the back battery of the galaxy note 4 and what happens if we remove it !? look the video thanks !? https://www.facebook.com/100008850584008/videos/1443446109293728/
  12. D

    i5 3570k temps

    Basically been doing some tests and have my i5 at 4.6ghz and 1.24v everything is stable and seems to run fine. Done prime95 for about 2 hours again fine and repeated the test quite a few times and no faults but i noticed in HW monitor for a split second every now and then my TMPIN3 hits 156c...