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    Value my PC

    Hey guys Wanted to ask your expert opinions on my current PC. I’m on the fence about selling it. I get a bit addicted and I have 2 young kids and full time employment. Maybe it’s time to focus on my priorities a little. I custom made my rig with the best stuff on the market about 5 years ago...
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    New computer won’t turn on, HELP.

    I have just built my computer but when I turned it on all fans and lights turned on for at most half a second then went out again. I then took it apart put it back togeather again multiple times but each time I had the same issue. I am confident that I have built it properly. I tested each...
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    [SOLVED] Is this a good build?

    Cooler Master MCW-L5S3-KANN-01 MasterBox Lite 5 ATX Mid-Tower Case with Dark Mirror Front Panel, Acrylic side panel, Customizable trim colors - CASE ASUS B450 AMD Ryzen 2 Micro ATX Gaming Motherboard AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 - MOBO MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 Armor 8G OC AMD...
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    [SOLVED] Lenovo C530 cube

    Hi everyone, I bought a Lenovo C530 the cube mini-gaming desktop a couple of months ago. It has an AMD RX 570 for a graphics card and I was wondering if I can upgrade it to a more powerful one. I tried to contact lenovo's support and they told me that it can't be upgraded. Is it true? If it's...
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    [SOLVED] Has anyone upgraded a virtual PC into a gaming PC...many PCs & servers collecting dust would like a gaming PC

    I was unfortunately forced to close my 20yr business recently. With the closing, I have more than 50 virtual PCs and 5 Dell PowerEdge R710 servers which I used. Of course, I had a dedicated IT team to handle all aspects. Now, all of this equipment is collecting dust...I was hoping at least one...
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    [SOLVED] Streaming pc/Gaming pc connected via ethernet.

    Both of my mobo have two Ethernet ports, is there any major benefits having both PCs connected to the router AND to each other?
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    SMR hard drive

    I recently purchased a smr hard drive for a backup/alt drive. My question is would this also be suitable for gaming? Not massive new games but older games in the 1-12GB range. I assume it would because the games won't require that much writing aside from autosaves and i know that's the worst...
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    Gaming pc 1200$ is this good one

    Hello What do you think of this build Going to use it on 1440p monitor 144h gaming And i would like it to be Intel and nvidia build No need for operating system i just need a case From amazon and Newegg https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7sXDTB No video card in the build not sure what to...
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    Pc spec feedback

    Ballistix Tactical BLT4G4D26AFTA - Memory RAM 4 GB (DDR4, 2666 MT/s, PC4-21300, SR x8, DIMM 288-Pin) Seagate ST1000DM010 - Disck HDD Mars MPII550 Gaming AMD Ryzen 3 2200G MSI B450 Gaming Plus Not gonna buy grafic/SDD for now, but want to head some feedback
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    Is it the rtx 2070 or something else ?

    Backstory : i posted here before about my accident where i split juice on my pc tower . a lot got on my graphics after i sent it to get cleaned ( the guy who cleaned told told me everything was fine ), i noticed it was stuttering a lot and so i thought it was my graphics card which is a gtx 1070...