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  1. O

    GPU Usage drops on CPU and GPU temp drops causing low FPS

    While I am gaming, for some reason a lot of things occur with my GPU and CPU which leads to FPS drops on games. For example some of the games I play are Rocket League, Borderlands 2 and Warframe. System Specs: Radeon R9 270x 2GB AMD Fx 8350 4ghz 8GB RAM Toshiba 1 TB Internal HDD - 3.5" SATA I...
  2. G

    Future proof cpu

    Hi folks. I need some advice with cpu future proofing. I don't earn a lot of money as I'm a maintenance operative so deciding on hardware is crucial. At the moment the i9 9900k has blown amd away with the Ryzen 2700x clock speeds and overclocking. If I were to purchase a i9 9900k it...
  3. C

    Can I go coax to cat5 and back to coax?

    Is it possible to go from coax to Ethernet and back to coax? My in-law wants to use his cable box outdoors and he already has cat5 running from indoors to where he wants the hookup. So I would need to convert coax to cat5 inside, and then back to coax outside where it can get plugged into the...
  4. C

    Toshiba TSC-100 Hi8 Camcorder

    Does anyone know how I can get or find or download a manual for a Toshiba TSC-100 Hi8 camcorder. This camera was a high-end camcorder in the '90s and was an alternative to shooting on Betacam SP. Any help is appreciated.
  5. A

    GTA 5 Stuttering

    I recently upgraded from a laptop to a desktop which I built myself and I came across a major problem. when I tried to play GTA 5 I experienced a lot of stuttering and fps drops. It is at 50 for 5 seconds and then suddenly out of nowhere (no intense action) it went to like 3 fps for 2 seconds...
  6. C

    Accidentally left my PC in the router's DMZ long term. Need advice

    The title speaks for itself really. I have a techincolor router through my ISP and put my PC into the DMZ a few weeks ago, forgetting to remove it. I know this can be dangerous which is why I had intended only a brief stay in the DMZ. So my question is, what are some steps I should be taking...
  7. M

    X370 or B450 for reliability

    Hey there! I have a ryzen 5 2600 and 8GB of g.skill aegis f4-3000c16s-8gisb. I'm trying to find which motherboard to get for my system and I'm torn between the msi x370 gaming pro carbon and the msi b450 tomahawk, both of which I can get for the same amount of money. I see that the x370 board...
  8. C

    1080ti SLI with low fps on 4k

    Hi everyone, Before I explain everything here is my current setup: Gigabyte aorus gaming 7 x299 rev 1.0 I9-7980xe @2.6ghz (water cooled) 128Gb ddr4 Corsair led vengeance @2133mhz SLI with 2x MSI 1080ti gaming x trio (fan cooled) factory frequencies 2x Samsung C27H711 (27", 2560 x 1440 pixels)...
  9. E

    Wired Ethernet disconnecting while only online gaming.

    - Provide us with the make and model of your router: I think its a modem/router combo: Arris NVG443B - Make and model of motherboard: Asus Saberooth X58 Mobo - Make and model of power supply: Seasonic 750W PSU - Operating system and driver version: Windows 10 Home Realtek PCI GbE Family...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Looking for 4K Monitor

    Hi, I am setting up my home office and I am looking for 4K monitor. I am not into gaming..mostly professional work (engineering). Appreciate your advice 1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? UK 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Office work 3. What resolution and screen size do you...
  11. S

    best cpu and rig for 1080/1080TI 1440P/60FPS 4-5yrs

    hello frIends i want to build a pc i am new to pc gaming. i am thinking of 1440P/60FPS gaming and i think 1080 will keep it running for 4-5 years. i just want stable 60fps high/ultra, no overclocking and will only play graphic games not fps/competitive games. ! think 16 gb normal speed ram would...
  12. N

    Question about screen tearing

    I'm building a new pc and I need your help. My goal is to be able to play demanding games on full graphics or older ones, heavily modded (TES Skyrim for example), while also being able to comfortably edit large files (been working on a map which has a 2 gb size in Photoshop right now) in...
  13. S

    My computer keeps restarting when I try to install anything into my new Samsung SSD

    I recently bought a Samsung 860 Evo 1TB. I installed Windows 10 Pro on it. Every time I try to install a new software like my video card drivers or a game platform like Origin. Midway during installation, I get the error message "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart..." and then it...
  14. C

    Ram compatibility suggestions

    Hello, im just about to build a pc and finding out which ram to buy is very confusing. I have a Gigabte B450M DS3H motherboard and a ryzen 5. I heard better speeds where needed but dont know which. The PC is going to be used for mainly e sports titles and older titles like Destiny 2. Thanks...
  15. X

    Windows 10 Completely Broken

    So randomly my computer started blue screening and when it restarted it would blue screen 5 minutes after being on, the code was System Exception Error. The solutions to this were very straight forward (update drivers and remove anti malware) I did both and they didn't work so it continued to...
  16. J

    I accidentally deleted a system partition

    Hello, I was trying to delete some partitions that were on my hdd so I merge them to 1 but one partition was for booting to windows. Now when I boot my pc i get the message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a Key". Unfortunately ease...
  17. Kyle_James

    Tech Yes Mentality

    So im blown away by old cpus and also not blown away by AMD.. can someone fill m in? I currently run a 6850k at 4.3ghz and use basically all the ten series cards and I have a 2080ti on the way. (dont hate please). Recently i got an 8370 FX Chip for free, and a 4100 for free. they both came...
  18. L

    Installed New RX 580 Armor OC and games keep crashing

    I'm pretty new at PC gaming so please bare with me. I used to run this setup: Athlon x4 880k R9 370 MS 7900 4x2 ddr3 1600 520w 80plus PSU WD 1tb I used to play siege, gtav well on low/medium settings until I installed my new rx580. The night of, I ran siege at 100fps high but since then...
  19. viral908

    Can I pair Ram sticks that aren't part of the same dual channel kit?

    I'm building a rig in a hurry since I need it for work. I'm going with a 16gb DDR4 stick for the moment. Can I pair another stick later and expand to 32 gigs with the setup working properly?
  20. J

    F&D f3800x 5.1 connection to tv.

    I have a F&D f3800x speakers which i want to coonect to my old led with no optical port. I am using firestick on that tv and want to have the 5.1 experience when it is available in certain movies. Can anyone suggest how can i get decent 5.1 effect of not a full one? Right now the speaker is...