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  1. G

    Amazon's Top-Selling Wireless Mouse Is Now $5

    This no-frills mouse is both cheap and competent. Amazon's Top-Selling Wireless Mouse Is Now $5 : Read more
  2. G

    Was using my Motherboard GPU thinking it was Dedicated GPU and when I put it into my GPU it black screens

    I got a pc two months ago, I'm a pc noob and didn't realise that I was playing off my Motherboard GPU instead of my GPU I have installed. So anyway I only realise today while I was cleaning my pc that I never plugged the HDMI cable into my GPU. So I did and i started my pc and it loaded up. I...
  3. M

    RX480 Grey Screen (always after startup)

    Hi, I just bought a RX480, after installing with CD I get some glitters, so I updated to latest Drivers and reboot. But I get a grey screen like this just after the MSI logo : What does it mean...? don't tell me it's dead pls Maybe it's because of my Power Supply : Fortron Raider S - 550Watts...
  4. P

    No signal when booting, all fans and LEDS work fine.

    Hold power button, everything runs fine (all fans and lights), no signal. I've checked all the connections and they're fine. Dead GPU? I heard someone say dead CPU and my heart stopped, but I'm sure it's not as my pc can just run forever fine, just has no display (from what I've seen a dead CPU...
  5. F

    First build and i want to know if these fit together

    So this is my first time building a pc,and i don't know if these parts really fit.
  6. J

    Nuclear Engineering + Home Office Build

    I am finally in the market for a new computer, but I noticed that everyone is pushing Windows 10 for their "off the shelf" models, which I have no intention on moving to. So I have started researching building my own, but I'm not an expert in this field so I defer to you all! I am looking to...
  7. J

    What should card buy (No mans sky)

    okay so basically i have this setup: op:Windows-7 processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.2GHz Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series i need a new graphics card which i do know, i mainly want the new card to be able to play the game "no man's sky". i've gathered a few sites to...
  8. Y

    Can i connect USB 3.0 connectors to mobo's USB 3.1 (gen 1) headers?

    The case i'm planning to buy has only usb 3.0 connectors on the front panel. But the motherboard has only usb 2 and usb 3.1 gen1 headers. Will it work if i connect front panel to usb 3.1 headers?
  9. B

    windows 8 vs 8.1

    which one is best in perfomance?
  10. J

    AMD Radeon HD 5670 won't read

    hi, i currently just have re-installed my windows but i happen that my graphic card not recognized. previously my graphic card is recognized as "Radeon 5600/5700 HD" but now is "Standard VGA graphics Adapter". i guess thats the problem i couldn't install the catalyst software. i know its an old...
  11. M

    Is GPU too powerful for my current CPU?

    Hi, My current rig is an i7 950, 6gb triple channel ram, geforce gtx 460 powered by a 750W psu. I am looking at upgrading my gpu to a gtx 980 or a gtx 980ti. Will my current cpu be able to handle the gtx 980 or 980ti? I am also not sure if I should upgrade my ram as well.
  12. M

    Wireless Phone Network being hacked.

    Think I'm being hacked. Have a wireless network from phone to laptop. Keep losing large chunks of data. Are there any ways to protect phone- computer link from being hacked. Think its the young guy next door but have no proof. Is there a way to prove who is hacking my "network" ? Can I...
  13. not you

    could this computer run games?

    hello would this computer work for games? Asus workstation mobo 7 pcie 3.0 16x PNY Quadro M6000 (4 way sli) intel xeon E7-8893 v2 (2 of it) 128gb 1600mhz ram 2 tb ssd not a gaming build but would it work? thank you!
  14. A

    Primary slave hard disk error

    Yesterday i took my hard disk to one friends. We connectd my hard disk to his computer by removing the cables that were attached to his cd drive. So now we had two hard disk connected to the cpu and one cd drive not connected by anything.He started his cpu and went to bios and selected his hard...
  15. uthvag

    how good are these temps?

    hey My old rig having e5200(?) an old lga775 dual core has temps of 50C after a repaste same with the gpu on that rig- a 9400GT idling at 60C NOTE- it has absolutely no dust , with good airflow the components are 7 yrs old almost. ambient is 40 C so how bad is it? PS- i am not that good...
  16. T

    Touchpad doesn't move cursor

    Hello! I just got a new Alienware 15 (with Windows 8.1, joy of joys :/ ) from Dell and the touchpad is not working in the weirdest way. Immediately after closing or opening a new window (doesn't seem to matter what) it'll work for a second. One good swipe, a glimmer of hope, and then it's back...
  17. lewisaro1

    new GPU, display goes fuzzy at native res

    Hello there, so i just got a 7990 and it seems that when i set it to my native res (2560x1080) the screen goes all pixelated however when its at 1920x1080 its fine?
  18. L

    is this build compatible?

    hi, i picked components that were spoke highly of online, and within my budget, and i was wondering if all of the components i chose are compatible; the last thing i want to do is order them and have them not function properly Case...
  19. Y

    Duel screen with windows 8.1

    Hello so I am not having a problem with my windows 8.1 with two screens. So the problem is when I switch from one screen to the other it will not do that and get stuck on one screen on the border like it is one screen. It just stopped but this isn't the first time it has happened this is the...
  20. Z

    What PSU for 4670k + R9 290?

    What PSU should I get for: R9 290 OC to 1040MHz 4670k OC to 4GHz 2x 120mm LED fans + 120mm fan + 2x 90mm fan 7200 RPM HDD I'm thinking of getting the XFX 750 or RM750
  21. Yingerman

    Where can I test gaming mice before I buy?

    I need a new computer mouse for FPS gaming, but I'd like to test how the mouse feels before I purchase it. I've been using the Razor Deathadder (not 2013), but the mouse has worn down and I was never a fan of how it felt in my hand. To avoid the problems I've had with the Deathadder, I'd like...