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    Hey guys, I noticed my motherboard got an issue on its bend pins and causes the PC to hang or freeze. I'm wondering will it solve the problem if I rebend the pins? what other related or new issue will it surface in the future?
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    Question Help on PC HANG

    Hey guys, Here is the scenario of my situation when my pc suddenly hang, 1.PC HANG----->2. PRESS HOLD ON STARTUP BUTTON-------------> 3.PC POWER OFF---------->4. PRESS ON STARTUP BUTTON AGAIN--------->5. PC POWER UP AND POWER OFF----------------->6. ACTION 5. KEEP REPEATING. I did not see any...
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    Question Access violation hangs application every few minutes

    I'm having some trouble with the Unity game engine, where after a couple hours of use (almost completely random when this happens), it starts to hang from anywhere between a few seconds, up to 10-15 seconds, every few minutes. Debugging unity's process, I can see it throws out a access...
  4. F

    SSD won’t boot after extending diskpart

    Windows 10 Upgraded to 500g ssd via cloned my smaller drive. Drive space was showing original 250g total drive size instead of 500g. So I implemented a fix by opening cmd prompt and extending using diskpart. This worked. After a few hours I needed to do a restart cause I updated my graphics card...
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    Looking for the motherboard for my laptop

    Hello here I need a motherboard for my computer "Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 15.6-Inches Full HD Notebook (7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U, GeForce 940MX, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, 256GB SSD[[/b]" and I am not quite sure where to buy it online. I hope I can have support form here. Regards, JB
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    "your connection is not private" page across all my devices on this wifi

    I'm getting the "your connection is not private" page across all my devices on this wifi, so is my roommate. Wtf. It's obviously not my browser or malware or any of the standard solutions because it's on ALLLLLLLLLL devices no matter what the website. so wtf is this? All internet is fucked. Help...
  7. S

    Connecting EVGA 850GS to an Asus X99 Deluxe II

    I have installedthe mobo and the ram and the psu but now when it comes to connect the cables from the PSU, there is a big connector that has MOBO on it and then that splits into two connectors. So does the big end of the connector, solid piece, go to the mobo or the other way around. I couldn't...
  8. gigabyte2020

    Relation between core speed and core voltage in video cards.

    Hey guys, I have the gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb WINDFORCE which is 1032 MHZ core speed and 1110 MHZ boost clock , so if i inc. the core speed do i have to inc. the core voltage too? although the stock clocking of it is set too 0 core voltage and 100% power limit with 80 degree Celsius.. Thanks guys <3
  9. Qualcomm

    How long does it take to RMA my motherboard?

    Hi guys, Just got some problem with my msi x99a krait mobo, RMA accepted. What will they do after receiving the mobo, sending me a replacement directly or repairing it? I really don't want to wait weeks to get it fixed.
  10. D

    cx430 enough for 1070?

    Is a corsair CX430 enough to power a single 8pin GTX 1070? system specs: Asus z97-E Intel core i7 4790k 16GB PNY XLR8 ddr3 1600MHZ 120GB scandisk SSD+
  11. Y

    best laptop for gaming and video editing regardless of budget

    Hi All! I am looking for a laptop for gaming as well as heavy video editing. It should have the top regarding i7 proc, graphic card (Nvidia preferred) and 16gb RAM Does anyone has a top 3 of laptops matching the description above? Thank you so much!!
  12. S

    Recovery Raid1 Win7 to Win10 Disk Management Failure to attach

    Issue: Failure of Two 1GB HDD drives, Mirrored-RAID1, using Win7x32 Disk Management, 1GB on OC’d system were removed from system after Boot drive failed, and reinstalled on the same system, after new SSD and Win10x64 was installed. Win10x64 Disk Management has marked the drives as dynamic...
  13. P

    Can't connect to WiFi

    Hello, I just finished setting up my new PC and my home network will not show up in networks to connect to. I've tried just about everything with no results. Thanks in advance.
  14. N

    how to identify motherboard

    how to identify which motherboard i am using????
  15. kylepont

    Best laptop for under £600 (UK)

    Just looking for the best laptop out there for £600 in the UK (don't want to import from elsewhere). Just a few criteria that I'd like the laptop to meet: A 1920x1080 screen Able to run Photoshop Able to run Dota 2 and Civ V reasonably well (50-60fps on low-medium) No operating system is...
  16. R

    Please someone can help me with a free biosremoval password for dell inspiron n4010

    i want to boot from the DVD but the priority the doonot working
  17. D

    Rate this £930 system - can definitely be improved!

    I'm finding it difficult to make a final decision on my new mid-range gaming/Adobe Creative Cloud workstation rig. Does anyone see any areas I could improve without increasing (or even reducing) the cost? Thanks in advance! Case: NZXT Source 220 Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ USB 3.0 Black (Black...
  18. G

    3.5ghz quad core

    Quick question, is an i5-4690 3.5ghz quad core coupled with a gtx 760 enough for steady frames on most modern games (BF4, skyrim etc.)
  19. aakarshan

    Can you please suggest me a rig

    My budget is 650$. I will use it for gaming(Heavy games exp. BF4) and programming. I will use a 720p Monitor.I have to buy it also in the budget. Please suggest me two rigs- One for Intel and One for Amd.Can i get i5 4440 and Fx 8350 in these rigs.Thanks
  20. D

    Future proof(4 years) graphics card?

    Hey all, so I have decided to go with a gaming pc over a workstation. I am planning on buying the gtx 780 for my build. The games that I will mostly be playing will be open world games like skyrim, fallout: new vegas, etc, as well as first person shooters like battlefield 4, call of duty...
  21. S

    Call of Duty FPS Drop when moving mouse

    Hi! When Im in call of duty 4, i have about 250 fps. But when i start to move my mouse, it starts to fall down about until 170, but only for mouse movements, when pressing WASD it changes only a little bit. I have this problem only on Windows 7 / 8, on XP it works fine, and I have 250 fix. I...
  22. C

    i5-4670K or an AMD cpu? which is better?

    just wondering what was better, i5-4670k or an AMD cpu around the same price range. Not sure which is better because i see some 8 core amd cpu's out there for very cheap money, but they might be low quality compared to a intel cpu.
  23. N

    Warranty void when opening case

    I do not get it why most brand warranties gets voided by just the case side panel. Doesn't PC means "Personal Computer" and the point of that is to personalize it to your specifications? I know some might say "Why not build one yourself?". That's a valid point except most people does not have...
  24. R

    Geforce Holiday Bundle on One Computer?

    I just purchased a GTX 770 and got codes for the Holiday Bundle: Batman Origins, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Assassins Creed 4. Are these games only playable on the computer they are redeemed on or can I use them on any computer I want?