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  1. L

    Motherf*c%#r! New Card is toast! *update*

    Got my new Radeon 9700 Pro (OEM) in today... Too bad it dont work. It got shipped in a small US postal box, and it had a total of 25(!!) packing peanuts to protect it. Well try as they did, dont matter when all of these were on the component side, leaving the rest of it to just bang off of...
  2. G

    Help!!! OEM, Retail and video cards...

    Hi! I'm from Brazil, and I'd like to know what is a video card Retail and a video card OEM, what's the difference? ALso, I'd like to ask you an oppinion about which video card I should buy. As I am in Brazil, I can only afford a video card that costs about U$140. Thank you! Alexandre Belo...
  3. G

    GF2 GTS overclocking

    I have recently bought a Geforce2 GTS (ASUSv7700) and I wanted to see how far I could overlock it. the defaults are 333(memory)/200(engine). Is there someone who knows how far these card can be overclocked? I tried 370/240 but that didn't work, 350/230 also didn't. Please help me out.
  4. T

    Ati rage IIc direct 3d

    I have an ati rage IIc videocard with 4Mb and the last drivers from Ati official site. They specify that their drivers do not support Direct 3d or Open GL on the card. Are there anywhere else drivers with Direct 3d or Open GL or maybe this video card does not support it.
  5. G


    I have PIII 933(@133mhz) on Aeopen AX3Spro (PCI only), 256MB cas2:2:2, GTS2, Soundblaster Live. I want to add more force feedback enabled gameports. I tried an additional gameport card with 2 ports but it means disabling the soundcard and anyway (presumably like the traditional joystick...
  6. D

    What kind of 4600 g4 is recommand right now to buy

    Asus or msi or gainward etc etc etc Ahhh computers are such a pain in the ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS they always have problems always!
  7. N

    Intel 760m 2.0ghz or Athlon64 m 3700+

    Any advise between the two chips. Will use the laptop for office misc and games.
  8. F

    Tom's Mayhem G1 Review

    What a craptastic review. There are a million better performing and less expensive notebooks. Perhaps if the reviewer compared the notebooks instead of to a DESKTOP, to another comparable DTR from Hypersonic, Dell, Alienware, Cyberpower etc. I'm seriously wondering how much ABS payed Tom's...
  9. T

    Should i wipe out Xp on my Inspiron 8200???

    i dont really like xp and our entire network is 2k. should i wipe out xp and install 2k? if i have problems, i could just run the restore disk that comes with the laptop, right? does anyone know of any issues with the dell inspiron 8200 and 2k prof? do you think performance will be better...
  10. M

    What is this

    How do you remove the monitor screen from a Dell Notebook and replace the LCD in it?
  11. N

    Hi flamethrower..ATI image quality versus nVIDIA's

    For those of of you who think that image quality is the same for both high end cards from nVIDIA adn ATI check this link out <A HREF="http://www.tech-report.com/reviews/2001q4/r200/index.x?pg=5" target="_new">http://www.tech-report.com/reviews/2001q4/r200/index.x?pg=5</A> View the lower half of...
  12. P

    Hardware to capture VHS-C to p.c.

    Archived from groups: rec.video.desktop (More info?) I have just started video editing on a p.c. and have a Sony TRV30E DV camcorder which I connect to my p.c.'s Matrox RT.X100 card to capture DV. However, I also have about 50 old tapes of composite video in VHS-C format, which I would like to...
  13. joeshmofro

    USB Problem

    My USB ports are acting really strange. Can't figure out what is going on. Only one usb port out of 6 will detect my optical mouse. They will all detect my external hard drive, but for whatever reason I go to plug in the mouse and they won't load. I'm using an ASROCK board. Not sure what the...
  14. L

    Thinking of a Graphics card update

    Hi all im thinking of a grahpics car update to something with dx11 i currently have a Nvidia GTS 250 I was looking at some MSI cards like the 5770 hawk and the R5830-70 lightning... i have a budget of $340 AUS. can anyone help me out on finding a new card or if its even worth doing so atm...
  15. T

    Raid 0 & Fraps

    I just bought 2x Samsung 1tb F3's and put them in raid 0. I get around 200-250 mb/s average transfer rates with 2.5k burst. How is it possible that my fraps performance hasn't increased at all? My previous HD was a seagate barracuda that scored around 80-90 mb/s. What am I doing wrong? On my...
  16. B

    A6-4400M vs i3-2350M

    Hi, I am looking at laptops (low end budget $350-$450) and I am seeing mostly AMD A4-3305 vs Intel i3-2350M processors. I have come across an AMD A6-3420M and mostly recently an AMS A6-4400M (with AMD Radeon HD 7520G Graphics). All the laptops are around the same price range so which is the...
  17. I

    Best NetBook for durability and battery life under 300?

    Hey guys, i need a net book to use at work. I work outside in the elements but have a lot of time to spare so I am trying to write a book. What is the cheapest, longest battery life, and must durable option av ailable? I would like at least 2GB of memory .
  18. S

    HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 VS Dell NEW Inspiron 14z Ultrabook

    Purpose: College. Battery life above 5 hours is good enough. Mostly browse the internet, code a lot. Occasional gaming, but a lot of video watching. Shouldn't heat up too much and shouldn't lag. The Dell is cheaper, so consider that too. And please tell me why you chose whichever one you choose...
  19. N

    LCD Monitors and EYE Damage

    Okiez... next year all my school stupid courses requires [-peep-] load of research and essays which requires me to stare at the monitor ALL DAY long. So guyz, it is confirmed that LCD monitors DO NOT HAVE ANY RADIATION and is not harmful to the eyes compared to CRTs. So using an LCD Monitor will...
  20. O

    Voodoo 3 help

    Whats the best driver for Voodoo3 3000/Win2k? A friend has told me that theres an unofficial one about which improves the framerate. Also is there a program which I can use to overclock it? I've added extra cooling fan to the heatsink. I know the voodoo's abit old now, but any help would be...