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  1. S

    What Is the Best CD Ripping Software in 2018?

    Title says it all. Just bought all of Tool's CD's, because that's the only legal way to obtain them. I was going to use Windows Media Player, but I felt like there's gotta be a much better alternative to convert the songs to loose MP3s. So let me know what you guys think is the best free/free...
  2. E

    Internet keeps disconnecting

    Last days my laptop was doing great only some disconnections cause of bandwith maybe not sure but now its more frequent like every 10 mins or so or when I start up a game.
  3. J

    What case/motherboard/PSU should I buy...?

    Hello, I want to buy a new case/motherboard/PSU but I dont know what to buy, any recommendations?
  4. A

    What card should i buy?

    I am building a gaming PC and I found a great used kit - 8b DDR3, mobo and i5 4690 CPU. What would be some choices of GPU's I can buy? Also if I want to keep this kit for gaming for the next 2-3 years max, would an FX-8350 be better because of the more cores, or just stick with the i5-4690? I...
  5. S

    i5 2400 vs i5 2500 (GT 1030)

    I'm buying a new (used) pc. I found 2. The one with the i5 2500 costs around 10 euros more, and this i5-2400 is 100% safe, I know the seller. Is there a big difference between these two? (Using it for Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, which i'm currently running with a Pentium Dual Core, (i want to get...
  6. Z

    Randomly happening problems

    Hi there, I have a few problems with my laptop (HP 840) randomly freezes or the screen becomes black (it could be because of graphics drivers). After I restart it everything seems to be fine until it happens randomly again.. Laptop is running WIN10. All drivers are updated (I think so). What...
  7. MrMoore

    IO Panel doesnt work properly

    Hi All, Just looking for advice on how to fix my current issue of my IO not working. Basically my build (listed below) doesn't boot when pressing any of the IO buttons on the panel, however all RGB lighting, USB etc seems to work fine. This is my first build so wasnt 100% sure with everything...
  8. H

    Will HDMI connecters work on smart tv for hotspot

    Trying to connect vizio d series tv to a hotspot in apartments
  9. B

    How To Update Motherboard

    how i update my msi 970A-G43 ? any video or something ??