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  1. J

    Monitor doesn't work when second monitor is plugged into the HDMI on the graphics card

    I have three monitors. My main one works when the hdmi port isn't being used.
  2. V

    Lost windows disk, but i have my windows key

    I want to know from where can i download windows, i have my key written down but i cannot find my disk, ive searched everywhere and thats why i am asking.. im doing this because im moving to another pc , because my pc is a oven ;)
  3. T

    1962: No operating system found Lenovo thinkstation s20

    So after using this thinkstation computer as a freenas server, I cleaned all the hard drives and decided to install windows 10 on it again. However when I boot to windows 10 usb (it was first in boot order) it comes up with a black screen and a blinking underscore. I got an ssd from another...
  4. O

    Pc not working

    I decided to undo all the cables in my pc and redo them so it looks somewhat nice. I finished it all and finally got to the front panel connectors, and followed the diagram on the mobo. Now my pc won't turn on, the power led works fine, but no other signs of it working. Not sure what I did...
  5. N

    How much slower would a full SSD get?

    People say that you should leave 20% of your storage free on an SSD. But with some SSDs that's a lot. For example, if you had a 250gb it would only be 50 GB but if you had a 1TB that would be 200 GB so I was wondering how slow would it make the SSD if I filled it all the way up? Would it slow...
  6. R

    Confusion regarding memory compatibility

    The motherboard I will buy is Gigabyte ax370m-gaming 3. In their memory QVL my memory model ADATA AD4U2400W4G17-B is listed but chip manufacturer is listed as HYNIX but my ram has Chip from Specktek. So would that be an issue?
  7. R

    1050ti + i7-8700 - constant stuttering

    When doing any gaming I have an intermittent, random stutter accompanied with a "brrrrtt" sound. When gaming (anything from Starcraft 2 to Fallout 4) it always corresponds with drop in FPS. I tried the following with no results: Change vertical sync setting to "Adaptive" Turn off all...
  8. R

    Move OS from old SSD to new SSD

    I have a 250MB SSD with Win 10, a 128MB SSD with Lightroom Backup files, and a 1TB HDD with photos. I want to add a 1TB SSD and do a clean install of the OS onto that drive. I also have the Win 10 install CD. What is the best method to go about getting my new 1TB SSD running with Win 10 on it?
  9. B

    Whole home audio 1 zone multiple speakers

    Just moved into a home that has multiple rooms with ceiling speakers. All speaker wires converge in basement in a bank/stripe with left & right separated (9 pair). 2 larger gauge wires with +/- go to the entertainment center in basement and labeled AMP on bank. Nothing left from previous owners...
  10. B

    I just installed a new GPU and now my monitor gives no signal

    My PC turns on but there is no signal and the rgbs on my keyboard don't come on
  11. R

    PC keeps rebooting in about 15 minutes, even from bios

    PC keeps rebooting, OS doesn't matter it reboots from bios or even when i am testing ram with memtest86. What i observed is that it reboots in between 12 to 17 minutes. I have single ram stick 8gb ddr3, tried with other slots on motherboard still it reboots. I did remove CMOS and reset the bios...
  12. Crashman

    Adata XPG Spectrix D80 DDR4-3600 16GB (2x 8GB) Memory Review: Making RGB “Liquid Cool”

    Adata’s stunning “Liquid Cool” D80 covers match the hype, but can its DDR4-3600 specs match its rivals? Adata XPG Spectrix D80 DDR4-3600 16GB (2x 8GB) Memory Review: Making RGB “Liquid Cool” : Read more
  13. B

    Graphics card compatibility ility help

    Hey guys, I’m a completely clueless when it comes to building PCs and checking their compatibility, any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently obtained a dell optiplex 9020 mini tower pc. I was wondering if a msi gtx 1070 would fit inside the motherboard linked below. What about a 1060 as...
  14. M

    locked out of fb

    fb keeps rejecting my password and recovery phone number. Having same problem with my emails.
  15. S

    Is 70c too high of cpu temp when gaming?

    Hello, I just recently built a pc and I am a little concerned with my temps. I am running a I7-8700k 3.7ghz cpu with a Cooler Master - MasterLiquid 240 66.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler installed, and I applied the thermal paste as recommended in several videos. I idle at around 37c (while windows is...
  16. G

    Cpu Usage 100% help please!

    Hello! When I play Witcher 3 or cs go or any other games my cpu goes to 100-99%, my gpu at max 60-65% please help me fix the issue.... i5 4460 gtx 980 ... i overclocked it...
  17. K

    What laptop is better for gaming RAM mhz or Motherboard Core+Mhz

    Is a 2.3 Mhz i.5 motherboard Dualcore(turbo2.8mhz) with 16gb RAM 2400Mhz better for running games or is a 2.5 Mhz i.7 (turbo 3.1 mhz) quad core with 16gb 1600 Mhz RAM better to run the games faster without lag? will the second computer run more games but run then all with more lag? Thank you
  18. S

    Red Pixels appears while i playing

    Red pixels appear on full screen when i play PES 18 (square pixels). It only occur when i start match in PES 18 everything goes red pixels. Check this images
  19. S

    Computer turns off unexpectedly

    Ok so this has been a long standing issue and it all started after i had to pretty much buy whole new internals after forgetting to put risers on my new case. long story short i fried my MOBO and such and bought new RAM, CPU and MOBO, as well as a new power supply and heatsink as i thought that...
  20. mrgrunts

    Need a new air cooler

    This is my system now. My upgrade to it this year is a new CPU. I bought a AMD FX 8350, however I am told that the stock cooler that comes with it is not all the best, So my question is what would be the best and quietest Air cooler for this CPU. I do not plan to OC the 4.0 to 4.3 is just fine...