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    need help to find a good keyboard and mouse for gaming

    I am finally at the point in my build where i need a good gaming keyboard and mouse but i don't want to spend 100 dollars to get this. i need help finding something that will suit me. i am new to pc gaming and generally like playing games ranging from fallout to assassins creed. and some first...
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    What CPU cooler to choose?

    My budget is 80$, I want a air cooler that's not too big, but can handle overclocking a i5 4690k to about 4 Ghz. The Noctua ones are pretty good, but the fans are ugly (I'm going for a black/white color scheme). I've also looked at the BQ Dark Rock 3, not the Pro version, (the Pro wouldn't fit...
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    MSI GTX 750 1gb FPS drops

    Hello there, this is just a quick query based on a new graphics card I got. I get some fps drops or lag spikes now and again and they are really annoying, especially if I'm in the middle of a firefight in battlefield. I am playing between 55 and 65fps on high settings. It would lag spike about...
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    My Computer vs the R9 (Specs)

    Ok so I'm having a time with my new card. Specs: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD A6-3620 15 °C Llano 32nm Technology Quad Core RAM 12.0GB DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Acer Aspire M3470G (P0) 29 °C Graphics HP 22bw (1920x1080@60Hz) 512MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6530D Onboard...
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    i3 or i5?

    Hi everyone I am really confused whether should I buy a laptop with i3 or i5 processor. I need it as I am joining college. I mainly need it for making and watching presentations, editing documents and watching movies. Also I want to know if i3 will become an old thing in next couple of years...
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    Microsoft Tunneling Adapter

    Hi. I am trying to get this tunneling adapter to work or whatever it is suppose to do. I have tried the above remedies to no avail. When I do this and add the microsoft tunneling adapter, all it is doing is adding a adapter 1 and an adapter 2 to the already tunneling adapter that is already...
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    wifi enable process

    how to enable wifis hardware radio button in windows 7 lenovo G50 laptop
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    Activation wont work

    Ive been using windows 8.1 since it came out with it activated and all of the sudden when i install a driver for something it deactivates and my product key wont work. Help please!
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    I am having a problem with internet

    Okay so here is my problem... right now I have WiFi (A USB Adapter, don't ask about getting a PCIe one because my graphics card covers the slot up.) So I can't have ethernet because my router is on the other side of the house, and with the Powerline adapters I heard once you plug something in...
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    PC Build Information

    I am thinking of building a computer, but don't know what to do really, it's my first time. I was thinking for a CPU either an Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5 GHz or an AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz. I was wondering what parts could complete the build, like what GPU? I know I want probably 8 or 12 GB RAM, I...
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    3x4GB RAM Single Channel vs 2x4GB RAM Dual Channel

    I have 4 4GB sticks of RAM, but due to my mobo and choice of aftermarket cooling only 3 of the RAM slots are accessible. So i was wondering if it would be better just to have 2 sticks in for the dual channel speed or have 3 sticks for 12GB of all single link RAM?
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    Would the amd fx-8350 be good enough?

    Hi I am building a pc (link here: ) And I was wondering if the amd fx-8350 would be enough for recording, gaming, editing, and rendering. I am planning on recording gaming videos. Also will my amd fx-8350 bottleneck my evga gtx 970? Also I might overclock in the...
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    Do graphics card power requirements go down if not gaming?

    hi all, looking at buying a Radeon r7 240x graphics card. Website says requires a 400w PSU... Mine is a 350watt, with 10 and 13 amps in its 2 12v rails. My PSU is also a hyena, which from what I've read is a pretty crappy brand. My confusion comes because this is a gaming card, but I just want...
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    PSU advice for Asus GTX 760

    Ive recently found that my PSU (600W but with only 25A onthe 12V line) just isnt cutting it for the GTX 760 and keeps turning the PC off when running high end games. What PSU can any one recommend thats going to be a decent quality and would meet the specs for this card? It requires at least...
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    How much is this computer worth??

    -Windows 7 fully updated on Solid state drive -60GB ssd boot drive. 1TB storage drive -i3-4370 3.8GHz -8 GB Ripjaws Ram 1600 hrtz Gaming RAM -Asrock Z97 motherboard -R9-270X 2 GB video card -600w corsair bronze rated power supply -Intel Watercooled Heatsink -Corsair pc case with side...
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    Thoughts on build

    What do you guys think? My budget is £1500 (including accessories), give or take £10. I will be overclocking, which leaves me a bit confused on my motherboard choice. Any suggestions welcome :) And for people who have seen g-sync in action, is a drop from say...
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    I need some advice?

    Is there a website that I can check if my computer components will work together? These are the links to my components just incase there is not... Antec TruePower Classic 750w '80 Plus Gold' Power Supply KFA2...
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    Right click on BOTH the touchpad and a wireless mouse do not work when playing games

    When playing games like Minecraft, Portals 2 or War Thunder, the right click on the touchpad, and a wireless, or plug in mouse do NOT work. Have a TP300LD notebook with Win 8.1 and can't play anything.
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    upgrade NH-D14 stock fans or are they good enough?

    getting new stuff this Saturday and im wondering if its worth the extra $27 to get these 3 fans (in the part list) or are the stock fans more than enough to remove heat? also are those fans good and reliable? thanks
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    SSD storage amounts

    I will be doing a new build at some point, i will be putting my os on an SSD, but should i get a second for programs, or just partition off the one SSD and put other programs on same one. am getting a HDD too for files.