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GPU Comparison

Forum discussion tagged with GPU Comparison.
  1. yullbarez

    Question R9 280X VS GTX 680 VS GTX 760

    I'm looking for used GPU and i'm not sure that which one perfoms better.
  2. W

    Question Which Card Is Better?

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a new GPU, but I'm really confused at these two GPU's. One's a 1070, and the other is a 1060. Although, the 1060 has a better GPU clock than the 1070. How significant is the GPU clock? Does this mean the 1060 is actually more powerful? I've also noticed some other 1060's...
  3. A

    Windows 10 Shutdown and Temperature Issues

    Since a couple months back, my system has been unusable due to it blacking out a few minutes after I boot into Windows 10. This has happened with both Home and Home N. A bit of background: I started experiencing frequent blue-screens with Windows 7. When I decided to try to install Windows...