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  1. Manuj_UFNF

    Question Gpu/Cpu throttling

    So i bought a acer predator helios 300 , gtx 1050 ti 4gb model , core i5 8th gen and it was running really good. But now days my while gaming session there are sudden fps drops of 2-3s consistently coming after 3-4 min i searched on internet and found out that it was my cpu/gpu throttling (i...
  2. asem1123

    Looking for an under $1000 gaming laptop

    Hi, even though the the title says I want a gaming laptop, I'm actually going to use it for mostly video editing and animation. My budget is $1000, and for that money I couldn't find a gaming laptop with a color accurate IPS panel. I don't really want high refresh rate, just the >85% sRGB color...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] What is the best gaming laptop to buy on budget?

    So I am looking to buy a gaming laptop but I don't want to spend too much money. I guess the most I'd like to spend is around £600. Can anyone recommend a laptop that will be good for gaming please? The games I play are going to be pretty much just strategy, like total war and cities skylines...
  4. alexxN00

    Question Bought a used Asus G750JM laptop and windows has a "Packard Bell" wallpaper, have i got scammed?

    Hi everyone, just bought a used Asus G750JM laptop for quiet cheep 350$ approx. And the guy said that he reset windows but when i made an account and logged in i got a "Packard Bell" wallpaper and it just looks weird and my connection is not working. I think i might of gotten screwed over or...
  5. I

    Question My Gaming Laptop gets fps drops while playing open world games then crashes

    PC Specs CPU: Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-6700k (4.0GHz) 8MB Cache RAM: 16GB HyperX IMPACT 2133MHz SODIMM DDR4 (2 x 8GB) GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M - 8.0GB DDR5 Video RAM, DirectX® 12, G-SYNC SSD: 512GB SANDISK X400 M.2 2280 (up to 540MB/R, 520MB/W) HDD: 1TB SERIAL ATA II 2.5" HARD...
  6. P

    Question Whats the best Gaming laptop right now?

    I want a gaming laptop because I'll be traveling most of my time for work so I want to be able to play games back at the hotel, games such as Cyberpunk borderlands 3 rocket league apex and all that, I'm thinking I don't want to go below a 1070 but even that might be low for those games on good...
  7. ilikegirls

    Question Did I get the wrong laptop?

    I just saw the Tom's article about best gaming laptop, and they recommended the Razer Blade 15 which confused me considering the ASUS Zephyrus M has better hardware for $100 less. Did I miss something? They were talking about this Razer Blade 15 -...
  8. J

    Question Asus FX505GE charging while gaming

    Hello ! I just bought Asus FX505GE in i5 series a few weeks ago and i just found out that my laptop would be drained even if my laptop was in charged condition. Is it normal for this kinda stuff in gaming laptop ? or is it and malfunction ? Thanks before !
  9. E

    Question cpu very slow

    i have an aorus 15-x9 rtx 2070, i7-8750h and i installed the Intel extreme tuning utility and it slow everything i compared a recent benchmark (userbenchmark) and from 100% effectiveness i felt to 24% just because that program and i dont know what to do to gain 100%performance of my laptop...
  10. calebao

    Question Need advice: Cooling Systems for new Gaming Laptop (Vaccuum or Pad)

    I just bought a brand new laptop, and I do not want it to overheat with time. I want to start taking care of it right now. This is the laptop: Sager NP8972 (Clevo P970EF) 17.3” FHD 144Hz Intel® Coffee Lake i7-8750H NVIDIA® 2070 8GB DDR6 MAX Q 16GB RAM 250GB SSD + 1TB HDD Pictures here...
  11. AnirbanB

    Question Which laptops (Windows OS) do have higher AdobeRGB color gamut?

    As a photographer, I tend to get higher AdobeRGB spectrum/color gamut for a display. I prefer IPS display. I am not concerned about sRGB but only AdobeRGB. Wanted to go for a MacBook but doesn't seem a viable option with that budget. Budget: $1000-$1200 USD Configuration: • Display size with...
  12. V

    How much is my laptop worth?

    Hi, So i was planning on selling my gaming laptop i have but i was just wondering what a reasonable price for it would be? Its around a year old an was originaly bought for €1,300. Any help is appreciated. Specs: MSI Leopard Pro Core Intel i7-7700HQ Gtx 1060 8gb RAM 1Tb HDD 128Gb SSD...
  13. V

    [SOLVED] Hypothetical Laptop Mod for Increased OC

    In a hypothetical situation, what are the best things I could do to make a laptop better suited for Overclocking? Better thermal paste? Water cooling? Are there any water coolers designed for laptops? How about external water coolers, if that exists? Thx in advance! Sorry if it's worded badly...
  14. vth123

    Long Hours Of Gaming Plugged or Unplugged?

    So i bought an Acer Nitro 5 and since its GPU is only a 1050 ti, I want to get the best performance for every game. I noticed that it loses in game performance when it is unplugged however, when plugged, I get noticeable changes in the fps. I just want to know if I should keep it plugged with...
  15. P

    Question I really really need some help picking out laptop.

    My aunt is buying a laptop for my brothers and I to use when we are at her house. Mostly using it for Fortnite. Trying to stay within her spending limit I gathered information from review sites and narrowed it to the 3 below. Or maybe something better? HP - 15.6" Laptop - Model:15-CX0030NR...
  16. C

    Question How do i put games on my sd card for an amazon fire 7

    How do I download games on amazo n fire 7 AS card?
  17. O

    Can i run this system with one ram stick of 16 GB ?

    CPU = i7-6950X Mobo = X99 Deluxe II GPU = RTX 2080 OS = Win7 I was planning on getting one stick of x16 cuz it's best for me financially but i read on the web that one stick wouldn't cut it in this case and i would need 4 sticks (4x4). Is that true? Also read that this cpu would need at least...
  18. O

    DDR4 Memory and Mobo Chipset compatibility

    I intend to upgrade my mobo for this: Gigabyte A-H270M-GAMING 3 Found a DDR4 memory but doesn't say if it's compatible with the mobo chipset. Checked the manufacturer's website and all i got was: "The PnP feature offers a range of speed and timing options to support the widest variety of...
  19. A

    will this ram work

    So I have this Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2133 MT/s (PC4-17000) SR x8 Unbuffered DIMM 288-Pin Memory - CT8G4DFS8213 will it work on a ryzen 3 1200
  20. D

    i7-4820K not performing very well anymore?

    Hey everyone, I've had my desktop pc for about 4 years now and i've been incrementally upgrading it over time adding new GPU's and drives over the years and it has been performing really well. However lately my CPU that has never been replaced has been chugging, I'm getting a lot of random lag...
  21. A

    How to repair motherboard pci-e pins

    So my computer runs just fine yesterday but in today's morning I tried to clean my pc , I removed the graphics card from the slot and then a pin bent out of the slot , my motherboard doesn't support integrated graphics so my pc wont turn on at all , well it turns on but gives a post codes that...
  22. M

    should I buy razer ornata or keep my existing keyboard?

    I have gaming mechanical keyboard. I just bought this keyboard mechanical and also I saw razer ornata and man! Should I keep this mechanical keyboard or change to razer ornata?
  23. xSimone

    SSD 'Transfer Mode' x17 vs x40?

    So I have two Samsung 960 250GB NVMe's, however when looking in Crystal Disk Info, I notice some difference. One says 'Transfer Mode x17' the other one says 'Transfer Mode x40' C: 17 D: 40 This is in a Laptop, a G752VS with an i7 6700HQ, GTX 1070 and 32GB of ram. Why is this? What is...
  24. B

    127Gb unaccounted for..?

    Maybe im being stupid, but idk whats wrong. I just bought a second SSD, and moved my steam library to it. the drive had 8gb of freespace left so thats why I finally got another one. After moving my steam library over, the properties of C drive say its got 214gb used, but when I Ctrl+A...
  25. S

    3 Way Splitter

    I'm using the H700i case from NZXT and need some confirmation. I'm using two radiators in my custom loop, and that means I have 6 fans to connect. I bought a Phanteks fan hub for all my fans. The problem is that with 7 fans, a Hue+, custom PSU cables, NZXT USB 2.0 hub, and the phanteks hub...
  26. F

    Connect Technics SA-DX940 to Opticon Streamer 1.4 WH

    How do I pair my Opticon Streamer with Technics SA-DX940 receiver?
  27. S

    New Gaming Build

    Hello, I'm from the UK and I'm looking into building a new gaming rig, I currently have at the moment... AMD fx6300, asus motherboard, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz memory, GTX 970, 1TB HD, 120GB SSD I am looking to keep both storage drives and the GPU, so I'm looking for help for which new cpu...
  28. T

    Youtube is very slow on my semi powerful computer

    Hi so i dont know why but youtube is very slow on my computer that has a ryzen 7 1700 and 16gb of ram. I thought it was google chrome on the whole that was slow but i think it is just youtube itself that's sluggish. Anyone else experiencing these problems?
  29. D

    Windows 95 OSR2.5 Freeze at splash screen, after 2 minutes restart

    Decided to install Windows 95 on my old IDE HDD, copied the OSR2.5 install files to my HDD, because neither the floppy drive or the CD drive worked for me. After a successful install and configuration, it freezes at the driver loading stage. PC Specs: Mobo: ASUS P5KPL-AM CPU:Intel Celeron E2160...
  30. H

    Locked out of ASUS laptop. Help!

    As soon as I turn the laptop on it says "Enter Password", not sure what the password is or what happened! No ASUS or Windows start screens, just straight to the black screen asking for the password. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  31. D

    AMD apu laptop question

    I've found Toshiba laptop in market running AMD a8 5545 processor with hd 8510g and r5 m200 dual graphics setup ,processor performance seems decent,what im really concerned about is gpu performance ,i cant find good info on net about this dual gpu configuration benchmarks ,so if any1 of u know...
  32. T

    PC keep freezing

    I've built my PC, and since I built it's been freezing when I leave it running for 5 mins with out using it, and sometimes it freezes while I'm using it. I've been checking the problem reports every time it happens and this is the report.
  33. D

    New PC WON'T turn on, MB's CPU red led light only shines for a moment

    So my gf and i just bought a new pc, we assembled it completely, but it wont startup. Won't turn on, fans won't work, lights won't work either, and obviously its the same for the screen. But we noticed that the motherboard's cpu red led shines just for a moment, a flash even, when we press the...
  34. sabrix

    Lenovo Y50 dropped , freeze, crash, no game execution

    Got a Lenovo Y50 70 , i7 4710HQ , 16gigs ram , GTX 860m, Samsung 840 Evo SSD 250G 1080p non touch non IPS, Recently purchased RE7 was playing alright on midium 60fps,, then stopped working for a reason,, it crashes when I start it,, the whole system freezes,, then happened with the rest of...
  35. http403

    'Open' and 'Save as' dialog crash when opened by Chrome or MMC

    When I right click to save or "Crtl+S", just-in-time debugger will pop up and said Chrome triggered an unhandled exception. Nomatter I press Yes or No, Chrome will crash anyway. How can I solve it?
  36. eodeo

    Replace HDDs with silent flash storage

    I'd like to replace aging and noisy HDDs with inexpensive and above all silent storage like ssd/flash. I don't care about speed, as it will be used for file backups, videos and music. HDD speed is ample, I'd just like to make my whole system as loud as a modern tablet or a mobile phone- ie...
  37. nwgamelover

    Speakers needed for my TV

    Here are the specs for my TV: Sanyo 32" DP32242 HDMI It has a USB port so I would like to try these speakers, but not sure they are right for my TV. The audio has always been poor on this TV, and I used to wear headphones but they wore out. Now I would just like speakers. Below is one set I...