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  1. D

    Hp touchsmart wont start

    Hello. I have an old hp touchsmart that I havent used in a while. Still runs vista.. I started it up and it turns on. Gets to the boot menu with options of f8 f9 f10 f11. However, no matter what I press it wont go further than that. Any idea what the issue might be and how I could resolve it...
  2. G

    How do I verify that new Video Card is fully functional ?

    I bought three ATI FirePro 2460 Video cards each with 4 mini DP ports supporting 4 Monitors. Right now I have only two monitors & others will take little time to arrive. Meanwhile I have to check these video cards to see if they are fully functional & there is no damage or other problems with...
  3. I

    (multiple monitor)on dell c840

    please give the this driver
  4. LarryJones1

    Will a Gigabyte 560 Ti SOC kill my Seasonic 520 watt PSU?

    Man.... I'm at my wits end with this stuff... Ok, so I made a huge mistake I think by buying my PSU before completely deciding what video card to roll with. I bought a SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze 520W PSU at newegg...
  5. G

    New gfx card problems

    Hello, Just installed a Radeon HD5750 into my Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro board. When I power up the system, there is no bios beep and no boot or acces to bios. Running only one card installed in PCIE slot 1. Not running in SLI mode. 4GB of RAM currently. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    Compare cards

    i waana a card for gaming.....so tell me nvidia 210 is good?? and also compare 1t with ati hd 4350,9400gt,9500gt...
  7. I

    GTX460 768MB, 1GB or 5830 for 1920x1080 (Budget)

    Hi! I would just like to know which from the GTX460 768MB, 1GB and the Radeon 5830 I should choose for a Radeon 4830 upgrade. I will be changing my monitor soon for a 1920x1080 23.6 inches LCD instead of my 1360x768 18.5 inches Samsung Syncmaster and I know my current graphics card won't handle...
  8. B


    Hello, while running hibernate program it was show this message. Actually what is this? why it was coming? please tell me solution for this? Thanks Balaji
  9. has22fas


    Hey, i upgraded my old GTX275 to the GTX480 and im wondering before it comes what power supply is recommended to run it also, the size of the card is it longer then the 275? Many thanks also is that card suitable for my rig or do i need better parts to prevent bottleneck Intel i7 870 2.93Ghz...
  10. C

    OCZ or Corsair for i7 build. Need help picking.

    Needing help deciding which of these two PSU's to go with. My build is i7-920, MSI x58 pro-e, 6gb DDR3, 80gb boot drive and 1tb data drive, 2 dvd burners and running an older 6600gt I plan on upgrading later on. Looking at these two PSU's: OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W - $50...
  11. M

    Windows 7 Pro 64bit: only get 60Hz with XFX HD 5970 on Philips 21" CRT

    Hi, I've Windows 7 Pro 64bit with a XFX HD 5970 connected via DVI->VGA to a Philips 21" CRT 201B (ten year old monitor, still great picture!) put I only get 60Hz, even on the desktop. My desired resolution is 1600x1200 but it doesn't matter: any resolution is capped at 60Hz (or some at 59Hz or...
  12. S

    Need help with hardware configuration

    Hello. Here is my question, which is a bit "involved." I have digital cable with HD signal connected to a set top box with hd capability. I have a Hauppauge HVR-2250 video card in my computer. And I have a secondary monitor on my computer (with hd capability) that serves as my television...
  13. S

    New Gaming Rig, But What PSU do i choose?

    Hey Guys, So I've Been putting some components on my list but the main problem is the PSU So here's the components: i5 3570 Asus Radeon HD 7850 DirectCU II Top 2Gb GDDR5 Corsair Vegeance Ram 8Gb 2x4GB sticks MSI Motherboard Z77A-G41 Seagate Barracuda 1TB Mechanical HDD LG Drive DVD Burner but...
  14. microterf

    FRAPS not showing up in BC:BC2

    For some reason, FRAPS is not coming up when opened in Battlefield: Bad Company2. any suggestions?? running Win7 64bit.
  15. WC Aftermath

    Gts 8600 running faster tha gtx 260

    hi ive been running a amd daul core with a gts 8600 and a intel quad core with 2 gtx 260s in sli . but for some reason my fps are higher in the gts 8600 when playing aoin?? (my 8600 gets about 50 to a hundred and my my 269 gets about 30 to 60 both on same setting any ideas??0
  16. G

    Chief Medical Officer Report 2/16/2005

    Archived from groups: alt.games.diablo (More info?) Great battle down in the Spider Cavern. A battle that epics are written about. We were seriously kicking butt then Szark's crew took over. Remember Hendrix? "Move over Rover, and let Szarky take over"! We survuved but it was hell. Well it is...
  17. G

    graphics card wont detect black screen

    I have an Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT (1GB DDR2) When i hook my monitor up to it the screen is just black :( ...I tried disabling my integrated graphics through the device manager..(nvidia 6100)....I am running windows vista...the card does not need extra power(i dnt think) and im sure i have a pci-e...
  18. A

    9800 GT vs. 8500 GT

    I'm looking into buying a new video card, but I have to go cheap, nothing over $120 really. So I was wondering if getting a 9800 GT I found on Newegg is worth it over the 8500 GT. I've done hours upon hours of research over video cards (tech savvy), but it would be helpful to see if anyone would...
  19. inspector71

    How do i get my 4850's to crossfire? please help

    Ok i am having issue's here...I went into CCC advance to crossfire my 2 cards and my ati CCC doesnt even have crossfire in it can someone help me through this so i can enable my crossfire please. I am using windows xp.
  20. V

    Crysis: Need help evaluating system

    Right now im running Crysis on all High, no AA and getting around 30fps. I would ideally like to run the game at very high, 2xAA and get 30-40 FPS. Right now im running: C2 Q6700 @ 3.33 GHz, 1333FSB on a Gigabyte P45 UD3P GSkill 4GB (2x 2GB dual channel) DDR2-800 @ 667 MHz CL4 HD4850 7200RPM HD...