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  1. K

    Question CPU lag spikes and temp drops whenever being used

    Been dealing with this problem for quite a while, whenever i play any game (such as csgo or valorant, the non-heavy and heavy games alike) my cpu lags at regular intervals, about every 5-10 seconds and fps dips by a large amount. e.g: playing valorant at 120 fps, lag occurs, fps drops to 40-50...
  2. GodDarkWorld

    [SOLVED] I want a consistent clock when its idle on FX6350

    So I'm using FX6350 and overclock to 4.2 GHz... but when idle its low to like around 3.5 Ghz ad I want it run (BTW I want to change Vcore from 1.284 but I don't want to burn my CPU so plz help) PC spec: FX6350 6c 3.9ghz (OC to 4.2) 8GB ram 1333mhz GT730 from gigabyte 250w PSU (IK I will upgrade)
  3. marquinho.osorio

    Multiple errors in Windows 10 Home

    Hey everyone, Since 3 weeks im having a lot of problems with my windows 10 home. - Everyday i need to shutdown my pc because Windows Explorer doesnt work. Like when i click in windows button it doesnt open. I try to reboot it at task manager or shutdown and start it again, i did some stuff that...
  4. S

    Liquid Cooler not cold

    I'm new to the PC scene and I just finished assembling my first PC. One of the components that's giving me concerns is the liquid cooler. Maybe I wired it up wrongly but the radiator doesn't feel cold at all. So for some background: I have the asus crosshair vi hero and I have the corsair h110i...
  5. T

    WHAT SETUP IS BETTER? asus h170 pro gaming with gtx960 4gb or msi 1060 gaming x 3g?

    Buying a new setup What is better, a ASUS h170 pro gaming (motherboard) with a MSI gtx960 4gb, GIGABYTE gtx960 4gb, EVGA gtx960 4gb or with a msi gtx1060 gaming x 3gb, what combination is the best one? please helpp!
  6. M

    Asus Strix RX 480 Coil Whine-Last Question

    So iv'e been asking around on this forum about my coil whine. This is my second and last thread. I want to know why out of all my cards iv'e had.... R7 260X, Asus R9 290, Gigabyte R9 290, GTX 550 TI, I've never experienced coil whine. Until i pay a huge amount for this good GPU that whines...
  7. E

    1440p/144hz free-sync with rx 480

    Sorry if this is in wrong section I recently built a new computer and have everything except a gpu and monitor. I want to get the mg279Q, 1440p/144hz. It would be nice to get one with g-sync but they are more expensive. I hear that free-sync/g-sync makes gameplay much smoother, but with the...
  8. R

    USB Ports stopped working when reinstalled windows

    My USB ports were working just fine. I had to reinstall windows. It's windows 7. Everything working just fine except the USB ports. It's an ASUS laptop and AMD motherboard...any idea plzzz? Thanks in advance.
  9. G

    Cheap Gaming Motherboard

    By gaming i mean one that can atleast keep up. i know i cant get a real gaming motherboard unless i have a hundred dollars for one but im looking for a motherboard that is about 80 bucks or lower (cant go any higher). FX 6300, can fit a GTX 660 OC, and has decent amount of fan headers for the...