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  1. J

    Proper resolution not listed after re-install.

    Hi internet My parents' laptop was getting really slow, so i decided to re-install Windows. When they bought it, it had Windows 7, so i thought that it would be a good idea to upgrade to Windows 8.1. When we booted the laptop up however, we had an error (which i don't really remember) and we...
  2. S

    I7-4790k Multiplier Clock won't throttle lower then x40

    Using CPU-Z, Aida64 and Intel Extreme it shows my I7-4790k Core Clock multiplier at x40.0 (8 - 44). It stays at x40 multiplier at idle and doesn't move except to turbo to x44 or higher when overclocking. Speedstep off or on it won't throttle down lower then x40. When I first got the chip a...
  3. F

    MSI Z97 Gamer 7

    Having a memory issue.
  4. B

    Advise need for First Gaming PC

    Hi everyone, This is probably going to be my first gaming PC: I just wanted to ask for peoples opinions, or anything you would change, to make sure I'm not making any foolish mistakes or unwise decisions. Any help is appreciated.
  5. A

    how I format my laptop HD windos8

    I forget the password
  6. G

    Cooling type, air or liquid cooling?

    Hello As I am deciding between the FX8350 and the i7 4790k or the i7 5820K, which type of cooling should I go for? Very good air cooler or a liquid cooler such as the H90 or H100i or one of the Coolermaster liquid coolers?
  7. P

    Networking Nightmare- Advice Please

    I need advice on the following network (were the lines represent wired connections) A)Linksys WRT54G2 <---- B)Motorola SBG6580 ----> C)Netgear WGR614 ----> D)Linksys WRT54G2 A)Linksys WRT54G2: Set at AP (a.b.c.d+1); Channel 1 B)Motorola SBG6580: Router (a.b.c.d); Channel 6; DCHP range...
  8. M

    cant install any windows

    hi when I try to install windows 8 ( with optical no usb) at reaching hard drive selection asks for missing drivers I have inserted sata hard drive and other drivers supplied and updated but none work windows 7 gets fails at expanding windows files with error windows vista gets stuck at 0%...
  9. T

    can my pc use this gpu?

    I have This computer can it use this grapics card ?
  10. H

    CPU Spikes to 100% - Everything freezes up for about 10-30 seconds

    For about a month now, my CPU has been spiking to 100% and everything kind of just freezes. I can click around and everything, but nothing will work. My browser just continuously loads, although I can open a new tab. I usually only notice it when I'm browsing the web. Sometimes it happens...
  11. M

    Downloading dictionary for new phone.

    So I just picked up a Sony Z3 compact. When I was playing around right after I got it, it started the sms dictionary download and I accidentally hit cancel. I can't for the life of me find out where to go to download it manually. I've looked all through settings, all through the messaging app...
  12. L

    Can AMD FX-6300 work for Dying Light?

    I would like to find out if my PC can run dying light under the AMD FX-6300 processor or if I have to get the AMD FX-8320 to be able to run my pc for the minimum. PC SPECS: Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46 CPU: AMD FX-6300 RAM: 8 GB 1866 mhz Kingston Hyper GPU: nVidia GTX 750 The minimum requirements...
  13. P

    why wont my gpu work?

    Ok so I recently installed a gt630 into my Dell optiplex 745 I tried to play games but it wouldn't work now ik the gpu has dx11 so that shouldn't be a problem but the game keep saying I need ayleast a dx10 and up card I updated drivers and everything and still nothing. I need help is my pc not...
  14. bigk40k

    ssd for my intel e4500 core 2 duo

    Its kind of older an needs an upgrade from the hdd, will it handle sata3? is that even an issue or is that just mean it will not run as fast if my computer is slower than the ssd? I know the hdd has a sata cable on it right now.
  15. C

    6 beeps from a dell inspiron 580

    I've recently upgraded my dell inspiron 580 to have a new Msi gtx 970 and a corsair PSU, I restarted many times when installing drivers and everything worked fine, bf4 ran super smooth on ultra, everything was perfect. I turned it on yesterday after a short holiday to find it not launching and...
  16. S

    i have a dell inspiron and i bought a gtx 750 ti sc

    it wont work for two reasons one is the cpu fan is huge and the grapghics card wont fit and second the slot where the hdmi comes out is only one slot when it need to be two I would like to be able to fix it within today also im not sure if i have enough power so in that...
  17. B

    Tv to Pc to analog 5.1 help?

    Ok, so, i finally had it with the stereo out put on a 5.1 system. I have a Samsung Un40c6300sf and i absolutely love it. Originally i had the tv set up so that the analog sound output via head phone jack went into the one (green plug) audio jack on my Logitech x-540 5.1 system, and it was meh at...
  18. M

    Will I Bottleneck or Will any problem arise?

    CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 8200 2.66Mhz Motherboard : Palit II-G31 Power Supply : Apevia ATX-520w RAM : Kingston DDR2 2GB ( 1 STICK ) STORAGE : 300GB SATA I want to get a Sapphire ATI Radeon R7 250 1gb GDDR5 with Boost :D Will there be any problem like compatibility or bottleneck?
  19. B

    help me build a new gaming PC

    Been 6 years since I built my last PC and it finally blew up today. Looking to build another but I've not kept up with the latest and greatest, what goes together, etc. I could use some help. I've been playing around on pcpartpicker but I just don't feel confident in my short term research...
  20. F

    Installing CPU heatsink on Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4

    Hello I have Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 and im in the process of installing the cpu heatsink im a rookie pc builder dont have a clue really but some videos and tutorials i have seen show puting the screws through the back with the backplate etc. But this motherboard the holes on the cpu section...