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    [SOLVED] Battlefield V graphic settings

    Battlefield V need help graphic settings guide pc specs OS: 64-bit Windows 10 pro - nvidia drivers 417.22 cpu:2600k ..corsair h100 gigabyte z68xp-ud3p Memory (RAM corsair vengeance 8gb (2x8gb) ddr3 psu corsair tx850 gpu :MSI GeForce GTX1070 8GB Gaming X hard drive samsung evo 840 512gb
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    Can someone build me a gaming pc?

    Hi i need a good gaming pc+monitor+keyboard+mouse for a total price of €1500,i live in belgium and i want 1080p.i want to play games like assassin's creed odyssey at max graphics.
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    [SOLVED] What is the most expensive printer money can buy?

    What is the most expensive household (not office) printer that money can buy right now?
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    Ryzen 2600 RAM overclocking problems (not getting past 2800mhz)

    So i have been trying to get my RAMs to run at their rated speed (3200mhz) but without success. XMP-profiles are unstable. I've been able to run 2800mhz stable but any higher, prime95 keeps saying error and programs keeps crashing and system bluescreening. I have tried pumping the DRAM voltage...
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    Windows 8.1 Driver Corruption, Help Please!

    I was trying to diagnose my Xbox 360 wireless adapter to play some games on Steam yesterday. The adapter light would light up but the controller wouldn't connect. I had seen this problem before and all I did was go into the device manager where I can view the wireless adapter that was plugged...
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    Using stock cooler with 8700k

    Hi I want to build and test my pc as soon as possible and im wondering if a stock cooler would be fine with the xmp profile in terms of temps
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    First time PC user looking for help building a computer from scratch.

    Alright, I’m new here, and I feel like I’ve been running around in circles while trying to research how to make my own gaming PC from scratch. Any help would be appreciated, including advice, tips, and PCs any of you have built already and what exact components I need to buy for them. I will...
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    NZXT H700 vs Fractal Design Define S2

    Hi guys, I would like advice for a possible change of case. Actually I have a Phanteks p400, good case if it were not that does not support any AIO above 120mm at the top, the fixing of a simple MSI GTX 1070 is impossible to use for the screws behind and the part of the power supply is really...
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    Is my PSU good enough for upgrade to RX 580

    Processor: i3-6100 GPU: GTX 1050TI >>>> planning to upgrade to Sapphire RX 580 ++ Nitro (Link below) RAM: 8GB PSU: Corsair VS550W Motherboard: Asrock H110m-HDV Hello currently thinking of upgrading to Sapphire RX 580 ++ Nitro, i have seen that the GPU was factory set to higher clock speed, so...
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    About gaming xbox

    Hey I own a Xbox one x I was thinking to buy red dead redemption 2 I ordered red dead redemption special edition but I am bit confused that should I buy it or the Xbox one x enhanced And can someone tell me is the red dead redemption special Edition Xbox x enhanced?? (The seller told me...
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    Mixing Regular Kingston RAM with HyperX?

    The RAM that I have is Kingston 1x8gb 2133MHz DDR4. Was wondering if I could buy an 8GB HyperX stick (also 2133MHz DDR4) and have it work well.
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    Heatsink was not touching CPU, opinions please?

    Hi, I built a system around the SuperMicro X7DB8+ for a SCSI related project I'm working on, I had to source NOS or used parts, so I mistakenly got a HSF (Intel D98510-001) that was incompatible with the board (board needed an HSF with push pins), I found what I thought was a fix (Dynatron P/N...
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    Need Help Identifying fried Resistor on Electronic Drumkit

    I am trying to figure out what type of resistor I need to replace on the circuit board of a Simmons SD7K Electronic Drumkit. I've attached pictures. Part of it seems to be chipped/burnt off so I can't quite tell what color the rings on it are. Also attached are images of the circuit board in...
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    Comments on 'value' build (AMD or Intel)

    Trying to decide what makes the most sense.....probably building before year's end. Uses include: General use, gaming and photo editing (lightroom) Location: USA Please note monitor: 2560 x 1440, 60Hz (1440p I believe) Below are the two builds: Not sure about the MBs - I do not need WiFi On...
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    PC Parts Compatibility

    I'm building my first pc and would like someone to double check that these parts are compatible. Thanks in advance. Also, if anyone has this case, how many fans can it hold? Another thing, I'm not interested in overclocking the CPU. CPU - Intel i5-8400 GPU - ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Dual 0-O8G OC...
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    PC Case compatibility and suggestions please

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700x MSI B450 Gaming Plus (MATX) Team T-Force 2666mhz 2x8GB Cooler Master MWE 500W Lite MSI GTX 1070TI Gaming 8G WD Blue 1TB Samsung 850 Evo and the problem is, the case - Corsair Air 240 on PC Partpicker site, it says it's not compatible because of my GPU. Is this actually true...
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    Next worthy upgrade for PC? Ram vs CPU

    Hi, I have a PC 8 gigs of DD4 Ram RX 570 4 GB Ryzen 1400 OC to 3.5 stock cooler I don't know what to upgrade next to improve my build. Whenever i popped up task manager i noticed Black ops 4 utilizing like 80% of my ram and sometimes my game stutters. I guess recommended ram for the game is...
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    Things I should know when using a dual monitor setup?

    Hi guys! I have an extra monitor and i'm currently running a dual monitor setup (1440p and 1080p) I have an i7 4790 and a gtx 1080 with 12gb of ram. I noticed that my pc generally runs hotter with a dual monitor setup, and I was just wondering if that was normal? Also, I'd appreciate if you...
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    strix z390e vs Maximus XI Hero (Audio)

    Hello guys, im working on a new gaming build and waiting for the new gigabyte z390 auros xtreme mobo which will be released soon meanwhile im also fan of asus and i was comping the z390E and XI HERO they are pretty much the same but what really matters for me is audio quality i noticed the...
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    Low GPU Usage

    I have struggles with performance in certain games like PUBG, Battlefront 2, etc. I get 80-100% GPU usage on high-ultra settings while on ultra settings I get high usage but large usage drops. My CPU cores all individually stay around 50-85% I have added a new hard drive into my computer to help...