Question CPU lag spikes and temp drops whenever being used

Mar 7, 2022
Been dealing with this problem for quite a while, whenever i play any game (such as csgo or valorant, the non-heavy and heavy games alike) my cpu lags at regular intervals, about every 5-10 seconds and fps dips by a large amount.

e.g: playing valorant at 120 fps, lag occurs, fps drops to 40-50 with packet loss occuring too.

Using MSI Afterburner, I've noticed that whenever the fps drop occurs, my cpu temps also drop, for example temps running at 45c stable, fps drops and temp drops from 45c to 35c.

This problem has gradually become pretty annoying, so I'd be really glad if someone could atleast point out the problem with my pc!

AMD FX-6350
GTX 750ti (Asus oc)
8gb ddr3 ram
1tb hdd and 160gb ssd

Also I've installed a fresh copy of windows too, did not help at all.
I once installed chipset drivers for my motherboard, which surprisingly made the lag go away but only until I restarted the pc.