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    Conflicted between future proofing or buying what makes sense

    Everywhere I search, it goes something like this... "Hi, I'm looking for a 4k monitor g sync etc." "That's cool here's a good 1440p 144hz suggestion" Obviously, all of us want to buy get the best bang for our bucks. So this brings me to this oversaturated question that may differ from the...
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    Seagate External Hard Drive, Two Clicks

    I plugged in my external hard drive and I can hear it turn on, then it makes two clicking noises and I can hear it power down. Is this hard drive a goner?
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    Nvidia Control Panel Doesn't list the CorrectMonitor Refresh Rate

    I have a BenQ 144hz monitor, i have the monitor refresh rate through the monitor menu set to 144, but I was just playing around with nvidia control panel and it says my fresh rate options are 60 or 59. Is this an issue? Have I not been getting 144hz? Monitor is connected to GPU via display port.
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    My gpu load stuck at 5%

    So recently I bought a new GPU - Nvidia Geforce GT 710 (I know its outdated and cheap but I am poor) and am currently playing Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege on it. I get very low fps about 20-25 at peak. I am playing on the lowest possible graphic setting and have followed several youtube...
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    New Build, only 1 memory slot will allow computer to post

    Brand new build, all new components. Had the basic setup of CPU, MOBO, RAM (2x16) and PSU. Would not POST. I took out 1 stick of ram, leaving 1, to test. Nothing. Then I started putting that 1 stick in each slot and going from 1-4. Finally posted with 1 stick in the 4th slot. Very annoying...
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    I been receiving BSOD when trying to Game/stream there are time it works completely fine, and then other times it wants to give the BSOD. I disabled some stuff in my task scheduler which fixes the problems at some point. I would like to find a fix so i don't have to having this issue...
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    Installing windows 10 onto an m.2

    Im planning on starting a new build and i want to download windows 10 onto a samsung pro 970. I was just wondering how to do that. Do i just put the m.2 in and no other storage space and then just boot up the pc with windows 10 disc in?
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    Pc will not display/post

    Everything comes on but pc will not post. Things I've done: Checked cpu = no pins bent/no paste on cpu or socket Checked Psu = works 100% Checked all cords = All plugged in Checked guide for any on board LED notifications = motherboard doesn't show any issues with cpu, boot, ram, and vram...
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    Wich gpu to buy

    I3 8100, gybabite b350m ds3h, 2666mhz 8gm ram, SeaSonic 550W Focus Plus Gold. I can't deside wich gpu to buy a new gtx 1060 6gb or a used gtx 980
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    Windows 10 “Other User”

    Trying to login into my laptop with windows 10. All the sudden i only have access to a “Other User”. I’ve tried logging in with my microsoft account and it doesn’t work. The password is correct. When i do the Shift + Restart thing I am able to get to the command prompt and login with the default...
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    obihai 100 tcp error when setting up google voice

    I'm trying to set up my (EOL no longer free tech support out of warranty) VoIP adapter. I keep getting this bs error: SP1Google VoiceBacking Off : TCP connection to failed WTH?!?! how do i fix this???? i don't wanna buy a THIRD adapter or a more expensive one if i don't have...
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    2070 or 1080ti which one is more powerful for games

    Yup just what the title says.
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    Should Graphics Card Be My Next Upgrade?

    As the title suggests, I am looking to upgrade my pc. I think getting a graphics card to replace my geforce gtx 770 would be a good upgrade, but I also know my CPU can be a bit slow, possibly bottlenecked. I am completely unsure if a new graphics card will help that, or what might. Here are...
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    My 'beast' Pc cannot run arma 3

    Okay so my specs are pretty good. Asus 1080 & a i7 8700k. I load up arma 3 and go on altis life and even on low I cannot keep a constant 60. If i move around it like drops to 30/40 and then back up but its not even playable. One of my friends has a 1060 and he gets like over 60 always on high...
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    Worth upgrading my counsin from a i3 2120 to an A8 8600

    Currently my cousin is gaming on a pc with an i3, a gtx 660, and 4gb ddr3. He mainly plays fortnite and is looking to get into overwatch & csgo. I recently acquired an A8 8600 (for free) and was wondering if it wouild be worth the upgrade. Ideally id like him to use it for a year or so. Im...
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    Best RGB fans and hubs choices

    What are the best rgb fans for: 1- Lowest noise level 2- excellent rpm and cooling performance 3- premium control In addition: Will it work if I split something like corsair LL rgb fans into a thermaltake fan hub, but I won't be able to have any type of software control for this config., just...
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    Any reason to use a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS card?

    Found it lying in a drawer. Last used about 5 years ago when it was lurking in a Windows 7 system. My current system is an i3-based Win10 home-build. The mobo (ASRock H97M Pro4) has RealTek onboard sound and I use a Behringer USB mixer now & then to get digital sound in & out of the PC. Is...
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    The Best Air and AIO Liquid CPU Coolers For Threadripper 2 CPUs

    We investigated the best air and liquid coolers on the market for your second-gen Threadripper processor. The Best Air and AIO Liquid CPU Coolers For Threadripper 2 CPUs : Read more
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    Best Windows 10 Data Recovery Software?

    Please give me some suggestion for Windows 10 data recovery software.
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    What can I do?

    Hello! I have an old TP-LINK router that has 300mbps (6-7 years old). Since two weeks ago my phone gets randomly disconnected from my WiFi and I have high ping (from 35 jumps to 250+ and then goes down back to 30-35). What can I do because I'm not an expert in routers and internet connection at...